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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

See Also: Waveform Generators, Frequency Generators, RF Generators

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  • GPS/IRIG B Video Synchronizer

    6140 - Instrumentation Technology Systems

    The unit consists of a twelve channel GPS receiver, the output of which is used to synchronize an IRIG B time code generator. The IRIG B signal is then used to drive the color and monochrome video sync generators. The 6140 provides a precise IRIG B serial time code output, an RS-170 composite video signal and an RS-170A (NTSC) composite signal with black burst. The unit automatically acquires all in-view satellites upon power up and locks the internal IRIG B time code generator to the GPS time reference. The Video Sync Generators then lock to the IRIG B. Lock status is displayed by LED indicators on the front panel. If the GPS lock is lost the 6140 will automatically switch to an internal clock and continue generating the output IRIG B signal. No discernible change in the IRIG B output or video sync will occur due to this transition.

  • AC Reference Supplies

    SR Series - Computer Conversions Corporation

    The SR Series are miniature, low cost AC reference generators designed to supply 26 or 115 Volt excitation to Synchros or resolvers in military and industrial control applications. They accept +/- 15V DC and provide up to 5VA of transformer isolated output power. These converters are packaged in PC card mounting modules 2.6" x 3.1" x 1"H.

  • Balancing Device

    K-4102 - ViTec Co. Ltd

    K-4102 is a portable microprocessor device designed for monitoring, diagnostics and adjustment of a wide range of rotary mechanisms: pumps, generators, electric motors, turbines, fans, smoke exhausters, compressors, etc. Functionality of the device: vibrometer, tachometer, balancing measurements and calculations, service calculations for vector algebra, storage of measurement results, vibro and tacho signals, communication with a PC via RS-232.

  • Load Bank Resistors

    Post Glover

    Post Glover load bank resistors are systems that provide resistive electrical loads for testing critical power supply sources such as back-up or standby generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems at hospitals, data centers and industrial sites. Typical applications using Load Banks include: Testing battery systems. Periodic testing of standby engine generator sets.

  • Microwave Synthesizer, w/ Frequency Modulation

    SM6218 - Kratos Microwave Electronics Division

    The Model SM6218 Fast Synthesizer, with Frequency Modulation capability, was developed as an enhancement to the existing Series SF60 1 usec, CW Synthesizer family. It offers a higher performance and cost effective alternative to signal generators currently used in various applications such as Test Systems and especially those which require improved frequency accuracy, phase noise and frequency modulation capabilities.

  • Signal Amplifiers

    Tabor Electronics Ltd.

    Power amplifiers are a must in applications requiring both complex signals as well as high voltage throughput. Such a combination is rare in high performance instrumentation and therefore external amplification devices must be used to achieve this task. The Tabor line of wideband amplifiers was designed to operate in conjunction with its series of waveform generators thus providing the ultimate solution for high-voltage, wideband applications.

  • USB Pattern Generator


    The PkPG2000 Series of Pattern Generators are small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet are a truly sophisticated device with up to 512 kb memory depth per channel on its sixteen channels. It plugs into a PC or Laptop USB port making it ideal for the on-the-go technician or engineer, hopping from PC to PC or taking with them for diagnosis on the road.

  • VLF/DC Hipots

    HVA28 - HV Diagnostics Inc.

    The HVA28 is the smallest, lightest VLF/DC test instrument on the market. It is about as small as you can make it! Do not let its compact size lead you to believe this unit is lacking in power. The instrument can test up to 100,000ft/30kms of cable (at reduced voltage and frequency). In addition to cables, this unit can test vacuum bottles, transformers, motors / generators, cable sheath/shields, etc.

  • 802 Video Test Generator

    701A - Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata

    If you’re testing digital or analog computer monitors, video projectors, multimedia monitors, or TVs, the 701A Video Test Generators provides the signals, test patterns, and audio to do your job, easily and accurately. Field technicians and factory people on the move will appreciate the convenience of battery power and small size. The 701A Video Test Generator is designed to go where you go.

  • Anti Static Bars

    ElectroStatics, Inc.

    Static bars, also known as, static eliminators or anti static bars, are a very cost effective way to remove static electricity on a web of material in a plastics, paper, glass, textile, and or film converting applications. All of these static bars are bi-polar ionization generators (produce both positive and negative ionization) to remove static electricity. Remember - A clean static bar is more effective.

  • Digital ozone monitor

    EW-86316-30 - Cole-Parmer Instrument

    Check for ozone leaks in your generators, valves, and piping with this easy-to-use ozone sensor. The heated metal oxide semiconductor has a range of 0.02 to 10 ppm; digital readout is in 0.01 ppm increments. Use as a permanent monitor indoors when the concentration average is below 0.1 ppm; use outdoors or at concentrations up to 10 ppm for short periods of time.

  • Motor Diag & Protection

    Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Meter - Greenlee Tools

    *Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation meter detects live phase and sequence orientation of three phase power sources and industrial equipment conductors to ensure proper installation.*Motor rotation function identifies rotational direction of industrial equipment such as motors, compressors and generators.*Non-Contact Motor Rotation feature determines rotation of running single-phase and three-phase motors without the use of leads.

  • Multi-Emitter Scenario Generator, Reference Solution

    Keysight Technologies

    Create complex, high pulse density EW scenarios and simulate AoA and kinematics (moving platforms) simultaneously based on coherent, multiple Keysight N5191A/93A UXG agile signal generators. The Multi-Emitter Scenario Generator, Reference Solution is a combination of UXGs, calibration hardware and software, along with Signal Studio application software that has been configured to simulate an electronic battlefield with thousands of emitters.

  • Power Supply And Power Functional Testers

    3030 Tower - SPEA S.p.A.

    3030 Tower is an In-Circuit tester equipped to execute power functional tests. The system allows the execution on the board, after the In-Circuit or parametric test, of all the measurements required for the functional test of power devices: converters, power supplies, generators, power drivers. 3030 Tower can test single-board power supplies and modules, as well as complex power supply and power module units.

  • PXI Waveform Generator


    PXI Waveform Generators can produce precise waveforms including sine, square, triangle, and ramp as well as arbitrary, user-defined waveforms using sequences of data or streaming continuously from a host or peer-to-peer instrument within the PXI system. These instruments are ideal for tightly synchronized, mixed-signal test systems in scientific research or test of semiconductor devices, consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace/defense.