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  • NITOS Wireless Sensor Platform

    NIT Laboratory

    The NITOS prototype wireless sensor mote, is comprised of open-source and configurable modules. NITOS mote features the ATmega32u4 microcontroller running at 8MHz and operating at 3.3V. The aforementioned microcontroller is fully compatible with the Arduino platform that enables ease of software development and provides compatibility with several commercial sensing modules. Moreover, the platform is equipped with an Xbee radio interface that enables communication with the respective gateway. The Xbee module is a tiny device ideal for setting up mesh networks and has a defined rate of 250 kbps. This module uses the IEEE 802.15.4 stack which is the basis for theZigbee protocol. Apart from the Xbee module, NITOS mote can also feature a WiFi wireless interface in order to communicate with WiFi gateways. The developed mote currently features specific sensing modules, an air temperature and humidity sensor, a light intensity sensor and a human presencesensor. Various types of sensing modules and actuators can be further integrated exploiting existing Arduino software that implements several existing communications protocols. The firmware can be easily uploaded through the on-board USB connection. Figure 1 illustrates the developed NITOS mote and the respective gateway node.

  • Circuit Breaker Analyzers & Timers

    IBEKO Power AB

    CAT circuit breaker analyzers and timers are advanced standalone or a PC controlled instruments for circuit breaker maintenance. Typical application areas of CAT instruments are medium and high voltage substations at electric power generation, transmission, and factories of switchgear. Also, industrial environments and electric power distribution are suitable application areas for these circuit breaker testing instruments.DV Power CAT circuit breaker testing instruments are portable and lightweight. They are designed for performing mechanical operations intended for circuit breakers testing according to standards IEC 62271-100 and IEEE C37.09.These instruments measure:the timing of main contacts, pre-insertion resistor contacts, auxiliary contacts operations,coil currents,motion parameters,voltage recording,main circuit resistance,arcing contacts wipe,and any relevant analog signal.Motion transducer channels provide measuring a displacement of the circuit breaker moving parts, contact wipe, over-travel, rebound, damping time, and average velocity. Even more, CAT circuit breaker analyzer optionally has a built-in micro-ohmmeter. Hence, it provides the main circuit resistance measurement and dynamic resistance measurement. Dynamic resistance measurement is an effective method for arcing contacts condition assessment.

  • 3.5mm / SMA Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Calibration Kit

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    3.5mm / SMA spectrum and vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration kits from Pasternack are the RF components needed to enable stable and accurate error-corrected measurements of devices under test (DUT). RF calibration of a DUT using the Pasternack 3.5mm/SMA test port network analyzer cal kit allows for precision measurements needed to meet IEEE 287 standards. Our spectrum / VNA calibration kits offer test equipment coverage for the popular network analyzer models with 3.5mm / SMA series test port(s) including Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® and other VNA network analyzers. The Pasternack spectrum vector analyzer calibration kit products yield complete calibrations, as it accounts for the major sources of systematic error correction by one port calibration at both ports.Radio frequency vector network analyzer cal kits and short open load thru (SOLT) calibration 3.5mm and/or SMA components for Agilent® / Keysight®, Anritsu®, Rohde & Schwarz®, Tektronix® and other electronics test equipment manufacturers are available. Pasternack RF test equipment calibration kits and short-open-load-thru circuit components are phase stable with many cycles of repeatability over a wide range of temperatures. RF calibration kit components for 3.5mm test ports include short open load thru circuits for SOLT calibration as well as a precision calibrated RF torque wrench in 3.5mm / SMA. An open short load (OSL) calibration can also be performed, but this does include a thru circuit component as well if needed.Pasternack network analyzer calibration kits contain both male / plug and female / jack connector genders to perform full two port error corrections. Pasternack’s 3.5mm / SMA analyzer cal kits are designed for test equipment that utilizes the SOLT calibration method, so 3.5mm / SMA open short load thru components are included. This spectrum vector network analyzer cal kit is packaged in a durable and protective wood box which includes a preset RF torque wrench for 3.5mm / SMA connectors.

  • Portable Hand Held Load Cell Indicator

    MODEL SSI - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    The SSI is a Plug & Play Smart TEDS IEEE 1451.4 compliant portable handheld Load Cell Indicator. Just plug in a TEDS compatible Load Cell or Torque Sensor and the SSI will automatically self-calibrate. When used with a non-TEDS Load Cell or Torque Sensor, the SSI can be set up by simple front panel push buttons. The SSI can be scaled to a full 5 digit display from 0 to 99,999 counts to read directly in engineering units such as grams, ounces, pounds, inch pounds, etc. The SSI also has a Units key for automatic conversion of readings for load, torque and pressure. The SSI has an ultra-fast signal-sampling rate of 15,360 samples/second for true peak and/or valley testing capability. Auto-tare allows the meter to be set to zero for any input signal level. The SSI also features a USB port for data logging to a PC. You can also log data to the SSI’s internal memory storing up to 16,000 time and date stamped readings. The SSI also features 2 built-in solid-state alarm relays with LED and audible indicators. The SSI will operate up to 65 hours on a single charge or use the included battery charger for applications where the SSI is mounted permanently.

  • Battery Voltage Recorder

    BVR Series - IBEKO Power AB

    Battery voltage recorders from BVR series are designed to serve as a support tool for cell voltage measurement during battery capacity testing.During capacity testing, cell voltage, temperature, inter-cell connection voltage, and specific gravity should be measured in order to determine failling cells in the string that should be replaced.Furthermore, IEEE standards for stationary batteries applications stipulate periodical measurement of overall string voltage, as well as cell voltage and temperature.The BVR Series is the perfect tool for that purpose. All measurements are automatically saved in device’s internal memory. Additionally, DV-B Win software helps the user to download all measured results. Furthermore, the user can create test reports and export them to various formats.BVR series includes two models: BVR11 and BVR22. These are rechargeable handheld devices intended for performing monthly battery inspections and support tools during capacity testing. The list of the applications of these instruments includes:Efficient supplement to BLU series of battery load units during battery discharge testingMonthly inspections of large battery banksAmbient temperature measurementCurrent measurement using current clampsUSB and Bluetooth communication with PCSimultaneous string voltage and current measurement to analyze a discharge test processThe BVR22 model provides Bluetooth communication with an external density meter, for transferring electrolyte specific gravity and temperature readings.