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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Light Curtains

    Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

    The switching light curtains from Leuze electronic are able to monitor a large measurement field and respond if sensor beams in the field are interrupted. Various resolutions and measurement field lengths enable reliable use in a variety of applications.

  • Light Source

    Appointech, Inc.

    A light source essentially is an optical transmitter that is paired with an optical receiver, both of which are connected to electrically based devices or systems. So, the source converts electrons to photons and the detector converts photons to electrons.

  • Light Microscopy

    Materials Evaluation and Engineering

    MEE has a variety of light microscopes with magnifications ranging from 5X to 2400X. Each microscope is connected to a camera with digital image capture for subsequent measurements and/or additional image analyses.

  • Light Analysis

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to detectors and instrumentation that measure the various properties of light, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Thorlabs offers an extensive selection of instruments that measure the properties of light. Our versatile power and energy meters can be used with over 25 different sensors in order to make NIST-traceable power and energy measurements. If the convenience of a meter is not desired, our selection of detectors includes basic photodiodes (uncalibrated and calibrated), photodetectors (biased, amplified, and avalanche), CCD and CMOS arrays, position detectors, integrating spheres, and photomultiplier tubes. The Beam Characterization category contains beam profilers (camera and scanning slit), a wavefront sensor, spectrometers, and interferometers, while the Polarimetery link leads to a selection of instruments used to measure and control the polarization of light.

  • Light Meters

    Control Company

    Meter reads from 0 to 1,999 foot-candles (resolution 0.1 to 1). Bright 1/2-inch-high digits make it an easy to read pocket light meter. The simplicity of the two-button operation eliminates the need to refer to directions. Functions are on/off, and range. The meter can be zeroed with the simple turn of an adjustment screw

  • Light Microscopes

    Carl Zeiss AG

    Light microscopes are available in different versions. Choose an upright microscope if your task is to analyze zebrafish embryos, stained tissue selections or brain slices. For tissue culture and quick assessments in routine research, the inverted microscope might be the better choice.

  • Light Sensors

    B.Hagner AB

    Light Sensor is designed for continuous, stationary outdoor measurement of illuminance. It consists of a V?-filtered and cosine corrected detector and an amplifier with regulated current output (4-20 mA). The case is watertight, fitted with a thermostatocally controlled internal anti-condensation heater. Measuring range is specified with order (e.g. 0 - 1,500 lux).

  • Light Sources


    High collimation,high energy output High stability,unstability degree<1 The function of turning off light within certain time High effective air-cooling and long bulb lifetime Accessories: right bracket, filter, fiber holder and so on

  • Light Source

    OS420 - Advanced Fiber Solutions

    The OS420 light source is for premises and campus cabling networks with multimode fiber, or single-mode fibers under 5km. The ST connector outputs can be adapted to any cable plant with hybrid adapters or hybrid cables. The OS420 becomes a powerful low cost troubleshooting and maintenance tool when used with an Advanced Fiber Solutions OM120 or OM220. 

  • Light Source


    Readouts of UV intensity and cumulative luminescence count are prompted either on the front panel or via the externally connected remote signal control. The UV intensity detection segment is intended to measure a specific intensity of light signals, while the cumulative luminescence count is designed to tally a cumulative count on all UV intensities measured, in conjunction with real-time calibration.

  • Light Sources

    LS 150 Xenon Arc Lamp Source - ABET Technologies Inc.

    Model LS-150 is a Patented US Pat. No. 8116017 low cost, high output 150 watt Xe arc lamp based light source. The entire source, power supply, lamp, and optical compartment are housed in an extremely compact enclosure, 9 x 6 x 11 inches. The unit's base allows mounting on inch or metric spaced optical tables with the optics centered over the hole pattern to allow for easy integration with the rest of your setup.

  • Light Source

    OS405 - Advanced Fiber Solutions

    The OS405 (635nm) visible laser cable fault locator allows the operator to find faults in fiber optic cables, even in the OTDR dead zone, optimizing splices and tracing fibers. By injecting a bright red visible light in the fiber, locations of losses such as breaks, bends, or bad connectors can be detected visually, even through the typical yellow or orange jacket used on most single fiber cables. 

  • Light Meter

    PLMT56 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Light Meter Measures In LuxOver-Range IndicatorLong-Life Silicon Photo Diode InsideMeasurement Rate: 1.5 Times per SecondMax Range: 50,000 LuxAccuracy: +/- 5% Under 10000 Lux, +/- 10% Over 10000 LuxMax Resolution: 0.1 LuxDimensions: 7.40' H x 2.52' W x 0.96' DAccessories Included: 12V A23 Battery, Photo DetectorSold as : Unit

  • Light Meter

    PLMT68 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Light Meter Measures In Lux and Foot Candles (User Selectable)Over-Range IndicatorAuto RangingPeak Hold, Max and Data HoldRelative ModeLong-Life Silicon Photo Diode InsideMeasurement Rate: 1.5 Times per SecondMax Range: 400,000 LuxAccuracy: +/- 5% Under 10000 Lux, +/- 10% Over 10000 LuxMax Resolution: 0.1 Lux/FCAccessories Included: 9V Battery, Carrying Case, Photo DetectorDimensions: 6.50' H x 2.99' W x 1.69' DWeight: 14.22 oz.Sold as : Unit

  • Head Light

    MLT 1000 - Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

    *Analog device for quick and precise checking and adjustment of the vehicle headlights*Height-adjustable projection screen with% scale*Subjective evaluation of findings based on the visual assessment of the image of the headlamp on the projection surface*Robust design, so suitable for networked test lane use*Rotatable mirror for aligning the device with the vehicle*Automatic locking of the light box on the precision aluminum guide*Extremely thin Fresnel lens made of material with optimized refractive index for the suppression of blue and red spots*Large-area Fresnel lens for easy positioning in front of the headlight supports a faster overall process during commissioning*Anodized heat transfer plates to prevent overheating due to direct sunlight even without using the device cover*Standard preparation for use on optional track rails for perfect straight tracking after alignment