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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Tera-Ohm Meter

    Eurostat Group

    • Suitable for mobile use with compact housing and rechargeable batteries• Operate friendly: only 2 buttons required to use it• Measures resistance, temperature and humidity at the same time• PC software interface included• All results can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM?Including:• Tera Ohm meter• 4 rechargeable A4 batteries• Conductive suitcase with foam inserts• Power supply• 1m cord• 5m cord• Serial PC cable• CD-ROM with PC interface• Operating instructions and calibration certificate• 2.5 kg pair of electrodes, available separately (ref 61-200-0602)

  • Installers Meter

    2000AD-C - Swires Research

    The hand held 2000AD-C designed to make the testing of analogue and digital signals as straightforward as possible. • The 2000 AD-C has an in-built channel plan, for cable networks Stepping through the channels giving the average signal reading for digital channels ( peak detection for analogue) in ‘dBmV’or dBuV (whichever you prefer) within the measured 8 MHz channel. The instrument Automatically detects whether the selected channel is Analogue or Digital. For digital only, by pushing the “test” button, the meter scans the noise floor and gives the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), for the selected digital channel. Swires Research undertook extensive testing to ensure that this reading is conclusive in assessing the quality of a digital signal. The results of the SNR and level tests are presented as the level and SNR values, and then as a simple read-out of “Pass”, “Marginal” or “Fail”.

  • Multifunctional Meter

    CPM-80 - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    CPM-80 multifunction power analyzer provide high accuracy single phase and three-phase energy measuring and displaying, energy accumulating, power quality analysis, data logging and data communication. CPM-80 series meters are able to measure bidirectional, four quadrants kWh and kVarh. It provides maximum/minimum records for power usage and power demand parameters. Hardware standard built in a RS485 Modbus communication port , 4 Digital inputs, 2 Relay outputs, LCM and 2MB flash for data-logging. In addition , also provide TOU , voltage and current THD, harmonics up to the 63rd and auto wiring change via software .

  • Power Meters

    Rk-5700 - Laser Probe Inc.

    The Rk-5700 Series Power Meters accept a wide variety of probes – pyroelectric, silicon, and thermopile – enabling them to perform absolute radiometry, total laser power (cw and average), and irradiance measurements from the UV to far-IR, pW to kW. Integrated lock-in amplifier circuitry allows for synchronous detection of chopped optical signals, improving both S/N ratio and background rejection. The dual channel Rk-5720 simultaneously measures Channel A, Channel B, and the ratio B/A. An IEEE-488 GPIB computer interface, Analog Outputs, Background Cancel, and Autorange are all standard features.

  • Multifunctional Meter

    CPM-10 - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    CPM-10 Multifunction Power meter measure single phase 2 wire ,single phase 3 wire, three phase 3 Wire and 3 Phase 4 wire systems with high accuracy measurement for parameters such as voltage, current ,active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor ,frequency, effective energy (V,A,W,Watt-Hr,Var,Var-Hr,VA,PF,Hz), having LED display and standard communication RTU Modbus RS485..Optional functions 1 set relay output,1 analogue,1 RS485 (ModbusRTU Mode) or 1 pulse output. Most suitable for power management,remote input /output, alarm and remote signal control uses needs.Case depth 120mm only, easy panel mounting installation

  • AC-Resistance Meter


    High-stability internal resistance of the battery Meter.The main battery internal resistance and battery voltage. This product can simultaneously measure the resistance and voltage and to compare battery internal resistance and open-circuit voltage.The CHT3560 standard RS232C and HANDLER interface automated measurement fast and accurate judgment the battery deterioration of the situation, sorting products suitable for battery assembly line and factory inspection. Low resistance characteristics can be used to characterize the mechanical and electrical components down low current test conditions.

  • Analog Meter

    Nanjing ELIKE Meter Co, Ltd.

    Basic functions:DC current: 2.5/25/500mADC voltage: 2.5/10/50/250/1000VAC voltage: 10/50/250/1000VResistor: R x 1/R x 10/R x 100/R x 1000Special functions:Continuity buzzerLow battery displayMulti-protective circuitGeneral characteristics:Color: yellowNet weight: approximately 130gWindows size: 75x57mmSize: 123x84x34mmPower: 2 x 1.5V, 5#Packing contents:360Trx analog meterPacking cartonEnglish manualTest leadPacking:Carton size: 440x355x275mm

  • Analog Meter


    Analog multimeters use a microammeter with a moving pointer to display readings.

  • Analog Meters

    12 Series - Dorrough Electronics

    Dual version of standard 40 Series.

  • Analog Meters

    20 Series - Dorrough Electronics

    The 20/21 is a straight line version of the standard 40-A.


    Arga Controls

    These RMS Sensing units are completely self contained, highly accurate, and suited to many applications including power monitoring equipment, switch gear, and generator sets.

  • Anderon Meters

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    Measures the anderon value in an assembled bearing.· Detects slight surface irregularities arising from machining imperfections and other factors.· Detects displacement in a radial direction caused by rolling surface irregularities.

  • Anemometer meter

    AVM 712 - Tecpel Co., Ltd.

    3 Measurements in one instrument. Air flow: CMM( M3/min) and CFM(FT3/min). Air velocity: m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots, mile/h. Air temperature: Degree C and F. 3 air flow mode: Instant, 2/3rd Velocity Max,  Average

  • Agricultural Meter

    Kestrel 3500 Delta T -

    Designed specifically for agricultural professionals, the Kestrel 3500 Delta T provides Delta T readings. Delta T is the spread between the wet bulb temperature and the dry bulb temperature, and it offers a quick guide to determining acceptable spraying conditions. When you know Delta T, you ensure that every drop of spray counts.

  • Multi-Wavelength Meter

    438 Series - Bristol Instruments, Inc.

    The 438 Series measures the wavelength, power, and OSNR of as many as 1000 discrete optical signals. With key features such as high accuracy, fast measurement rate, straightforward operation, and rugged design, the model 438 provides the most precise, reliable, and efficient WDM wavelength testing available. Wavelength is measured to an accuracy as high as 0.3 pm, power is measured to an accuracy of 0.5 dB, and OSNR is automatically calculated to greater than 40 dB. A measurement rate of 10 Hz enables a reduction in wavelength testing times for greater manufacturing productivity.