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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Spectroradiometers

    Gamma Scientific Inc.

    Gamma Scientific spectroradiometers feature a proprietary optical design and back thinned CCD technology that provides exceptional low-light measurements, superior blue light sensitivity and highly accurate measurements of wavelength, color and power.

  • Stability Test Chamber

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    Test Instrument to simulate effects of weathering conditions, e.g. UV light exposure and water exposure, on samples to conveniently predict the relative durability of a sample, e.g. paint, surface coatings, plastic and related materials.

  • XY Stage 10nm Resolution

    U-723 PILine® - Physik Instrumente GmbH & Co. KG

    Compact XY Stage with Ultrasonic Piezomotors. Fast positioning in 2 axes. Space-saving and light. Excellent guiding accuracy. High sensor resolution of 10 nm. Self-locking, no heat generation at rest. Low-noise operation.

  • Chip-sized OEM Near InfraRed (NIR) Spectral Sensor

    NeoSpectra Micro Development Kit - Si-Ware Systems

    The development kit is a plug and play solution for replicating the typical performance of the NeoSpectra Micro. This speeds up the learning process and allows you to quickly begin developing your own platform for NeoSpectra Micro. Consists of the Optical Core Module (OCM) on a PCB. On top of the OCM is an optimized sampling interface with a light source for sample illumination and a glass lid for free-space light collection. The NeoSpectra Micro development board has an SPI interface for control readout. The NeoSpectra Micro development board can be directly connected and interfaced with the Rasberry Pi family using direct SPI connection.


    AMS Technologies AG

    For collimation or focusing tasks, a complete line of fiber optic components is available for coupling light into and out of optical fibers. Featuring low backreflection and diffraction-limited lenses, these components exhibit high throughput and high optical performance, for example with focal spot sizes down to a few microns. These devices can be used to couple light to/from lasers, laser diodes, acousto optic devices, photodiodes and other fiber optic devices, and are additionally ideal for fiber packaging applications. For very high power applications, a patented fiber fusion technology is available for some of these components.

  • Distributed Polarization Crosstalk Analyzer

    PXA-1000 - General Photonics Corp.

    The PXA-1000 Distributed Polarization Crosstalk (X-Talk) Analyzer is an enhanced white light interferometer that measures space-resolved stress by analyzing stress-induced polarization cross-coupling along a length of polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. The patented design eliminates strong zero-order interference and reduces the multi-coupling interference common in traditional white light interferometers, both of which can cause “ghost” peaks in the measured signal. The removal of the “ghost” peaks enables the PXA-1000 to unambiguously identify the magnitudes and locations of actual x-talk peaks, resulting in higher measurement sensitivity, higher dynamic range, and higher spatial measurement accuracy.

  • Lamp Start, Run-up time and Flicker Test

    LSRF-2 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    The (EU) NO 1194/2012rules . Compared with which posted by theEuropean Commission Regulation (EC) NO 244/2009 Regulations dated 18th March, 2009, the new rules have complete mandatory and eco-design requirements. Start and Run-up time as the two indicators functional requirements in the industry has been more emphasis by manufacturers.

  • Spark Emission Spectrometer

    SparkCCD 6000 - NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Model SparkCCD 6000 spark emission spectrometer uses high-resolution linear CCD (Charge-coupled Device) to perform full-spectrum scanning. It is widely used to analyze elements of a variety of base metal samples. Its advantages include unrestricted by the photomultiplier arrangement, ability to test any elements without changing the hardware, and easy maintenance. Its excitation light source is a full-digital solid-state light source with excitation energy and continuously adjustable frequency, suitable for various materials, and original position single discharge acquisition technique for improved precision, and USB-based acquisition with better adaptability.

  • Stroboscopes

    PCE Instruments

    Stroboscopes are used to measure revolutions, velocity and frequency of rotating components or moving parts. Online you will be able to find stroboscopes by PCE and several other companies. Some stroboscopes can be used without a mains adaptor as they have rechargeable batteries and each model is light and easy to use. For these reasons they are perfect for on-site work for busy professionals in many sectors of the industry. Some of the stroboscopes have a high light intensity of 600 to 900 lux at a distance of 1m. The high-end products of the Beacon-series have even got a luminosity of 1374 lux on a distance of 5 meters.

  • 3D Microscope

    BVM-5006 - BYC Industrial Ltd

    BVM-5006 Electric 3D Microscope features the quality optical system, high resolution, large field of view, high zoom ratio, novel design and one-up technology, easy and automatic operations. Includes: Motorized zooming, motorized observation angle for changing and optional motorized focusing. The speed can be adjusted while changing observation angle. With the angle attachment, the microscope can realize 3D image effects for observing the components and deep holes. The LED lights can generate high brightness. Theoretically the service life of LED lights can reach 20,000 hours. The LED lights with area control function can illuminate from different angles for convenient multi-angle inspections. The M-N3D Microscope can be widely used in micro-electronics, automated monitoring and testing industries. By selecting the appropriate objectives and video couplers, different magnification, field of view and depth of field can be acquired. Digital and Analog video systems can meet the different users' demands.

  • LED UV Curing Systems

    Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH

    UV systems are used for materials that contain photoinitiators, for example in applications for curing adhesives in bonding or sealing processes or for drying materials such as inks, lacquers, paints, and clear coats. Light, especially UV light, leads to photopolymerization or radiation curing. Radiation curing is much faster than thermal treatment and allows a higher production speed while requiring less space within production machines. Panasonic offers LED spot- and line-type UV curing systems. The LED spot-type systems use one controller with up to 4 heads to project light spots with a size of up to 10mm. To accommodate the different types of photoinitiators in the material to be cured, Panasonic offers UV curing systems with different wavelengths (365nm, 385nm, and 405nm). The LED line-type UV curing system offers heads with an effective irradiation width of nearly 400mm. Depending on the work distance, the irradiation intensity can be up to 4,600mW/cm2.

  • Accelerometer

    DC4-20mA - IMV Corporation

    Small size, light weightAlarm controller is not necessaryVaried lineup according to field environment●IP68(Perfect waterproof, the depth of water 100m, 10 bar)●Direct pull out Max. 1 km●Waterproof connector

  • Audio Frequency Oscillator

    SM5077 - Scientific Mes-Technik Private Ltd

    Frequency Range : 10 Hz to 100 kHz Frequency Stability : 0.1% / hr Operating Modes : Sine and square wave Very Low Sine Distortion Digital Frequency Display Trigger Output Compact & Light in weight Ideal Signal Source for Audio and Test Application

  • Broadband Source

    Optilab, LLC.

    Optilab’s broadband source is Ytterbium-doped fiber ASE broadband light source in the wavelength range of 1020nm to 1080nm offering 20mW (optional) output power, which is particular useful for 1064nm fiber laser component characterization.

  • DC Input Single

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    DC input/single transistor output photocouplers (optocouplers) are optically coupled isolators containing a GaAs infrared light emitting diode and an NPN silicon phototransistor. This type is suitable for applications such as I/O interfaces and signal transmission circuits.