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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Triple Monochromator/ Spectrograph

    Omni-λTripple Series - ZOLIX

    Omni-λ 500 Triple Monochromator/ Spectrograph The Triple Monochromators/Spectrographs include three 500 mm focus monochromators which are with fine alignment. The first two monochromators as the dispersion subtraction are used to reduce the stray light. The third monochromator as dispersion sum configuration is used to improve the resolution. And each unit can work well as the monochromator, and the two unit can also be used as the double monochromator. The first and the second monochromator are the side entrance and double exits, the third monochromator is the double entrances and double exits, it is easy to connect the CCD and PMT, the single channel detectors. There are three import gratings in each monochromator, and the spectral range is located in deep UV region, the middle UV and visible region. Each grating reflectivity can be up to 70% in their spectral region. Mainly used in high grade Raman spectroscopy measurement, such as UV-resonance Raman spectroscopy.

  • Test Pattern Generator Delay & AV Sync Analyzer

    VQDM-100 - VideoQ Inc

    Versatile compact and robust multi-purpose tool for R&D and glass-to-glass QA/QC Instant visual-aural quality estimation plus automatic latency, AV sync and 3D LR sync measurement Multi-channel time-line analysis, including video frames continuity testing 4 Light Sensors with vacuum caps, 4 Audio inputs (standard line levels) 2 channels of AV timing analysis, simultaneous measurements of Video and Audio Latencies Real time multi-channel data acquisition via USB port Unique sophisticated set of static and dynamic test patterns up to 1080p@60fps - see more details in separate VQL page Source of VQDM, VQMA2, and VQMA3 Test Patterns for VideoQ Analyzers Multi-format digital and analog AV outputs: HDMI, YPrPb, S-video, SPDIF, LR analog audio Networkable unit, easy expansion with any external USB storage device: live clips, user content, etc.

  • Motor Unit

    Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co Ltd.

    Today, so many units products such as medical equipment, automobiles, fuel cells, robots, and precision instruments. These performances are supported by the performance of motors, on the other hand, mechanical design, parts processing, and control The maximize the performance of the motor, which is an engine, are indispensable . The functions required for unit products are very diverse, including precision drive , high output, light weight, low heat generation, low vibration, and low power consumption.Actuation technologies such as optimum motors, speed reducer, non-energized locking mechanism "dyNALOX", compact clutch mechanism, torque transmission mechanism, control, and our core technology "cutting" "sharpening" "polishing" precision We combine process parts and precision assembly technology and we propose the optimum solution with a unique idea unique to our company, which is a motor manufacturer.

  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

    Allied Edison LLC

    The UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) by Allied Edison is a light weight (7.2 lbs), portable, non-variable source that converts  a 12 Vdc Lithium Ion battery to output 110 vac sine wave at 60 hertz. It also has four 12Vdc output jacks, and 4 USB ports to power electronic equipment such as computers or used to supply cell phone chargers, etc. It has a strong built in flashlight. The UPS plugs into a standard 120 Vac, 60 hertz receptacle for charging and indicates percent battery capacity remaining on a digital meter located on the front panel. The UPS can also be charged by a solar cell, sold separately or can be plugged into a vehicles cigarette lighter receptacle for use in remote areas. The UPS is an excellent compliment to the VS-3 power supply where a technician needs a variable AC/DC source and cannot run a power cord due to the remoteness of the work area.

  • Electromagnetic Radiation Tester

    Model KM 196 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Unit : Electric Field : V/m; Magnetic Field : mT• Precision : Electric Field : 1V/m; Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT• Range : Electric Field : 1V/m ~ 1999V/m.• Magnetic Field : 0.01 mT ~ 19.99 mT• Alarm Threshold : Electric Field : 40V/m, Magnetic Field : 0.4 mT• Reading Display : 3½ Digit Digital LCD display with Backlight.• Frequency Range : 5Hz ~ 3500MHZ• Sampling Time : About 0.4 second.• Measuring Mode : Dual Mode• Overload Alert : “1” appears on LCD• Sound & Light Alarm• Data Hold function.• Auto Power Off.• Average & Peak measurement.• Low Battery Indication.• Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C ~ 50°C; below 80%RH.• Power battery : 9V Battery.• Dimension : 63.6 x 31 x 125.8mm• Weight : Approx. 146g.

  • Overhead Line Grounding Fault Locator


    1. Apply to small current neutral grounding distribution power system.2. Used to detect the over head line metallic grounding fault, arc grounding fault, resistance grounding fault and so on.3. Workable for broke down line, apply for branch line4. Ultralow frequency signal to avoid capacitor influence. Easy to find the high resistive fault5. Recreate fault by high voltage signal, easy to locate6. Safe transmitter by black and short-circuit function7. High sensitive sensor, open design and easy to hang on the line8. Wireless transmission, safe and reliable9. Flexible power supply. Transmitter is workable by Utility power and electric generator. Sensor and receiver are by dry battery10. Light and easy to carry11. Receiver has large LCD display interface, which can show the current waveform and current value

  • Multispectral Sensors

    PixelSensor - PIXELTEQ

    The unique, wafer-level optical filters split the spectrum into 8 discrete color bands and suppress out-of-band background light, improving contrast and sensitivity. Customized OEM versions are available with user-defined spectral bands. With narrow band VIS-NIR selectivity, the sensor arrays are available both with and without an OEM electronics board. The OEM electronics board is designed for easy integration into customers’ analytical equipment and provides a smaller footprint (45.72×21.34mm) and faster time-to-market than traditional sensor technology, offering a cost-effective solution. The parallel channel design results in no moving parts and faster measurements than discrete optics designs and spectrometers. Designed for low noise and fast response time, the 20-pin LCC package can be surface or socket mounted.

  • Portable Dual Band ADS-B Traffic and Weather Receiver

    DYNON DRX - Dynon Avionics

    The DRX is Dynon’s new, affordable ADS-B traffic and weather receiver that fits in your pocket and can last all weekend on a single charge. DRX supports connectivity with most mobile aviation apps, including Foreflight and FlyQ, for superior in-flight situational awareness. See the entire traffic picture with dual band ADS-B reception and receive ADS-B in-cockpit weather products such as NEXRAD Radar, METARS, TAFs, and more. DRX also provides WAAS GPS position to your mobile device and has auto-dimming status lights for night flight. And as usual, the DRX carries on the Dynon tradition of bringing affordable, high quality avionics to all pilots. It’s list price is only $395, but pilots may find it at dealers as low as $349.

  • TMD37003 cRGB Color and Proximity Sensor

    SEN-36004 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Fully integrated carrier board designed to get the most out of the TMD37003 cRGB (color with IR compensation) and Proximity Sensor from AMS. This means that the board includes a 1.8V-5V input range LDO and high-speed signal voltage translation on all IO pins. In addition, we've added a high output white LED that is tuned to the light temperature range of the TMD37003 IC. This makes sensing color of close-proximity objects possible, such as in robotic color sorting operations. As on many of our boards, we've included 4-40 sized mounting holes to make installation easy. The IC functions are interfaced via a 0.1" header, which includes power (Vdd and GND), I2C interface (again, fully translated) and a 3.3V input to power the proximity (IR) LED. The on-board LED is turned on with a logic 'HIGH' applied to the LED pin and is powered with Vdd.

  • Thermal Imaging Surveillance Cameras

    Shenzhen Everbest Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd.

    Visible light digital camera640x480 resolution with flash provides sharp images regardless of lighting conditionsPicture-in-pictureDisplays thermal image super-imposed over a digital imageLED flashlightAllows the visual camera and fusion to be used in poorly lit environmentsWide temperature range: -20 to 400°C targeting electrical and industrial applications±2% accuracy reliable temperature measurementThumbnail view: easy to view and analyze images quicklyThe image rotationThe ability to automatically rotate the active imageAudio recorded with the video imageA speaker to listen to audio recorded with the video imageCapacitive touchscreenMore easy, productive and effective to operate itLi-ion rechargeable batteryLasts >4hrs continuous use, replaceableCopy to USBEasy uploads images from camera to USB memory cardArea (minimum/maximum) modeShows the minimum or the maximumTemperature reading in the selected areaInside Memory 100M bytesData and Live video transform between camera and PC or smartphone

  • Industrial Stroboscopes

    ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH

    ELMED stroboscopes for industry, maintenance, quality assurance and research Whether it’s for maintenance, production, research & development or within the framework of quality assurance: stroboscopes cover a wide field of applications. The human eye is not able to perceive single movements during quick and repeated moving processes. By the implementation of stroboscopes, these processes can be made perceivable. Light flashes produced synchronically to the movement illuminate thus the moving process continuously in the same position, leading to the creation of an apparent static picture. Vibrations, rotational and other periodical processes thus can be observed. A further classical field of application is the contactless speed measurement. By means of ELMED standard stroboscopes and their special versions the observer can perceive pin-sharp images of the single motion phases of rapid and periodic processes.

  • Achsspielester Up To 3500 Kg Axle Load

    PMS 3/2 - Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

    *Two test plates installed at ground level in the foundation*Quick identification of defects and wear on steering parts, wheel bearings, suspension and suspension*Powerful, even movement with hydraulic drive with high precision for easy and fast positioning*Low-noise sub-oil hydraulic power unit further enhances ease of use*Robust, hard-chromed round guides*Extremely robust and low-maintenance design supports a long service life*Left test plate performs a longitudinal and transverse movement, right test plate performs a longitudinal movement individually*One-hand operation possible without lifting the vehicle*Wireless radio hand lamp for execution and control of the test plate movements*Wireless handlamp with LED lamp and lens for ideal light beam angle*Optionally further different test plate movements*Option aluminum cable hand lamp

  • Achsspielester Up To 3500 Kg Axle Load

    PMS 3 / X-PIT - Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

    *Two test plates installed at ground level in the foundation*Quick identification of defects and wear on steering parts, wheel bearings, suspension and suspension*Powerful, even movement with hydraulic drive with high precision for easy and fast positioning*Low-noise sub-oil hydraulic power unit further enhances ease of use*Robust, hard-chromed round guides*Extremely robust and low-maintenance construction supports a long service life*Left plate (split version) executes a shearing motion individually*One-hand operation possible without lifting the vehicle*Wireless radio hand lamp for controlling the test plate movements*Wireless handlamp with LED lamp and lens for ideal light beam angle*Option aluminum cable hand lamp

  • Femtosecond Fluorescence Upconversion & TCSPC Extension

    Harpia-TF - Light Conversion Ltd.

    HARPIA‑TF is a time-resolved fluorescence measurement extension to the HARPIA‑TA mainframe that combines two time-resolved fluorescence techniques. For the highest time resolution, fluorescence is measured using the time-resolved fluorescence upconversion technique, where the fluorescence light emitted from the sample is sum-frequency mixed in a nonlinear crystal with a femtosecond gating pulse from the laser. The time resolution is then limited by the duration of the gate pulse and is in the range of 250 fs. For fluorescence decay times exceeding 150 ps, the instrument can be used in time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) mode that allows for measuring high‑accuracy kinetic traces in the 200 ps – 2 μs temporal domain. HARPIA‑TF extension is designed around the industry leading Becker&Hickl® time-correlated single-photon counting system, with different detector options available.

  • Scanning Electron Microscopy

    SEM - Materials Evaluation and Engineering

    JEOL JSM-6610 LV LaboratoryScanning electron  microscopy (SEM) uses electrons for imaging to obtain higher magnifications and greater depth of field than light microscopes. The instruments at MEE are capable of variable-pressure, or low vacuum, SEM (VPSEM), as well as traditional high-vacuum conditions for sample observation. VPSEM is a specialized method using a variable-pressure sample chamber that allows direct evaluation of samples that are not readily examined with a traditional high-vacuum SEM. Nonconductive or vacuum sensitive samples that would typically require additional sample preparation can be directly analyzed in VPSEM without the need for additional sample preparation, such as carbon or metallic conductive coatings. This reduces both sample preparation time and distractions in microanalysis. Our laboratory also has a field emission SEM (FESEM) for critical high-magnification work and low-voltage (LVSEM) applications. Each instrument has a spacious sample chamber that can accommodate large and irregularly-shaped specimens and accessories for feature dimensional analysis and chemical microanalysis.