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Generation of electrical, mechanical, data, electrical, vapor or gas states.

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  • PXI 16 to 1 Mux 1Ghz 75 Ohm SMB

    40-747-751 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    The 40-747 is a single 16 to 1 RF MUX available in 50 Ohmhm or 75 Ohmhm versions occupying a single PXI slot. The module is available with SMB or SMA connectors for 50 Ohmhm versions or, 1.0/2.3 or Mini SMB connectors for 75 Ohm versions. Applications for the 40-747 include routing high frequency signals to and from oscilloscopes, analyzers, signal generators and synthesizers, telecoms tributary switching, video/audio switching and switching high frequency logic signals.

  • Test Benches / Avionics Test Software

    Scalian Eurogiciel

    The development of industrial testing means involves the collaboration of different technical skills (electronic design, low and high level software development as well as hardware selection).Scalian Alyotech realized for one of its customers a generic solution allowing to test a wide range of its equipment (40). This means provides the bulk of measurement and generation instruments (digital multimeter, power supplies, function generators, relays, communication bus).

  • Aircraft Power Generation

    Astronics DME

    As a recognized leader in both aircraft power distribution and aircraft power generators, Astronics has developed a brushless starter generator system. Rather than rely on technology developed in the mid-20th century, which has high maintenance costs and inconsistent reliability, a brushless starter generator can offer both high reliability and a 68% reduced cost of ownership through the use of industry-leading brushless technology.

  • Uni-Therm High Current Electrosurgical Analyzer

    Seward Medical

    A unique high power low inductance load bank enables performance testing up to 8 ampere RMS with a duty cycle of up to 100% making the analyzer an extremely versatile test instrument for calibrating and performance testing of conventional and high power electrosurgical generators. The load bank allows testing in a range of 0-5115 with a resolution of over 1000 steps providing high detailed power profiles. The Rigel Uni-Therm also advocates safe working practise by providing all necessary resistors within a single enclosure.

  • Universal IC Tester

    MME-UIT 40 - Minmax Electronics

    MME-UIT 40 is the latest Microcontroller based UNIVERSAL IC TESTER from Minmax Electronics. It functionally tests a wide variety of Analog/Linear ICs including ADC,DAC,DPM ICs, Op Amps, Transistor arrays, waveform generators and Digital ICs including Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, EPROMs, RAMs, Peripheral devices apart from 74 series of TTL ICs and 40/45 series of CMOS ICs.

  • VLF/DC Hipots

    HVA28 - HV Diagnostics Inc.

    The HVA28 is the smallest, lightest VLF/DC test instrument on the market. It is about as small as you can make it! Do not let its compact size lead you to believe this unit is lacking in power. The instrument can test up to 100,000ft/30kms of cable (at reduced voltage and frequency). In addition to cables, this unit can test vacuum bottles, transformers, motors / generators, cable sheath/shields, etc.

  • VXIbus Microwave Synthesizer / Upconverter

    1140B - Phase Matrix, Inc

    114XB - Ideal Synthesizer/Upconverter for ATE Applications. Phase Matrix/EIP VXIbus synthesized signal generators are designed to be ideal for ATE applications. The 114XB family synthesizers occupy only three VXI slots, yet cover the entire 0.001 to 20 GHz or, depending on the model chosen, a more limited 2.0 to 20 GHz frequency spectrum with 1 Hz resolution.

  • Watt-MuncherPortable Load Bank

    Simplex Inc

    The Simplex Watt-Muncher is a small DC rated load bank used to test battery systems, AC to DC rectifiers and power supplies, battery chargers, UPS systems and DC generators. The Watt-Muncher provides a variable test load used to measure charge and discharge rates, response, stability and endurance. Corresponding calibrations and adjustments can be made while maintaining a constant, precise, resistive load on the power source.

  • Waveform Amplifier

    TS250 - Accel Instruments

    The TS250 Waveform Amplifier is a one of a king instrument perfect for amplifying signal generators. It is designed to amplify voltage, power or current for while driving heavy (low ohmic) loads. The TS250 offers eight voltage ranges to choose from ±10V to +65V. The TS250 output up to 6A peak current. To obtain higher current, parallel connect two or more TS250 in as shown in the Application Section.

  • USB Pattern Generator


    The PkPG2000 Series of Pattern Generators are small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet are a truly sophisticated device with up to 512 kb memory depth per channel on its sixteen channels. It plugs into a PC or Laptop USB port making it ideal for the on-the-go technician or engineer, hopping from PC to PC or taking with them for diagnosis on the road.

  • USB Pattern Generator


    The PkPG2000 Series of Pattern Generators are small enough to fit into your shirt pocket, yet is a truly sophisticated device and up to 512 kb memory depth per channel on its sixteen channels. It plugs into a PC or Laptop USB port making it ideal for the on-the-go technician or engineer, hopping from PC to PC or taking with them for diagnosis on the road. Also remember that with USB, no additional power supply is needed.

  • V4 Marine Communications System

    ICS Electronics Ltd.

    The ICS Electronics Limited V4 NAVTEX Test system may be used for type approval, general performance testing and production testing of NAVTEX receivers.The system comprises ICS V4 NAVTEX Test application software controlling up to two V4 NAVTEX modems via a TCP/IP LAN.The NAVTEX modems feature digital FSK output for direct connection to RF Signal generators which feature a FSK mode, such as the IFR2024, or those equipped with a direct-coupled external modulation input.

  • "Soft Grid" and Parallel Operation AC Generator Excitation Regulator

    svrsp - Kinetics Industries

    The Kinetics model SVRSP Exciter/Regulator rectifier is designed and rated in capacity and operating parameters for the application of exciting the DC fields on an AC generator operating in parallel with other AC generators and the power system is a "soft system" in relation to loading. A "soft system" is a generating system that may not be able to sustain the rated AC voltage under impulse/step loading conditions and results in voltage reduction when tan impulse/step load is applied.

  • Programmable Pattern Generator

    PPG6810 - Micram Instruments Ltd.

    The Micram Instruments PPG6810 sets a new standard for high performance pattern generators, creating both high speed NRZ and higher order complex modulation formats (PAM4 and PAM8) at data rates up to 68 Gb/s. Multilevel signals can be created without external power combiners or other expensive accessories. Unlike all other pattern generators, the PPG6810 provides builtin channel precoding and programmable de-emphasis. The PPG6810 also delivers a 1.6 volt differential swing at maximum data rate, allowing split signal test configurations without costly external output amplifiers.

  • Load Banks

    Power Test, Inc.

    Power Test Dynamometer offers a complete high capacity load testing solution with our load bank and gen set testing systems. Capable of testing generators and AC/DC power sources, our load bank systems safely apply electrical loads across the entire spectrum of operation. By offering a one-stop-shop for your Load Bank and it's accompanying data acquisition software, Power Test is committed to Making Your Testing Easy.