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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Box Cameras


    1/2" 2MP Sony CMOS sensor 1080p 60fps / 30fps, 720p 60fps HD-SDI, EX-SDI, TVI, CVBS, HDMI x30 Optical Zoom(6 ~ 180mm) & x32 Digital Zoom Real-time True WDR Digital Noise Reduction(2D+3D) Digital Slow Shutter Digital Image Stabilizer Privacy Mask Function High Light Compensation Defog Function ACE(Digital WDR) Motion Detection Protocol(VISCA, Pelco-D, Pelco-P)

  • High-resolution Cameras / 9 & 12 MP with up to 40 fps

    ace L Series - Basler Vision Components AG

    Twelve ace L models offer resolutions of 9 and 12 megapixels and frame rates of up to 40 fps. Featuring the high-performance IMX253, IMX255, IMX267 and IMX304 sensors, they stand out for the famously brilliant Pregius image quality with a dynamic range of more than 70 dB and a high quantum efficiency over a broad spectrum of visible light into the NIR. Available with the proven GigE or USB 3.0 interface, and conform to GigE Vision 2.0 or the USB3 Vision standard.

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectroscopy

    Shimadzu Corp.

    This analysis method uses a high-frequency inductively-coupled plasma as the light source, and is ideal for the analysis of sample solutions. The ICP Emission Spectrometer has become highly regarded for its speed and accuracy, due to the increase in the number of analyzed samples and analyzed elements in recent years. It is widely used as the official analysis method according to JIS and ISO standards and the Japanese Water Supply Act. This instrument supports an extensive range of analysis from trace levels to high concentrations.

  • Horn Antennas

    Com-Power Corporation

    Horn antennas can be used for emissions and immunity testing. These antennas are constructed using light weight aluminum with a corrosion resistant conductive coating for indoor or outdoor use. Each antenna is individually calibrated. The calibration data and certificate will be shipped with each antenna.The high gain reduces input power requirements to generate high electromagnetic field levels for immunity testing. High gain also increases antenna sensitivity to low level signals.

  • High Accuracy Semi LCR Meter

    DM-9241B - Unisource Corporation

    12 Kinds Multi Measuring Function. (Including Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance, Temperature measuring). High Resolution with 5 ¨ú digits (Back Light LCD) (Maximum Display 399999 counts with Dual Display). Temperature Measuring Function (-40¡É ~ 1200¡É / -40¢µ~2192¢µ : ¡É/¢µ switchable). Auto, Manual and Re-call Function (Maximum 10 numbers). True RMS AC Voltage

  • High Voltage Meter

    STME-VM - Statclean Technology

    This is a High Input Impedance Voltmeter with 70 Gigohm input impedance. Capable of measuring up to DC voltage up to +/-5.5kV with 1.0V resolution over a range of himidity and temperature, the meter measures with better than 1% accuracy without loading the power source. Its compact size and light weight body allows applications in laboratory and field work when powered by battery.

  • Imaging Colorimeters

    Westboro Photonics

    Westboro Photonics offers high resolution, high performance imaging colorimeters to meet the needs of manufacturers for several key applications: Computer and cell phone keyboards: automatic measurement, identification and pass/fail analysis for luminance and chromaticity of backlit glyphs and other lit elements. Beam pattern analysis of the luminous intensity distribution of lamps and LEDs. Avionic light plate panel balancing. Transportation, architectural and municipal lighting and signage.

  • Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Measurement System

    Omni-Station-DSSC - ZOLIX

    Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Measurement System(DC model) includes Tunable Monochromatic Light source,Dark Room, Data Acquisition System and related accessories ; Introduction Certification Meet IEC 60904-8 standard test condition Application Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell(DSSC) Spectral Range 300-1100nm Measurement Parameter Spectral Responsivity,Quantum Efficiency, Jsc Density Sample size 100x100mm Test Mean DC Mode,DC&Bias light System Repeatability is less than 1%

  • EEWeb Sensors


    Whereas electromechanical components seek to control the world, sensors seek to observe and understand the world around them. Taking many forms, these devices are often combinations of analog and digital designs. Many sensors rely on creating a voltage or current response to an environmental condition that can then be measured and, in many cases, digitized in the actual device. Common applications for sensors include measuring temperature, humidity, acceleration, light, and many other conditions. The introduction of the smart phone has brought significant growth to the sensor market.

  • Electrical / Air / ABS Tester

    Inspector 920 - LITE-CHECK

    The Advanced ABS diagnostic trailer tester with brake and light testing takes the guesswork out of trailer repairs. LITE-CHECK 3-Step ABS Process will cut ABS troubleshooting time in determining ABS problems. The Inspector 920 includes all of the PLC ABS codes dating from 2001 and with the latest Roll Stability codes eliminating multiple operations and tools in one simple process. The tester automatically identifies the ABS ECU issues and displays the necessary information to make repairs.


    AMS Technologies AG

    Optical birefringence is induced in an electro optic crystal such as KD*P or BBO when a high voltage is applied. A Pockels cell makes use of this effect, rotating the plane of polarisation of light or of a laser beam passing through the cell. When used together with a polariser, these cells can function as optical switches, or laser Q-switches.The electro optics devices in our portfolio feature high repetition rates for high power applications.

  • Electrostatic Field Meter Micro Kit

    PFM-711A - Prostat Corporation

    A hand held, compact, electronic digital chopper field meter used for locating and measuring electrostatic fields.Use alone to measure fields on defined surfaces and materials. Red "Bulls Eye" ranging lights assist in obtaining reproducible measurements.Use with CPM-720A Charge Plate Assembly and PCS-730 Charging Source to balance and test ionization blowers and devices. May be used to measure charge generation related to personnel, floors, chairs, carts, equipment, packaging materials, etc.

  • Digital RF Millivoltmeter & Frequency Counter

    A0230003tek - GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek Digital RF Millivoltmeter and Frequency Counter is a new type of micro- controller digital intelligent instruments. It can measure the sinusoidal signal voltage from 9 kHz ~ 3000 MHz . The instrument uses a QVGA color LCD display with clear reading and has long life. The machine has a good frequency response, small standing wave co-efficient, high sensitivity, low power consumption, small size and is light weight. With RS-232 interface and optional GPIB interface and USB interface, can be remote measurement control.

  • Digital TV Signal Meter

    King SureLock - King Controls

    Pinpoint the location of local DTV towers. Point the antenna before scanning for channels. Saves time and frustration. Eliminate the need for multiple channel scans. Takes the guesswork out of finding the towers. Simple to use, plug-n-play design. Connects to the antenna TV output or in-line. Positive signal identification. LED lights indicate where DTV signal is strongest. Variable sensitivity adjustment. Foolproof antenna pointing in both strong and weak signal areas.

  • Digital Circuit Breaker Finder

    ET300 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    Quickly, accurately, and automatically find the corresponding circuit breaker of any 120V standard outlet.Flashing arrow indicator for easy identification.Strong transmitter reaches distances up to 1,000 feet.90 - 120V operation.Microprocessor controlled for more reliable identification.Auto power-off feature saves battery life.Accessory kit available (Catalog No. 69411) includes light socket and alligator clip adapters.