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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

See Also: Waveform Generators, Frequency Generators, RF Generators

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  • Large Industrial/OEMs

    Industrial Acoustics Company

    IAC Acoustics has supplied some of the world’s best brands with various kinds of acoustic testing facility. From computer components to large diesel engines and generators, we can supply a solution to provide you with a certified facility for carrying out acoustic measurements and tests. From supplying acoustic lining packages to a complete turnkey facility, we can provide a cost effective solution to your testing requirements.

  • PCI Arbitrary Waveform Generator


    The TE5300 is a 125MS/Sec, full performance, Arbitrary Waveform Generator on a PCI plug-in card. The single-channel AWG generates waveforms up to 2MS in length. Clock in/clock out connector provides a synchronized platform for up to six plug-in arbitrary waveform generators, as well as for other plug-in instruments. Built in sequencing technology links up to 99 memory segments and repeats each segment up to 32K times.

  • Pulse Adapter

    CV5P350 - Frothingham Electronics Corporation

    The CV5 P350 station is the first mid power pulser in a series of exponential pulse generators that can be connected to an FEC200E tester. This gives you all the versatility of the proven FEC200 with the addition of high power exponential pulses. For exponential pulses up to the 10/1000, the CV5 P350 can produce up to 5KW, 500A, or 350V whichever is most limiting. It can also test all of the usual FEC200 tests in the same test program.

  • Pulse Adapter

    CV30 P300 - Frothingham Electronics Corporation

    The CV30 P300 test station is the highest current 30KW pulser in a series of exponential pulse generators that can be connected to our FEC200E tester. This gives you all the versatility of the proven FEC200 with the addition of high power exponential pulses. For exponential pulses up to the 10/1000, the station can produce 30KW, 1000A, or 300V whichever is the most limiting. The station can also include all of the usual FEC200 tests in the same test program.

  • Random Number Generation

    ID Quantique SA

    Quantis is a family of hardware random number generators (RNG) which exploit elementary quantum optical processes as a source of true randomness (cf. Wikipedia: physical phenomena with quantum random properties). Photons (light particles) are sent, one by one, onto a semi-transparent mirror and detected. The exclusive events (reflection or transmission) are associated to “0” or “1” bit values. Such quantum processes provide instantaneous and inexhaustible entropy.

  • Signal Generator

    RTT - Innowireless Corp

    RTT is a 2-in-1 compact solution which combined Signal Generator (SG) and Signal Analyzer(SA). RTT covers full functions of both Signal Generators and Signal analyzer to provide various test conservation to users at a low cost. In addition, it supports automatic program test which required from Test Standard(e.g. 3GPP TS36.141) to make suitable for the mass production of RF device.

  • "Soft Grid" and Parallel Operation AC Generator Excitation Regulator

    svrsp - Kinetics Industries

    The Kinetics model SVRSP Exciter/Regulator rectifier is designed and rated in capacity and operating parameters for the application of exciting the DC fields on an AC generator operating in parallel with other AC generators and the power system is a "soft system" in relation to loading. A "soft system" is a generating system that may not be able to sustain the rated AC voltage under impulse/step loading conditions and results in voltage reduction when tan impulse/step load is applied.

  • Software (OS/Middleware/Driver)

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Software packages include on-board program, peripheral function driver, middleware, documents for use, and more, which are necessary to start developing software. Extensive sample codes and documents for the application examples and control samples for the packages are also available. Code generators support importing middleware, generating driver code, and setting pins. These packages, tools, and various middleware will help you to concentrate on developing your application.

  • Test Benches / Avionics Test Software

    Scalian Eurogiciel

    The development of industrial testing means involves the collaboration of different technical skills (electronic design, low and high level software development as well as hardware selection).Scalian Alyotech realized for one of its customers a generic solution allowing to test a wide range of its equipment (40). This means provides the bulk of measurement and generation instruments (digital multimeter, power supplies, function generators, relays, communication bus).

  • Air Core Neutral Grounding Reactors


    Neutral Earthing (Grounding) Reactors, which resist current flow through inductive elements, are single phase reactors generally connected between ground and neutral of transformers or generators in order to control single line-to-ground faults at a desired level.

  • Aerospace Hydrolics

    Eaton Corp. Electrical Group

    Eaton is the leading global supplier of hydraulic power generation and fluid distribution components and systems. The world's most comprehensive systems portfolio includes standard and higher-pressure engine-driven pumps, hydraulic motor-driven generators, AC/DC electric motor-driven pumps, hydraulic power transfer units, fluid control components and systems and a broad array of fluid distribution hoses, tubing, fittings, couplings, connectors and clamps all designed to exceed customer requirements.

  • Automotive Transient Immunity Tests

    NSG 5500 Series - Teseq AG

    Offers the generators necessary for tests with capacitive discharge pulsed interference as called for by ISO, SAE, DIN and JASO, and others. The established test specifications for passenger cars together with the new standards for commercial vehicles published by these international and other bodies are fully covered, as are the most company-specific standards from vehicle manufacturers. Based on our exclusive Gemini technology, Teseq offers the most flexible and upgradeable system to protect the users' investment.

  • Doppler Generator

    Series 5000 - Eastern-Optx

    Eastern OptX introduces moving target generators covering radar frequencies from 1 – 18 GHz. These compact systems provide target generation with speeds from 0 to 3000 MPH, and allows the user to set target and radar source speeds and directions. Systems may be operated remotely using wireless control with scenario generator features including flight path replication, moving source and targets, and multiple target options.

  • Logic Analyzer & Digital Pattern Generator

    ScanaQuad Series - Ikalogic s.a.s.

    ScanaQuad (SQ) is a series of high performance 4 channels logic analyzers and digital pattern generators. They are designed to be your best companion when working on serial protocols like UART, SPI, I2C, 1-Wire, USB, I2S, CAN, LIN, RS232, RS485, and more. With ScanaQuad Logic Analyzers, you can capture signals, you can play them back, and you can even build genuine test signals and generate them!

  • Pattern Generator

    MX.7011 - Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH

    DIO-Boards, Pattern Generators. The MX.70xx series of fast digital I/O boards offer a resolution between 16 bit and 32 bit with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MS/s (60 MS/s). The on-board memory of up to 128 MByte could be completely used for recording or replaying digital data. Alternatively the MX.70xx could be used in FIFO mode. Then data is transferred on-line to PC memory or hard disk.