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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • UVB Sensor

    PMA 2103 - Solar Light Company Inc.

    The UVB Sensor PMA 2103 biologically-weighted erythema gives an accurate measurement of biologically weighted ultraviolet radiation from Solar Simulators manufactured by Solar Light Co. Special mounting hardware allows direct coupling with 8mm or 10mm Liquid Light Guides (LLG's).The sensor's spectral response follows closely the erythema action spectrum (Fig.1.)[1]. Due to built-in Teflon diffuser the detector has negligible azimuthal error making the measurement insensitive to the rotation of the detector. Extended measurement range of 600 MED/Hr enables measurement of intense radiation.

  • Tone and Probe Kit Cable Tracer

    PR-06 PLUS - Pansco, Ltd

    Net Probe Plus is a multi-function probe especially for today’s network environment, cable typically are terminated end in HUB or switch ports. It not only used to receive tone to trace a wire or cable, but also by transmitting a link pulse to the far end device to blink the link light for the connected port to identify an active network cable or port connection on a HUB or switch. Simultaneously, it will send back a signal to the probe to blink or light the〝Active Net〞LED to confirm the status of an active network. It also transmits a tone on pair 4/5 through RJ45 jack on Net Mode that can be detected with another probe to identify the conductor within a bundle, or at a cross connect point.

  • Compact Optical Frequency Comb

    SmartComb - Menlo Systems Gmbh

    SmartComb is a 19'''', 3U, all fiber based compact Optical Frequency Comb. SmartComb is the first model of new era in Optical Frequency Combs. A unique system where the user plugs in the optical fiber of the laser being measured or stabilized - SmartComb does the rest. Fully automated locking electronics, fully automated beat detection, and fully automated measurement and stabilization. Made for use in- and outside of optics labs. That is why we call it a new era in Optical Frequency Combs. Naturally, SmartComb can also come with various output ports at different colors for applications where frequency comb light is used as seed light or for spectroscopy. We are happy to learn about your requirements.


    AMS Technologies AG

    For collimation or focusing tasks, a complete line of fiber optic components is available for coupling light into and out of optical fibers. Featuring low backreflection and diffraction-limited lenses, these components exhibit high throughput and high optical performance, for example with focal spot sizes down to a few microns. These devices can be used to couple light to/from lasers, laser diodes, acousto optic devices, photodiodes and other fiber optic devices, and are additionally ideal for fiber packaging applications. For very high power applications, a patented fiber fusion technology is available for some of these components.

  • Distributed Polarization Crosstalk Analyzer

    PXA-1000 - General Photonics Corp.

    The PXA-1000 Distributed Polarization Crosstalk (X-Talk) Analyzer is an enhanced white light interferometer that measures space-resolved stress by analyzing stress-induced polarization cross-coupling along a length of polarization maintaining (PM) fiber. The patented design eliminates strong zero-order interference and reduces the multi-coupling interference common in traditional white light interferometers, both of which can cause “ghost” peaks in the measured signal. The removal of the “ghost” peaks enables the PXA-1000 to unambiguously identify the magnitudes and locations of actual x-talk peaks, resulting in higher measurement sensitivity, higher dynamic range, and higher spatial measurement accuracy.

  • Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testers

    Ingellen Technology Co.,Ltd

    Insertion loss refers to the fiber optic light loss caused when a fiber optic component insert in to another one to form the fiber optic link. Insertion loss can result from absorption, misalignment or air gap between the fiber optic components. Return loss is the fiber optic light gets reflected back at the connection point. The higher the return loss means the lower reflection and the better the connection is. Ingellen supply Insertion Loss and Return Loss Testers which are 100% tested on each single piece before shipment, and they are fully compliant or exceed the industry standard.

  • High Voltage Meter

    DU-3900 - Delta United Instrument Co., Ltd.

    The DU-3900 is a digital voltmeter that can measure high voltages up to a 10kV AC and DC at high accuracy. Its high input impedance (1000M) makes it suitable for measurement of high impedance voltage circuits. Since it has a high accuracy despite its small size and light weight, it can also beeasily used as a portable calibrator.

  • High Volume and High Performance SMT AOI

    Ultra V - Machine Vision Products

    Designed for the fastest of SMT production lines the Ultra V doesn’t compromise on quality. Utilizing the MVP Quad-Color technology provides the ability to use multiple angles of light to determine different characteristics of each component and lead inspected all from a single image.

  • HV & AC Resonant Equipment

    Kvtester Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

    This kind of products are small in volume, light in weight, with compact structure and multiple function, general-purpose and easy to use. Applies to the test of frequency or insulating intensity under DC ,HV for all kinds of HV electric equipments, components, insulated material in electric system, industrial and mining enterprises, traffic , post and telecommunications, science institute, etc.

  • Measuring Wheel

    B20-S - Fuji Tecom Inc.

    Simple and light Measuring Wheel B20-s can measure up to 10,000m at 10cm graduation.The counter is indicated in 5 digits and has reset button. When we use Leak Noise Correlator LC-2500, we need to input the between pick-up sensors.

  • m&h Infrared Probing Systems

    Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

    m&h infrared probes are touch trigger probes. When approaching a workpiece surface, the stylus deflects and a trigger signal is transmitted to the receiver by infrared light. Interference-free signal transmission between probe and receiver is absolutely vital for process-reliable measuring on machine tools.

  • ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Electrode

    ALS Co., Ltd

    This quite unique material transmits only visible light whereas it does not transmit UV radiation. Our ITO electrodes consist of 100 nm thick of ITO layer deposited on quartz or borosilicate glass substrate (0.5 mm thick).

  • Karmin2 3D Stereo Camera

    Nerian Vision Technologies

    Karmin2 is Nerian's stereo camera, which has been specifically designed for easy integration with the SceneScan stereo vision sensor. In combination with SceneScan, Karmin2 becomes a fully featured 3D depth camera that acquires accurate range measurements, even in bright light conditions and over long distance

  • Low Level Systems

    Labsphere, Inc.

    Night vision systems, security cameras, and imagers and sensorswith sensitivity Automated solutions to allow remote use in dark environments Meets MIL Specifications for low level sensing 2856K radiance temperatures and filter options available Accurate, repeatable, high resolution at low light levels Spectralon sphere for best spectral shaping

  • Luminescence Sensors

    DK50-UV - Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH

    DK50-UV luminescence sensors detect marks that blend into a background or are invisible, even on irregular backgrounds, and deliver a sensing range of 600 mm. A light spot with a small focal point allows the user to detect small parts and invisible marking down to 2.2-mm-diameter targets.