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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

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    CS770XD - C.Scope International Ltd

    The CS770XD is a superb general purpose light weight (1.1 kg) metal detector for the beginner with professional aspirations. It has the added advantage of audio discrimination where interesting finds are indicated by a high pitched tone from the loudspeaker, whilst ferrous based (iron) finds are identified by a low pitched tone. An excellent introduction to the detecting hobby at a budget price. Operates on 1 x PP3 (MN1604) battery.

  • Super Solar Simulator (2Lamps Type)

    Wacom Electric Co., Ltd.

    The WACOM Super Solar Simulator employs special mirrors to produce composite of light from xenon and halogen lamps to produce a solar simulator which has rectified the previously unsatisfactory qualities. The rays produced by the unit have a spectrum distribution that is quite similar to the natural solar spectrum. The unit may be effectively used as a solar simulator for evaluation of properties of not only the single layer type but also the double and triple layer high efficiency solar cells.

  • Surface Resistance Meter


    Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure the resistance of a target surface,The conductive conduit red button on the surface of targeted object;light on to indicate the result of resistance.allows measurement from 10³Ω to 10¹²Ω.It is based on ASTM Standard D257 testing and hold the Remark:It is not applicable to measure object whose resistance is less than10¹²Ω.

  • Surge Generators

    K&S Engineering and Scientific Ltd

    The instrument is fully enclosed in a robust all steel enclosure mounted on castors and fitted with carrying handles. The control panel forms the top of the case, it is finished in high gloss light blue stoving with cutter engraved labelling, and is protected by a detachable lid. The EHT outlet is of a recessed type designed to prevent accidental contact with high voltages. Surge repetition is electronically controlled from 0 to 10 seconds, a single surge or a train of pulses can be selected by a panel mounted switch

  • Handheld Full Color Display OTDR

    DR-500 Series - Advanced Fiber Solutions

    The unit is one of the most compact OTDR's on the market today, ideal for handheld use and pocket transportation. The unit is light weight weighing less than 1.6 Lbs. It is extremely rugged with a thick protective rubber boot sounding the other case. It also offers a long battery life enabling the technician to continuing test up to eight hours.

  • Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

    RevealPRO - Seek Thermal

    RevealPRO is our most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera yet. Highly durable and easy to use, RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. Offering adjustable thermal level, span, and emissivity settings, RevealPRO breaks new barriers by offering high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities at an affordable price of $699.00 USD.

  • Handy Digital Indicator

    SDB-410CS - Kyowa Instruments

    Compact, Lightweight, Suitable for on site ApplicationSDB-410CS is compact, light weight and it has high accuracy. It is a portable transducer indicator with excellent performance. Besides strain measurement function (1, 2, 4 strain gage methods), it has a built-in insulated resistance abnormity detection circuit, which can detect status with 10MΩ or less and alarm in case of displacement adjustment.

  • HDI Inspection


    igh-Density Interconnection or HDI and Flip-chip are revolutionizing the production of precision electronics. Traditional blind via inspection employed only a 3D measuring machine and a coaxial light. Blind vias were inspected one by one an approach that was labor intensive, painstaking and impractical. Our new LV265 system reduces the inspection time of HDI and Flip-chip panels from hours to mere minutes!

  • Large Format Multisensor CMMs

    QVI® FlexPoint™ - OGP

    QVI® FlexPoint™ is the new generation of large format multisensor coordinate measuring systems. FlexPoint systems offer a unique blend of precision, flexibility, and speed, to solve a wide variety of dimensional measurement problems for large format parts. FlexPoint systems are true multisensor systems, supporting a range of tactile and non-contact sensors including TP20/TP200, SP25, point and line scan lasers, white light sensors, and a unique QVI video sensor.

  • Laser Tachometer

    TA105 - General Technologies Corp.

    Measures from 2.5 to 99999 RPM. 0.5 % accuracy. 2 to 20" (5 to 50 cm) measuring range. On target display indicator. RPM, Total revolutions, maximum, minimum and last reading memory. Laser powered optical system is easy to use under all light conditions. Only setup required is a reflective mark on the rotating part

  • Lead Paint Handheld XRF Analyzer

    Olympus Corp.

    DELTA Lead Based Paint Handheld XRF Analyzers test for Lead (Pb) in seconds. These reliable, tube-based units are light in weight and ergonomically designed for all-day testing. They start fast and stay fast - no isotope fade. And, they have a low total cost of ownership. Before you begin structural repair - grinding, cutting or painting - screen for Pb; then, check your work area after clean-up.

  • LED emulator 300V, 200mA, 60W

    LE-3060 / LE-5150 - Keisoku Giken Co., Ltd

    It is generally said that the performance of "LED Block Control" is heavily relying to PWM control of LED driver than LED itself. Therefore, KEISOKU GIKEN developed High Speed CV + CR mode which were not available in ordinary electronic load.With LE-3060 which has equivalent performance of LED, LED driver testing no longer needs to light LEDs so that dazzling free testing can be built.

  • Level Switches

    KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

    In the construction materials industry, heavy dust build-up and the mechanical stresses are a challenge for any limit switch. This is not a problem for OPTISWITCH: The rugged unit detects the limit in the silo independently ofthe properties of the bulk goods and reliably warns against overfilling. OPTISWITCH even masters tall, narrow silos due to the product-independent switching point. This is especially beneficial for rapid or recurring changes of bulk goods. Even aerosil and other very light bulk goods must be reliably and safely detected using OPTISWITCH.

  • Infrared Camera

    VarioCAM HD head 900 - InfraTec GmbH

    With its 3.1 megapixels in IR-format the worldwide unique infrared system VarioCAM ® HD head 900 gives a new definition to the premium segment of uncooled industrial cameras and guarantees for precise infrared recordings in brilliant photographic quality. Image format: (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixel optomechanical MicroScan feature Recording and storage of IR frames rates with up to 240 Hz GigE- and process interface Rugged light metal housing IP67*

  • Infrared Camera Core

    AtomT320 - Sofradir-EC

    The AtomT320 camera core has been designed as a cost effective, high quality imager using advanced components and on-board processing. The AtomT320, operating in the LWIR spectral range, has the advantage of being compact, light and easy to integrate, making it an ideal OEM solution for all types of surveillance and weapon sight products. 8 - 14 µm spectral range.