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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Mini Optical Power Meter

    FPM-380 - Shanghai Fibretool Technology Co.,Ltd.

    High sensitivity, large dynamic range - Special universal connector interface FC/SC/ST - Quick starting, without warm-up and reducing testing time - Low-voltage display function - Optional auto-shutdown feature - Automatic calibration function - The relative ratio test - Large LCD display and backlight

  • Mini Optical Power Meter

    ST-3205 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    it is the most lightweight and compact in size testing instrument. It features ease-of-use and economy advantages and can be used for absolute power measurement in optical fibers. ST-3205 in combination with the ST-3110 mini handheld light source become the most portable and advantageous testing pair.

  • Mini Power Meter

    MPM-100 - Notice

    Very small and lightweight Communicates with Smartphone via USB / Bluetooth Communicates with PC via USB Smartphone application software and PC Software Internal data storage up to 100 measurements Pass/Fail indication for in-field compliance Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery Battery charging via a USB interface Universal 2.5mm adapter to accept FC, SC or ST (1.25mm adapter option)

  • Mini Sound Level Meter

    PSPL03 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Max Hold FunctionSmall Shape for Easy PortabilityLevel Range: 35-100dBAccuracy: +/- 3dB (ref. 94dB @ 1kHz)Frequency Range: 31.5 Hz to 8 kHzFrequency Weighting: AOperation Temperature: 0 to 40C (32 to 104 F)Storage Temperature: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)Battery Type: 9V (Included)Dimensions: 6.69' H x 2.28' W x 1.38' DWeight: 3.77 oz.Sold as : Unit

  • Mini Temperature and Humidity Meter

    PTHM15 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Auto Power OffFast Response TimeDew Point TemperatureDual Display Temperature & HumidityData Hold FunctionHumidity Range: 0-100%RHTemperature Range: -20 - 80 C / -4 - 176 FDew Point Temperature: -20 - 80 C / -4 - 176 FWet Bulb Temperature: 0- 80 C / 32 - 176 FHumidity Accuracy: +/- 3% RHAir Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5 C @ 25 CResolution: 0.01% RH, 0.01 C/FResponse Time: %RH: 105 (90% at +25C still air)Battery Type: 9V (Included)Operating Temperature: 32 F to 104 F, <80% RHStorage Temperature: 14F to 140 F, <80% RHDimensions: 6.89' H x 2.28' W x 1.38' DWeight: 5.04 oz.Sold as : Unit

  • Moisture / Thickness / Density Meters


    On-line multi IR wavelength analyzer utilizing infrared absorption technology for measuring product constituent and/or thickness.

  • Net Irradiance Meter

    LP NET 07 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    LP NET net radiometer is designed to measure the Net radiation passing through a surface, across the spectral range between the near ultraviolet and the far infrared. The Net radiation is defined as the difference between the radiation that strikes the top surface, and the radiation that strikes the bottom surface of the net radiometer. The upward facing surface measures direct and diffuse solar radiation plus longwave irradiance from the sky (clouds), while the downward facing surface measures the reflected solar radiation (Albedo) plus the terrestrial long-wave irradiance. LP NET is designed for continuous outdoor use, and is suitable for all weather conditions.

  • Motor Protection Meter

    MPM - GE Digital Energy

    The MPM provides additional metering capabilities such as three phase voltage, pf, real power, reactive power, Wh, and frequency for the 269 or 269 Plus Motor Management Relay.

  • MTS-100 Meter Test System

    MTS-100 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    BMS-3923 series battery monitoring system is an innovative solution to solve these problems. We apply new methods to measure battery condition with communication way of power line carrier (PLC). With multi-frequency measurement, users can analyze battery in all aspects including internal resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and so on. Based on Kongter’s years experience for battery management, we build very mature mathematical model that will precisely predict battery capacity. This will in another hand reduce the time that we spend on capacity measurement using a battery load bank. With APP or Web page access based on Cloud server, you could easily manage your batteries simply with a smart phone remotely. Periodically you will receive very detailed diagnostic report from Kongter indicating comprehensive data of your battery with suggestions and solutions in case of weak batteries.

  • MTS-50 Meter Test System

    MTS-50 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    K-3986 is not only a battery charger or load unit for battery String. It is comprehensive unit with one-stop-solution for battery maintenance. With charging and discharging for the same battery string, it will greatly simplify your maintenance for batteries. Extra functions like wireless online monitoring and battery activation will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively. With optional DAC, you could also have a real time monitor for the whole process of measurement. For charge and discharge of single cell, we also have BCD-3932T Battery Charger/Discharger.

  • Oil Quality Meter

    OS-27 - MRC ltd.

    Cooking oil is the mainly energy and nutrition source, and the cookingmaterial for daily life. Fried food is also favored as its unique taste . Withphysical and chemical reaction during the high-temp cooking process ,toxical chemicals will be produced. Currently, the traditional testing methodon cooking oil is mainly chemical method which is commonly used andconducted by professionals in the lab. But the lab oratory process alwaysproduces pollution and unnecessary waste . The Total Polar Material (TPM)values is the only acceptable standard which us ed for cooking oil testing.OS-27 is designed for cooking oil testing with safety and efficiency. It is ableto test total polar material (TPM) values in minutes and suitable for all kindsof cooking oil within high operation temperature.

  • High Frequency Radiation Meter

    SRM-3006 - Narda Safety Test Solutions

    Electromagnetic fields are the medium wherever such forms of communication are used. These fields affect everything around them including the people that are moving within them. Complete coverage would otherwise be impossible.

  • Humidity Temperature Meters

    TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

    Triple LCD displays barometric pressure.Temperature and relative humidity.Dew point and wet bulb temperature reading.Absolute humidity, mixing ratio and enthaply reading.Water vapor pressure and water saturation pressure reading.

  • H.V. Probe Meter

    PD-40AM - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    Measures positive polarity DC voltages up to 40kV.● Lightweight and rugged.● 2 available contact tips: round needle tip for normal use and a special flat spring-type for CRT anode.● Are typically used to measure high voltages in TV sets, power supplies and instruments in laboratories.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Meters


    Sensorcon is dedicated to creating durable, high quality environmental sensor products to meet the most demanding of domestic, professional and industrial needs. We proudly have over 10 years of experience in sensor integration and design with all of our products manufactured in the USA.