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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

See Also: Illumination, Lighting, Lightning, Lightwave, Daylight, Luminescence

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  • Current Source

    YL4012 - Yiliang Corporation

    Precision measurement of resistance DC current bias for semiconductor devices.High stability current driver for semiconductor Light emitting devices. ( LEDs, Laser diodes )High precision DC current bias for sensors.High stability DC current bias for any precision.( Thermal sensors, Hall sensors ) Measurement of samples.Automatic resistance measurements with Other intelligent instruments

  • Customer Acceptance Test Panel

    TA-65 - Tech-Aid Products

    DGS-65 Customer Acceptance Panel for both testing and trouble- shooting. We have added an option to the panel that allows you to select an analog slaving meter or the LED monitor lights as shown in the maintenance manual Fig. 5-14. The addition of the meter provides the technician with a more visible means to monitor the slaving "trend". The 50 pin DG connector is broken out on the panel to assist in monitoring or isolating unit signals.

  • Custom Optics & Systems

    Optical Surfaces Ltd.

    Optical Surfaces Ltd. is able to produce light weight mirrors that combine top optical performance, high structural strength and significant component weight reduction. Much of our production consists of special optics and systems, which do not fall easily into any standard list or category. We are pleased to quote for your own particular requirements to drawing, or carry out prototype and feasibility work at the early stages of a project.

  • Combustion Gas Analyzers

    BTU Series - E Instruments International, LLC

    These portable, multifunctional combustion gas analyzers are designed to maximize your combustion efficiency, easily set-up, install, and properly service any residential and/or light commercial boilers and burners. The BTU Combustion Gas Analyzer Series meet and exceed the everyday needs of HVAC Service Professionals. Accurate, compact, rugged, easy to use; these are the ideal solution to monitor your boiler and burner processes.

  • Compact Video and Audio Signal Generator

    VSG-401 - Imagine Communications Corp.

    The Videotek® VSG-401 is a 1/2RU wide, single channel SDI test generator with single link and dual link operation modes. Either four outputs for single link SDI 3 Gb/s, single link SDI 1.5 Gb/s or single link SDI 270 Mb/s or two outputs of dual link SDI (2 x 1.5 Gb/s) can be selected by the user. Part of the Videotek Compact Monitor Series, the unit is small in size and light in weight, making it a perfect fit for all broadcast television and post production environments.

  • Cable & Antenna Analyzer

    Shanghai Tarluz Telecom Tech Co., LTD

    Adopting new techniques like advanced radio frequency and digital hybrid integration design, broadband and fundamental wave mixing, digital IF processing and intelligent power management, etc., The Cable and Antenna Analyzer has advantages of fast measuring speed, high measurement accuracy, small size, light weight, battery power, touch screen operation and adjustable backlighting. It can measure return loss, standing wave ratio (SWR), impedance, phase, DTF (discontinuity point fixing), etc.

  • Cable Core Identifier

    Bowden Bros Ltd.

    The Cable Core Identifier is designed to establish the phase rotation in an un-energised three phase H.V. Cable. Prior to jointing. This in expensive tool is very easy to use and effective, using three coloured LEDs to confirm correct connection. The Receiver is connected at the remote end, and continuity between phases is checked by changing the coloured crocodile connectors in accordance with the written instructions on the Transmitter.When all three LEDs light the phase connection is correct.

  • Cable Fault Distance Locator

    Electrocon Systems

    Adopts international advanced electronic testing technologies and SCM technology.Is suitable for the precise range finding of power cable high resistance, flashover, disconnection, and low resistance faults.English menu, easy to master and use.TDR and Impulse current mode.Automatically computes fault distance.It can preserve 20 testing waveforms permanently,no loss after the shutdown,is a replacement of printer.Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride Batteries.Small size, light weight, and portable design.

  • Cable/Harness Tester

    CR - Cirris Systems Corporation

    As a wire harness tester, a cable tester, a continuity tester, a component tester, and a guided harness-assembly aid, the Easy-wire CR tester is versatile. The easy-wire CR features Windows based software that allows you to create custom graphics of your connectors and light LEDs to guide the harness assembly process. Test Points: 256-32,000, Test Current: 6.5 mA max

  • Cable Tester

    PK-2018 PinMaster - Pansco, Ltd

    The PK-2018 has an easy-to-read light bars (TX/RX) for displaying test results on the main unit and 2 buttons used to access each function, it provides the necessary complete connectors to test the various cable types with no need for adapters and determines cable run length up to 300m and up to 4 cable locations by one operator at a time, makes testing accurate and more efficient.

  • CATV Voice Testers

    SIDEKICK,®VOC - Greenlee Tools

    *Identifies defective insidewire and jacks*Measures resistance, AC/DCvolts, quasi square wave, andpair balance*Identifies shorts, opens, crosses and grounds*Replaces the need for other meters*Provides tone for twisted pair or crossed conductor identification*Single set-up for testing Tip-Ring, Tip-Ground, and Ring-Ground with ground connection*Field replaceable leads*Softcase with adjustable hook*Low battery indicator light

  • CCCP Controller

    Nüvü Cameras

    CCCP is the technology behind Nüvü Camēras’ extraordinary sensitivity in low light imaging. The patented controller generates significantly less clock-induced charges (CIC) than any other CCD controller during charge transfer throughout the EMCCD (down to an average below 0.001 ē/pixel/frame), therefore allowing for greater EM gain to ultimately attain sub-electron readout noise.

  • CCD Spectroradiometer

    LMS-8000A/LMS-8000 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    LMS-8000A/LMS-8000 LED Measurement System is an automated measurement system for identifying the performance of individual LED. It is designed to have a capability of producing any visible spectral distribution, mimicking various light sources in the visible region by feedback control of the radiant power emitted by individual LEDs. This LED test system will be used as a transfer standard for photometric, colorimetric and radiometric applications.

  • CD MicroPlate Reader

    EKKOTM - Hinds Instruments, Inc.

    The EKKOTM CD MicroPlate Reader uses a vertical light path to measure circular dichroism directly from standard wellplates. This eliminates the need to transfer solutions to a cuvette for screening, as well as the need to clean the cuvette between analyses. With no transfers, no cleaning, and no purging, you get better data in less time. The EKKOTM CD MicroPlate Reader truly delivers on the promise of high-throughput screening for Chirality.

  • Chek-Mate

    SC2100 - Allanson Inc.

    Fast, portable, dependable way to instantly test transformers and electronic ignitors! Chek-Mate™ by Allanson is easy to use and makes service calls a breeze. Simply touch the high voltage spheres to the high voltage contacts of any brand of transformer or ignitor and the green LED lights up if the unit is good. Lightweight, compact and durable, Chek-Mate™ is also very affordable.