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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Carbon Monoxide Meters


    Sensorcon is dedicated to creating durable, high quality environmental sensor products to meet the most demanding of domestic, professional and industrial needs. We proudly have over 10 years of experience in sensor integration and design with all of our products manufactured in the USA. Please watch the video below for more detailed information on the differences in the Sensorcon Inspector models and product line.

  • CATV Signal Level Meter

    ST-5128S - Holland Electronics, LLC

    The ST-5128S is a full-featured hand-held CATV signal measurement device. The ST-5128S performs signal level, channel flatness, video/audio ratio and full spectrum scans, making it the perfect tool for any installer.

  • Cavitation Intensity Meter

    MRC ltd.

    Cavitation Intensity MeterProbe length 400mmDetect loss of ultrasonic energy with periodic readings Calculate best work loads Determine most efficient baskets and work fixtures Compare energy from tank to tank Compare energy level over life ofThe solid stainless steel probe can be used in any harsh chemical and extreme environments.

  • Auto Range Clamp Meters


    3 3/4 digits LCD40mm large jaw diameterAuto Power Off, Auto RangeCapacitance testData hold functionDuty cycle 0.1%~99.9%

  • Auto Ranging Clamp Meters

    CHY firemate Co., Ltd.

    Ohm, Diode, Continuity, Capacitance, Frequency and Duty inputprotection to 600V DC/AC rms.Resistance measurement from 0.1Ω to 40MΩ.Diode test and Audible continuity check function.Frequency counter from 0.500Hz to 5MHz.Auto power off to preserve battery life.Display Back-Light feature.

  • Autoranging Digital Clamp Meter

    DCM1B - Draper Tools Ltd

    Measures AC and DC voltage, AC current and resistance 17 position rotary function and range selector 60mm dia. cable clamp Frequency check Temperature Weight 310g Battery (PP3) supplied

  • Automatic surface tension Meter

    SKZ1013A - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    Automatic surface tensiometer, made up of high precise and stable force measurement system, microcomputer control system, platinum plate (ring) measurement device, is compact in design, simple and reliable in structure, easy in operation (automatic/manual). It features net weight in whole range (one-key minimum clearing), whole range automatic calibration, good repeatability, accurate and reliable test result as well as liquid crystal display of test data with S232C output interface.

  • Audio Generator & Impedance Meter

    MR-PRO/MR2 - NTi Audio AG

    The Minirator MR-PRO provides a full set of analog audio signals including sine wave, pink noise, white noise, delay test signal, polarity test signal, stepped sweep and continuous sine sweep. Further, a set of wav-files, useful for system optimization, is stored in the internal flash memory. Add your own personal favorites to this set.

  • (100A Winding Resistance Meter)

    WR100-12R - Raytech GmbH

    The revolutionary charge and discharge circuits of the WR100 give you the power to measure resistance of highest Inductivities in shortest time. Including the world unique demagnetizing function.

  • Bucket Rain Gauge Meter

    HD 2013 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2013 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, built entirely from corrosion resistant materials in order to guarantee its durability. So as to ensure accurate measurement even with low temperature climatic conditions or during and after precipitations of snow, a version with a heater which is automatically activated around +4C has been developed so that snow deposits and ice formations are prevented.The rain gauge is formed by a metal base on which a tipping bucket is set. The rain collector cone, fixed to the aluminium cylinder, channels the water inside the tipping bucket: once the predefined level is reached, the calibrated bucked rotates under the action of its own weight, discharging the water. During the rotation phase, the usually closed reed contact opens for a fraction of a second, sending an impulse to the counter.The quantity of rainfall measured is based on the count of the number of times the bucket is emptied: the reed contacts, usually closed, open at the moment of the rotation between one bucket's section and the other. The number of impulses can be detected and recorded by a datalogger such as the HD2013-D DeltaOhm or by a pulse counter.A removable filter for periodic cleaning and maintenance is inserted in the water collector cone so as to prevent leaves or other elements blocking the end of the hole.For better water flow, the collector cone is treated with a teflon paint.The HD2013R, the version with a heater, operates using either 12Vdc or 24Vdc voltage and uses about 35W. Heating is activated around +4C.When submitting your order, upon request a bird dissuader, made of 8 3 mm diameter spikes, 60 mm in height, can be installed on the rain gauge.

  • Panel Mount Load Meter

    LM15 - Avatar Engineering Corporation

    Super Efficient! Unit draw is less than 1/2 Watt at Full Load ! Typical connection in Series with the Load with Easy Quick Spade connects Line Voltage Independent ! Unit Works with ANY 50/60 Hz AC LOAD 115VAC, 208VAC, up to 240VAC Rugged, Wide Operating Environment (designed to operate -15°C to +65°C) IMMUNE TO LINE VOLTAGE SPIKES, SURGES, and OVERLOADS ! Internal electronics are rated to 5X overload

  • Passive Component LCR Meter

    MRC ltd.

    Simultaneous 20,000/10,000 count backlit display of the primary parameter.Set Hi/Lo limits using absolute values or percentage limits.Paralle or series equivalient circuit.Max/Min/Avg; Auto power off with disable.Automatic blown fuse indication.Built-in test fixture or use external test leads.Open and short zero removes unwanted stray impedances from the measurement.Relative mode, zero, or supplied reference.Complete with test leads, 9V battery, software, cable, and protective holister.

  • Oil Quality Meter

    OS-27 - MRC ltd.

    Cooking oil is the mainly energy and nutrition source, and the cookingmaterial for daily life. Fried food is also favored as its unique taste . Withphysical and chemical reaction during the high-temp cooking process ,toxical chemicals will be produced. Currently, the traditional testing methodon cooking oil is mainly chemical method which is commonly used andconducted by professionals in the lab. But the lab oratory process alwaysproduces pollution and unnecessary waste . The Total Polar Material (TPM)values is the only acceptable standard which us ed for cooking oil testing.OS-27 is designed for cooking oil testing with safety and efficiency. It is ableto test total polar material (TPM) values in minutes and suitable for all kindsof cooking oil within high operation temperature.

  • Opacity & Shade Meter

    Novo-Shade Duo + Reflectometer - Rhopoint Instruments

    The Novo-Shade Duo reflectometer has 3 modes of operation*OpacityThis is used for measuring the hiding power of a coating or plastic film*ShadeMeasure the shade of surface on a greyscale*CleanlinessMeasure the substrate cleanliness or oxidisation of a surface

  • Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    OD-10 - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Measurement of dissolved oxygen for aeration flow rate control at sewage treatment plants and monitoring of water quality at rivers,lakes,and etc.