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Leakage Testers

Look for unintended path of current.

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    s1257 - Milton Industries Inc.

    The Cylinder Leakage Tester is an instrument designed to pin-point the problem that your compression tester indicated. This testersupplements your compression tester by utilizing shop air and measuring the exact amount of leakage, and localizing the source.

  • AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

    157/F157 - Fine Instruments Corp.

    3¾ digit, 4000 count. - The Finest 157 is a professional AC/DC leakage current tester designed for both electrical industry and automotive industry. This meter has a frequency filtering function for measuring currents of fundamental frequency. This filter function is useful when we check whether the leakage breaker was tripped by leakage currents or by effects of harmonics.

  • AC Leakage Current Tester

    229-2 - Simpson Electric Company

    Testing for dangerous small leakage currents is easy with the Simpson Model 229-2 Leakage Current Tester. For use in appliance field service, in the lab, or in production, the 229-2 approximates the human threshold of perception in detecting hazardous AC leakage current. The 229-2 comes with test leads with alligator clips, manual and batteries. 

  • Leakage Current Testers

    GLC-9000 - Digital Communication Technologies Ltd

    The GLC-9000, leakage current tester, is used to perform leakage current (or called touch current) tests on medical electrical (IEC 60601-1) and general purpose electric & electronic (IEC 60990) equipment. This tester engages with nine measurement networks (or called Measuring Device) to provide the simulation of human body while the EUT (equipment under test) is taking a leakage current testing in compliance with the specific standards or regulations such as IEC, UL, JIS and others.

  • DC Leakage Tester

    PT-5000W - HD Electric Company

    The PT-5000W is a portable, general purpose dual voltage leakage tester designed to test primary distribution voltage or secondary voltage equipment for faults or high leakage currents. Use only on cables or equipment that have been verified to be both de-energized and discharged. The test voltage can be set by the user to either 500VDC or 5,000VDC. The PT-5000W can be used to check for leakage on cables, transformers, capacitors, joints, terminations, insulators, etc.

  • Duct Air Leakage Tester

    6900 - KANOMAX USA, Inc.

    Kanomax has developed the most advanced Duct Air Leakage Tester (DALT) for commercial duct systems. It’s designed to be simple to use, accurate, and extremely convenient. The instrument provides step-by-step test configuration and automated leakage testing based on the SMACNA HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual, and and is accurate to ±2.5% of reading. Though built tough with an on-board, powerful motor, the DALT 6900 is very easy to transport on its pneumatic tires and leaves little to no footprint on the job site.

  • Leakage Current Tester

    M450LT - Rod-L Electronics

    Performs leakage current tests in compliance with IEC 601, UL 544, UL 2601 and other medical and non-medical standards. Add Rod-L Hipot & Ground Continuity testers to build a complete modular automatic test systerm

  • Automated Leakage Current Tester

    LINECHEK® II Series - Associated Research

    Our LINECHEK II Leakage Current Tester is designed for medical device manufacturers. With a feature set built around maximizing the efficiency of the Leakage Current test, LINECHEK II satisfies medical application requirements demanding up to 40 Amps of continuous line current. Use it on the bench or in a rack, from the front panel or via a PC interface to ensure your medical device is ready for global deployment.

  • Leakage Current Tester

    TOS3200 - Kikusui Electronics Corp.

    The Leakage Current Tester TOS3200 is designed to perform leakage current (touch current and protective conductor current) tests on general electrical equipment but not medical electrical equipment.It enables you to conduct tests that conform to the requirements of the applicable IEC, UL, JIS, and other standards, as well as the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law. The memory in the main unit stores the 51 types of test conditions laid down in the IEC/JIS standards for information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, audio, video electronic apparatus, luminaires, motor-operated electric tools, and electrical equipment for measurement and control and in the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, thereby enabling you to conduct standard tests with simple panel operation.

  • Digital Leakage Current Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    Fast - All operator controls are located on the front panel to expedite testing. The entire test can be performed in a matter of seconds! Pays for itself in time and stress savings. Versatile - Measures Leakage Current in accordance with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC/ International Standards. Includes ability to perform open neutral, open ground, and line polarity forward/reverse test conditions. Adaptable - Universal rear panel receptacle allows for testing products with any plug configuration. Accurate - True RMS meter accurately measures both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveshapes. This is important when testing products using a switch mode power supply which can generate non-sinusoidal leakage currents. Calibrated, traceable to NIST. Flexible - A front panel switch permits testing either through the power cord of the product under test, from surface/ patient connection-to-ground, or from surface/ patient connection-to-surface/ patient connection. Portable - Lightweight, with integral handle. Other Features - Product Ground Switching (grounding conductor maintained to device under test when not measuring leakage). Automatic front receptacle disconnect when configured in the 240V test mode (prevents inadvertent connection of 120V when configured for 240V operation). Proven - These are the only leakage current testers designed and supported by Product Safety experts. That is part of the reason why they have become the standard in the industry. Full technical support by experienced safety engineers.

  • Arrester / Leakage Testers

    AT-100 - HD Electric Company

    The AT-100 is a two-stick live line tester designed to test disconnected lightning arresters on a power distribution system. The tester is designed to warn the user that an arrester is damaged or deteriorating and should not be energized.

  • AC/DC Leakage Current Tester

    228 - Simpson Electric Company

    Test for dangerous leakage current with the Simpson Model 228, designed to meet the latest UL, IEC, and ANSI specifications. The 228 detects both AC and DC leakage current and simulates human response at three different levels -- reaction, let-go, and burn hazard. Each Model 228 comes with test leads with alligator clips, manual, and batteries. 

  • Microwave Leakage Tester

    TEK500 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    An easy to use, low cost pass / fail microwave leakage detector suitable for commercial and domestic microwave ovens. It is designed to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels. The TEK500 includes a self test which simulates a real microwave input to ensure the unit is working correctly at all times.

  • Line Leakage Tester

    LineCHECK II - Wavecontrol, S.L.

    Designed for Automated Test ApplicationsFull Compliment of Automation InterfacesComplete Line Leakage Testing SolutionEnhanced Graphic LCDCompatible with Scanning Matrix for Patient Lead TestingContinuous Run FeatureSoftware CompatibleSafety Agency Listed

  • Leakage Current Tester

    MRC ltd.

    A high resolution on 40mA range.Large jaw with 30 mm diameter.Five RangesLarge 3 3/4 digits LCDFast bargraph display (20 times/sec) for transient observation.AC current & voltage, resistance and continuity measurements.