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Visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from 400nm to 700nm.

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  • Bench Power Supply, Single, Adjustable, 1 Output, 1 V, 60 V, 250 mA, 1.6 A

    72-8340A  - Tenma

    The 72-8340A is a 100W switching mode laboratory grade Power Supply with current limiting control, is designed with the objectives of high accuracy, compactness and easy portability. 4 digit display LCD of voltage and current for high precision. The slim tower housing makes it ideal for tight work bench. It is light and conveniently portable with a collapsible handle. The large and illuminated LCD display provides clear and sharp readings even under dim light. The output power on off switch allows safe and handy operations. The tracking OVP (output over voltage protection) ensures a better and tighter protection to voltage sensitive loads. It has good line and load regulations, high efficiency, low ripple and noise that are typical of advanced switching mode power supply.

  • Universal high voltage reference divider


    Universal high voltage reference divider. One single unit for all voltages. Saves valuable laboratory space and set-up time. single unit vor all voltages meets IEC 60-2 for AC and DC voltages lighting impulse up to 500kV switching impulse up to 350kV impulse voltage ratio < 1% light. impulse voltage 0.5% front chopped light. imp. 2% Rated Voltages lighting impulse up to 500kV Universal High Voltage Reference Divider for Lighting Impulse Voltage of 500kV lighting impulse voltage 500kV front- chopped lighting impulse voltage 500kV switch impulse voltage 350kV AC voltage 200kVRMS DC voltagge 250kV Measurement Uncertainty according to IEC 60-2 Universal high voltage reference divider. One single unit for all voltages. According to IEC 60-2. light. imp. voltage 0.5% front chopped light. imp. 0.3% switching imp. voltage 0.5% time parameter t1, t2 3% AC voltage 0.5% AC phase 5mrad DC voltage 0.5% Unit Step Response Data partial resp. time < 12ns Universal high voltage reference divider for lighting impulse voltage of 500kV. Partial response time < 12ns experimental resp. time < 15ns partial resp. time < 12ns setting time < 150ns overshoot beta < 10% Impedances and Ratios scale factor with standard attenuator: 6300 Universal high voltage reference divider. One single unit for all voltages high voltage capacitor = 200pF high voltage resistor = 600E scale fac. without att. = 630 scale fac. with stan. att. = 6300 Technical Data About Dividers a technical paper about reference measuring system for lightning and switching impulse voltages.

  • Height Gages

    Digimar - Mahr GmbH

    Excellent accuracy and reliabilty due to the optical incremental measurement system with the double reader headDynamic probing system enabling high repeatabilityAir bearings system for light and smooth movementPrecise measuring head on stainless steel guidewaysMotorised measuring carriage simplifies measurement runsProbe constant remains after the instrument is switched offIntegrated rechargeable battery with a long operating time span for mains independent measurementTemperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensorLarge and clearly defined function keysEasy to read background lit graphic LCD-DisplayOperator guidance with self-explanatory icons / pictogramsOperator prompts and menus are available in several languagesPossible to set additional zero points on a work pieceAdditional measurement instruments with Opto RS232-interface can be connectedSecure the future due to software update potentialAutomatic Stand-by switch modeSelectable Auto-off function, without loss of measured values

  • Multispectral Sensors

    PixelSensor - PIXELTEQ

    The unique, wafer-level optical filters split the spectrum into 8 discrete color bands and suppress out-of-band background light, improving contrast and sensitivity. Customized OEM versions are available with user-defined spectral bands. With narrow band VIS-NIR selectivity, the sensor arrays are available both with and without an OEM electronics board. The OEM electronics board is designed for easy integration into customers’ analytical equipment and provides a smaller footprint (45.72×21.34mm) and faster time-to-market than traditional sensor technology, offering a cost-effective solution. The parallel channel design results in no moving parts and faster measurements than discrete optics designs and spectrometers. Designed for low noise and fast response time, the 20-pin LCC package can be surface or socket mounted.

  • Connection Validation Soldering Station

    CV-5200 - Metcal

    Metcal soldering stations have led the way with SmartHeat® technology for 35 years. SmartHeat senses the thermal load and instantly delivers Power on Demand directly to the joint. The embedded, self-regulating heater delivers the right amount of power. The intermetallic compound thickness is critical in the formation of a solder joint. Connection Validation (CV) evaluates the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and provides closed loop feedback to the operator. CV provides feedback to the operator via the LED light ring integrated in the hand-piece. It takes the risk associated with the variables involved in the soldering activity and removes the success and failure determination of a good solder joint out of the hands of the operator. CV compliments the skill of the operator to judge the quality of a solder joint by introducing an objective method of evaluating solder joint quality. This systemic and objective approach provides repeatability and a measureable standard to the soldering process.

  • Industrial Stroboscopes

    ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH

    ELMED stroboscopes for industry, maintenance, quality assurance and research Whether it’s for maintenance, production, research & development or within the framework of quality assurance: stroboscopes cover a wide field of applications. The human eye is not able to perceive single movements during quick and repeated moving processes. By the implementation of stroboscopes, these processes can be made perceivable. Light flashes produced synchronically to the movement illuminate thus the moving process continuously in the same position, leading to the creation of an apparent static picture. Vibrations, rotational and other periodical processes thus can be observed. A further classical field of application is the contactless speed measurement. By means of ELMED standard stroboscopes and their special versions the observer can perceive pin-sharp images of the single motion phases of rapid and periodic processes.

  • SWIR Microscopes with SWIR InGaAs Cameras

    Pembroke Instruments

    Our SWIR microscope cameras are designed to deliver superb image quality in real world conditions where intrascene dynamic range is quite high. This is accomplished through proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140dB in a single image without any external control. Other InGaAs cameras will suffer pixel saturation and deliver very poor image quality when the scene conditions demand high dynamic range from the camera. The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives a high uniformity pictures in all light conditions with no need of Look-up table. The WDR InGaAs sensors use InGaAs photodiodes array operating from 900nm up to 1700nm with a high QE and coupled to a patented Read Out Circuit (ROIC).

  • Towing Dynamometer

    RSL-15K - Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Taylor Dynamometer proudly introduces the RSL-15K Towing Dynamometer capable of testing today’s full-sized sedans and mid- to full-sized SUVs. Uniquely designed to be as light as possible in order to minimize the drawbar load for smaller vehicles, the RSL-15K can also be ballasted significantly to properly load larger vehicles. Thus, the RSL-15K is capable of testing a wide range of vehicles, making them unsurpassable in the industry. The RSL-15K is the first RSL model to receive Taylor’s robust, house-designed transfer case that appeals to extreme-duty cycle users needing additional durability. The axle disengagement feature converts the towing dyno into a free spinning trailer during transportation. Thus reducing concerns for over-spinning the retarder and alternator and being over-powered by the absorber rotor’s spinning mass while braking. In turn, it saves wear and tear on the towing dynamometer but more importantly, makes it much safer to transport.

  • Metal Detector

    Dor Yang precision instrument (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

    1.Fully Automatic and All Metal Detectors - Your detector detects all kinds of metal objects. Unless you have set for some objects that you don’t want to detect.2.LCD – The LCD with light, it improve to identify the metal in night or caliginous outside. 3.Target Identity - The detected objects are shown on the LCD display. You can decide immediately if the objects worth to be recovered.4.Unwanted Target Elimination - You can set the detector not to respond to some objects.5.Unique Tone for Target - You don’t have to keep watching the LCD display, when an object is being detected, an unique tone corresponding to a target will generate. You may even searching when there is little or no light.6.No Clumsy Slack Cable - hidden search coil cable (connecting between control unit and search coil) avoid entangling and for ease of stem length adjustment.7.Headphone Jack - provided for headphone connection. Both stereo or mono headphone can be used.8.Volume Control - for adjusting the output volume to the loud speaker or headphone.9.Batteries Condition Indicator - shows the conditions of the batteries in the battery compartment.10.Waterproof Search Coil - lets you use the detector in the shallow water.11.Adjustable Stem - lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use. The micro-plug that connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal which makes the plug more reliable.



    DWDM Wavelength & Power Monitoring. Max. 96 Channels (C-Band or C/L-Band) Measurement. 50GHz or 100GHz Channel Spacing. Built-In Broadband Light Source (Option). Powerful GUI & OS based on WinCE. 5.7″ Color LCD display(Graph and data). 2GB Measurement Data Storage. Remote PC Inferface via USB 2.0 WDM-PON Wavelength Meter. ROADM/OADM channel Monitoring.

  • Handheld Optic Multimeter

    ST-3207 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and of a highly stable light source module in one unit which can perform closed-loop tests by incorporating both modules. Individual regimes of operation can also be manually chosen using menu operation to switch functions. A perfect combination to make your optical fiber tests a lot more convenient.

  • Hand Held Power Meter, CATV with 0.01dB Resolution

    F18513HRCATV - Fiber Instruments Sales Inc.

    A Fiber Optic Power Meter is the essential tool for measuring optical power within a fiber optic link. You will find that FIS Fiber Optic Hand Held Power Meters offer solid performance, portability and ease-of-use, all at a great price. These units are ideal for use in conjunction with our Fiber Optic Hand Held Light Sources.

  • Handheld Return Loss Meter

    JW3308 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3308 optical return loss meter is designed to measure a variety of optical devices, optical link return loss, optical fiber connector quality control is applied to the site of an optimized solution. Can be used separately optical return loss tester, insertion loss meter, optical power meter, light source, and having a data storage function.

  • Handheld Thermal Cameras

    Reveal Series - Seek Thermal

    Powerful and rugged in design, the standalone Seek Reveal combines high-resolution thermal imaging, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and a large color display in one durable device. And when you need it, Reveal's powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. You can count on its durable, rubberized casing and intuitive controls to go to work where you do.

  • Handheld UV Intensity/Power Meter

    308 - OAI

    Dependable and repeatable, The OAI Model 308 UV Intensity/Power Meter is precise, direct-reading instrument designed to measure UV light intensity. The Model 308 features detachable probes for use in the UVA, UVB and UVC ranges, plus a high speed serial port and is available with an optional software package that facilitates instant data logging of intensity mode, time, wave length, serial number and calibration due date.