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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Laser Sensors

    ifm efector, inc.

    *Reliable detection of tiny objects*Visible red light for simple alignment*Simple switch point setting via pushbutton*Sensors for special applications*Accurate fine adjustment by means of system components

  • Multi-channel Passive Device Loss Analyzer

    GJ600 - Shanghai Grandway Telecom Tech. Co., Ltd

    Bench-top optical power meter is a high precision and wide range optical power detecting instrument aimed at factory and scientific research department.It also is a high cost performance testing instrument.GJ600 can mearsure the loss of multi-channel passive device, readout insertion loss PLC quickly, and it is a reliable multi-functional instructment which intergated with DFB light source, optical power meter and IL meter. As a light source it could output 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm stably light source; as a optical power meter it could mearsure optical power of 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm wavelength;as a IL meter it could mearsure IL of passive device with 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm wavelength, espically AWG, splitter, 1*N passive optical device and etc.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Systems


    System including homogeneous light source, spectral camera, electric control mobile platform (or belt),computer and software. Working principle: the light source illuminates the sample which is placed in electric control mobile platform (or belt). The emitting light from the sample could be captured by the spectral camera, then get the unidimensional image and spectrum information, with the continuous movement of electric control mobile platform (or belt), thus can get continuous one dimensional image and real-time spectral information. All the data are recorded by the computer software, finally get the triaxial data including the image information and spectral information. With the analysis of the data, you can get the necessary information for the moisture, acidity of fruits and vegetables and other types of classification, separation information, after follow-up development of the data, to realize the automatic sorting for objects.

  • PL Portable Forensic Blue Laser System 5W, 445nm

    PL-5-445 - FoxFury Lighting Solutions

    The 1st Portable 5 Watt Forensic Blue Laser under $10K (USD). Compact forensic blue laser provides up to 5W of 445nm light for forensic searches up to 30 ft (9 m) away. The PL's incredible power and portability enables it to perform faster, more effective searches at crime scenes at much greater distances compared to standard forensic light sources. The versatile PL can mount to a tripod, be used underwater and has an anti-roll head. Even better, it's rechargeable, cord free and there is no maintenance, calibration or replacement battery needed. The laser system includes a case, shoulder strap, charger and rechargeable lithium ion battery system and orange laser goggles. The light is manufactured by NOAH Systems and distributed by FoxFury.

  • 3D Microscope

    BVM-5006 - BYC Industrial Ltd

    BVM-5006 Electric 3D Microscope features the quality optical system, high resolution, large field of view, high zoom ratio, novel design and one-up technology, easy and automatic operations. Includes: Motorized zooming, motorized observation angle for changing and optional motorized focusing. The speed can be adjusted while changing observation angle. With the angle attachment, the microscope can realize 3D image effects for observing the components and deep holes. The LED lights can generate high brightness. Theoretically the service life of LED lights can reach 20,000 hours. The LED lights with area control function can illuminate from different angles for convenient multi-angle inspections. The M-N3D Microscope can be widely used in micro-electronics, automated monitoring and testing industries. By selecting the appropriate objectives and video couplers, different magnification, field of view and depth of field can be acquired. Digital and Analog video systems can meet the different users' demands.

  • Handheld Full Color Display OTDR

    DR-500 Series - Advanced Fiber Solutions

    The unit is one of the most compact OTDR's on the market today, ideal for handheld use and pocket transportation. The unit is light weight weighing less than 1.6 Lbs. It is extremely rugged with a thick protective rubber boot sounding the other case. It also offers a long battery life enabling the technician to continuing test up to eight hours.

  • Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

    RevealPRO - Seek Thermal

    RevealPRO is our most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet. Highly durable and easy to use, RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. Offering adjustable thermal level, span, and emissivity settings, RevealPRO breaks new barriers by offering high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities at an affordable price of $699.00 USD.

  • Handy Digital Indicator

    SDB-410CS - Kyowa Instruments

    Compact, Lightweight, Suitable for on site ApplicationSDB-410CS is compact, light weight and it has high accuracy. It is a portable transducer indicator with excellent performance. Besides strain measurement function (1, 2, 4 strain gage methods), it has a built-in insulated resistance abnormity detection circuit, which can detect status with 10MΩ or less and alarm in case of displacement adjustment.

  • HDI Inspection


    igh-Density Interconnection or HDI and Flip-chip are revolutionizing the production of precision electronics. Traditional blind via inspection employed only a 3D measuring machine and a coaxial light. Blind vias were inspected one by one an approach that was labor intensive, painstaking and impractical. Our new LV265 system reduces the inspection time of HDI and Flip-chip panels from hours to mere minutes!

  • Exposure Equipment


    Our uniform collimated light irradiate equipment is possible for the effective use of UV which is from the ultra high-pressure mercury lamp.A brand new development of San-Ei, the high efficiency Twin Mirror Unit that can get the UV on any surface of irradiation is used for every product of us. In addition, high efficiency twin mirror unit is used from the standard type to the high precision type.

  • f/1.3 Modular Spectrometers

    Raman - Wasatch Photonics

    Our f/1.3 modular spectrometers can be configured for fiber couple or free space. They use our proprietary volume phase holographic gratings paired with f/1.3 optics. This allows us to build a high-performance spectrometer in a small package. These spectrometers constantly outperform larger more expensive units. They have high throughput and are ideal for applications that demand fast integration times or for low light applications.

  • Fabry-Pérot Lasers

    Alpes Lasers sa

    Fabry-Pérot (FP) QCLs do not have an integrated optical grating to select a single spectral mode. Therefore they emit multimode light in a broad range that an cover more than 10% of the central emitting wavelength. FP-QCLs can operate at room temperature. The emission is in the same wavelength range as for DFB QCLs. FP-QCLs are well adapted when broad band emission is acceptable.

  • Fluorescence Microscopy

    Opterra - Bruker Nano Surfaces

    Leaders in fast, deep, and super-resolution imaging for life science applications. At Bruker, we are working to shape the future of light microscopy: Fast, multipoint scanning confocal, Opterra, for live cell and dynamic applications. 3D and video-rate super resolution microscopy, Vutara, enabling simple live-cell multi-color experiments. Deep, multiphoton microscopy, Ultima, for live animal imaging.

  • Fluormeter

    FWS - Spectrolight, Inc.

    The FWS Fluorimeter is a fast, state-of-the-art fluorimeter for a wide range of applications. The FWS Fluorimeter integrates our tungsten halogen lamp, Mighty Light together with our Flexible Wavelength Selector to provide high power, tunable monochromatic beam for excitation. The detection part uses a high signal-to-noise CCD for fast, sensitive detection of fluorescence.

  • Geiger Counter

    USB-RAD121 - Magnii Technologies, LLC

    The USB-RAD121 is a radiation detector that runs completely off your computer's USB port. The device features a classic geiger counter click and light pulse for every count registered, while radiation levels are displayed on the computer. The simple RadGraph software interface displays and graphs readings over time, and even allows the readings to be streamed to a personal webpage.