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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • The Leakage Switch Test

    UA888 - Shenzhen UYIGAO Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    *The modelling of new unique ergonomic design requirements; *Have a clear leds indicate socket wiring condition; *Compact and durable design based on EN61010 safety standards; *The leakage switch detection; *UA888 detector LED lights (PE red light, red light) L, N when the red light is not bright, prove correct polarity socket, the rest any LED lights display a combination proved wrong polarity socket. *A clear LED tips socket wiring condition. *Leakage switch test. Over voltage protection: 300 v ac/dc. * Touch contact electrode, through the LCD screen on the fast identification of protective earthing of dangerous contact voltage, to ensure maximum security. *New unique modelling accord with human body engineering design requirements.


    OptCom Co., Ltd

    O-E probe is the unit to convert optical signals to electrical signals. It can be connected to Oscilloscopes or data loggers via a BNC connector and monitor the conversion waveform. It can acquire the optical signal easily by just pointing the optical fiber probe at the light source. Recently, more and more light sources utilize optical modulation for next generation lighting such as LED. Acquiring the emission timing is required to measure the emission phenomenon of the light source. This O-E probe unit is the ideal tool for these tasks.

  • Leakage Measurement Instrument


    The instrument is designed to produce a low current, high voltage which is applied to the motor winding. The circuit includes means for measuring leakage currents and for triggering alarms for selected levels of leakage. These alarms may be the existing high level alarm light and horn, or can be wired into the telemetering terminal board. The AUTOMEG/SUBMEG module includes a green sunlight visible LED display light to indicate power and a red sunlight visible LED display light to indicate one (1) megohm motor winding leakage resistance to ground.

  • Inspection System

    ERSASCOPE 1 - Kurtz ersa Corp.

    USB 2.0 WVGA Digital Camera High Resolution, 90 BGA Optical Lens ( 300 m) Halogen Light Source; long life bulb Light Management with flexible arm and optional accessories: fiber optic light brush & fan; mechanical iris adapter Flexible & ESD safe stand and table allows for a total of 7 axes of movement of optics and PCB ImageDoc Basic Software with Large Database of Problems & Solutions "Plug & Play" set up

  • Optical Camera Trigger

    Ophir Photonics

    The Optical Camera Trigger is an optical sensor that detects pulsed light sources and generates outputs to trigger a camera. The front aperture of the Optical Trigger must be directed at a light source that provides the necessary properties for trigger activation. (e.g. a laser flash lamp, a pick-off source from the main laser beam, or similar). The light source may be a direct or indirect pulsed waveform.

  • Plastic optical fiber - Loss Test Set

    OFT-820 POF - OPTOKON a.s.

    The OFT-820 POF series Loss Test Set is designed for POF – Plastic optical fiber network testing. It combines two optical test equipments – Light Source and Power Meter in the same box. The optical Light Source fulfills all the necessary technical requirements for field POF network measurements. The source sends optical light into both fibers of duplex output...

  • Handheld Spectrometer

    UPRtek PG100N - Gamma Scientific Inc.

    The PG100N is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-operate Spectral Light Meter or Spectral Illuminance (LUX) Meter designed for agriculture and horticulture applications. It is an interactive system and offers analytical reporting for spectrum, PPFD, PFD, auto-monitoring, and other parameters needed to understand ambient light conditions for plant growth and the adjustment of artificial light sources to efficiently control production, safety, and yield. will be discontinued production and sales in 2019/3/01

  • Reflectance/Transmittance Test Set

    RT-500 - Lumetronics

    An Integrating Sphere is a hollow sphere which has its interior coated with a paint that is nearly perfectly diffuse or Lambertian and which has extremely high reflectance. Light energy introduced in an integrating sphere is reflected from the wall and distributed uniformly around the interior. A detector which is placed at a hole or 'Port' in the sphere wall sees an output which is completely independent of the angularproperties of the input light. The independence of the output of a sphere from the angular properties of the input and the uniform internal distribution of light make integrating spheres ideal for many uses.

  • Portable Spectrophotometer

    HSCD-680/HSCD-700/HSCD-710/HSCD-750/HSCD-760 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Our device adopts internationally agreed observe condition D/8 (Diffused lighting, 8 degrees observe angle) and SCI (specular reflection included)/SCE (specular reflection excluded).Camera view to catch the testing areaUses CLEDs light source – spectrally balanced LED light sourceDownloadMatching color analysis softwareAutomatic gloss compensation technologyInnovative light splitting SCS optical engineThe most complete and color indicators compares with similar instruments.

  • LM-79 Moving Detector Goniophotometer

    LSG-5000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    Moving Detector Goniophotometer completely meets LM-79 Clause 9.3.1 and EN13032-1 clause goniophotometer type 4 requirements. The LSG-5000 is an automatic light distribution intensity 3D curve testing system for measuring light. The measuring distance is from 5m to 30m. It can measure all types of lighting sources, LED or HID luminaires such as indoor and outdoor luminaires, roadway luminaires, street lamps, flood lights and other kinds of luminaires.

  • Field Loss Test Kits

    TTK500 - Optical Design Manufacturing, Inc.

    TTK500 is configured for Video Inspection with USB for data download to your computer.• RP460 power meter with streaming data software• DLS350 LED light source• DLS355 Laser light source• The kit is also equipped with cables, adapters and cleaning items for both singlemode and multimode testing.

  • Optical Power Meter

    Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd

    An optical power meter (OPM) is a device used to measure the power in an optical signal. The term usually refers to a device for testing average power in fiber optic systems. Other general purpose light power measuring devices are usually called radiometers, photometers, laser power meters, light meters or lux meters.

  • 7-way Flat (Spade) Pin vehicle side Circuit Tester

    7893 - Innovative Products of America

    The 7-way Flat Pin Trailer Circuit Tester quickly and easily tests trailer circuits on most light to medium duty trucks and campers. Just plug the plug tester into the trailer plug socket and activate the lights, brakes, turn signal etc.

  • Brightness Meter

    DRK103A - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Brightness Meter is widely applied in papermaking, fabric, printing, plastic, ceramic and porcelain enamel, construction material, chemical industry, salt making and other testing department that need to test whiteness. DRK103A brightness meter also can test the paper’s transparency, opacity, light scatting coefficient and light absorption coefficient.

  • Near Field Moving Detector Goniophotometer

    LSG-1900B - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LSG-1900B Goniophotometer is near field Type C automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurement. The LSG-1900B uses a constant temperature detector. It is for industrial laboratory photometric data measurements of small luminaires, such as down light, bulb light, etc.