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  • Electromagnetic Immunity Scanner

    SmartScan BASIC - Amber Precision Instruments

    The BASIC is manually operated system for performing susceptibility scanning at the system level with minimal data storage capability. This system includes:1. Up to 8kV (optional. 4kV base) pulse generator for ESD susceptibility testing- Camera and camera shutter to take DUT picture and failing spots- Control computer2. Up to 8kV Probe Sets:- 1mm Hx/y Field Probe- 5mm Hx/y Field Probe- D=8mm Hz Field Probe- D=8mm Ez Field Probe- Contact API for custom design probes3. Manual input of testing location and failing condition over the DUT to be included in final report.

  • Electromagnetic Immunity Scanner

    SmartScan 350 - Amber Precision Instruments

    Reproducing similar soft or hard failure to the gun test - Flexible automatic failure detection module - Susceptibility map generation- Automatic report generation- Flexible scan area editor (SAE)- Flexible display (3D, histogram)- Matlab support- Expandability (EMI scan, phase measurement, NFFF transformation)- Custom design probes

  • Electromagnetic Field Analyzer System

    Eiden Co., Ltd.

    A compact size electric antenna (The electric field analyzer system) that hasthe spectrum analyzer function. This instrument is most suitable to the radiation noise measurement ofelectric field from the system, such as the wireless power supply, that uses the frequency less than 30 MHz.

  • Fast Electromagnetic Analysis Suite


    FEMAS was created to provide tools for engineers to assist in PCB and system design. Our tools are based on full wave solutions to Maxwell's equations but operate much faster than traditional CEM tools. Multi-Functional! End-to-End Link Path Analysis. S-parameter file concatenation. Time Domain analysis. Frequency Domain analysis. Transmit/Receive Equalization. Causality/Passivity Checking/enforcement. 2D Cross Section Analysis for multi-conductors. S-parameter and waveform plotting. Network parameter conversion. De-Embedding. Signal Analysis.

  • High Frequency Electromagnetic Software

    Sonnet Suites - Sonnet Software

    The Sonnet® Suites™ develop precise RF models (S-, Y-, Z-parameters or extracted SPICE model) for planar circuits and antennas. The software requires a physical description of your circuit (arbitrary layout and material properties for metal and dielectrics), and employs a rigorous Method-of-Moments EM analysis based on Maxwell's equations that includes all parasitic, cross-coupling, enclosure and package resonance effects.

  • Electromagnetic Field Simulator


    EMPIRE XCcel is one of the leading 3D EM field solvers for RF and microwave antennas, components, and systems. Due to its unique on-the-fly compilation it has proven to be the fastest simulation engine which allows the modeling of highly complex structures within minutes.

  • Standard Electromagnetic Vibrator

    KD-9363-EM - King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The purpose of vibration testing is to make a series of controllable vibration simulation in lab, no matter generated by natural or man-made vibration environment; such as waves, tidal flaps, wind, earthquake or rain and so on. It is to test if the product is capable of sustaining the vibration environment exerted from transporting or usage along its effective life cycle; and certify the standard of design & functional requirement of product. The value of vibration testing is to confirm the reliability of products and effectively screen out the bad products in factory; avoiding damages occurred at arrival; and to assess the failure analysis on the non-performing products; expecting to reach a high standard, high-reliability products. The vibration test stresses on the continuity and fatigue; and contributes to the understanding of product’s status under vibration circumstance in a normal environment; and avoids the product’s unpredictable damage caused under certain vibrating frequency for a long time.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter for conductive liquids

    Picomag - Endress+Hauser AG

    Reliable measurement and monitoring of industrial water, cooling water or warm water. Simultaneous measurement of flow and temperature. Flexible integration into all fieldbus systems via IO-Link. Commissioning and operation via Bluetooth® and SmartBlue App. Minimum conductivity ≥20 μS/cm. Fluid temperature –10 to +70 °C (+14 to +158 °F).

  • Electromagnetic Field Detector

    DER EE Electrical Instrument

    LCD display3 Digits LCD With 1999 Counts Low Battery Display On LCD Overload"OL" Display On LCD Accuracy(3%+3dgt) at 50Hz./60Hz. Frequency Response30Hz~400Hz Sampling RateApprox. 2.5 times/sec. Max Hold / Data Hold Battery9V x 1 Specifications0.1~200mG (milli Gause)

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter With Integral

    Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd

    Pulse, frequency & isolated 4-20 mA output.Empty pipe detection.Online data can be transferred by using GSM modem.Low maintenance.Rate indicator , Totalizer & Batch function.Easy installation & maintenance.User friendly operating.Computer interface measurement.Linear & accurate measurement.Extra thick linear ensures long life.Smooth inner tube no pressure losses.Measurement is independent from fluid property like viscosity, density etc.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

    Model KM 196 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Unit : Electric Field : V/m; Magnetic Field : mT• Precision : Electric Field : 1V/m; Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT• Range : Electric Field : 1V/m ~ 1999V/m.• Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT ~ 19.99 mT• Alarm Threshold : Electric Field : 40V/m, Magnetic Field : 0.4 mT• Reading Display : 3½ Digit Digital LCD display with Backlight.• Frequency Range : 5Hz ~ 3500MHZ• Sampling Time : About 0.4 second.• Measuring Mode : Dual Mode• Overload Alert : “1” appears on LCD• Sound & Light Alarm• Data Hold function.• Auto Power Off.• Average & Peak measurement.• Low Battery Indication.• Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C ~ 50°C; below 80%RH.• Power battery : 9V Battery.• Dimension : 63.6 x 31 x 125.8mm• Weight : Approx. 146g.

  • Electromagnetic (EM) Speed Log System

    AGILOG 2 - Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

    AGILOG 2 is based on the well-established electromagnetic principle that a voltage is induced in a conductor by a moving magnetic field. By using the sea water as a conductor, an output is generated as the vessel progresses. Electromagnetic speed measurement is passive in operation and therefore particularly suitable for use in submarines and warships. The EM technology provides reliable and robust speed availability when compared to some alternative technologies.

  • Free & Open Electromagnetic Field Solver

    openEMS - Thorsten Liebig

    openEMS is a free and open electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method. Matlab or Octave are used as an easy and flexible scripting interface. Fully 3D Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates graded mesh. Multi-threading, SIMD (SSE) and MPI support for high speed FDTD.

  • Transient Electromagnetic (TEM) Survey System

    terraTEM - Monex Geoscope Pty Ltd

    The terraTEM is a robust transient electromagnetic (TEM) survey system which provides high resolution conductivity imaging. Applications for the terraTEM include mineral exploration, near surface applications including geotechnical and engineering investigations, groundwater and salinity studies, and environmental surveys.

  • Tester for Electromagnetic Clutches and Control Valves

    MS121 - MSG Equipment

    MS121 is a professional tester, a multifunctional device which successfully combines two functions: testing of electromagnetic clutches and control valves of vehicle air conditioners. Thanks to the color 4.3" TFT display and convenient menu, the device is user-friendly and possesses high-accuracy measurements. Testing can be performed either separately on the compressor or directly on the car. The tester has a metal case and is resistant to the effects of lubricants. The original topology of the tester board increases its reliability, the color marking of the diagnostic contacts minimizes the possibility of incorrect connection.