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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Clamp On Meters


    1000A True RMS AC/DC clamp-on meter with a backlit LCD display. It offers a large variety of measurement features including AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Temperature, Capacitance, Continuity, Diode Test and NCV Detector. The rubberized overmolded housing provides impact and drop resistance in a sleek ergonomic design, and the user-friendly Auto Power Off feature helps maximizes battery life. With a CAT III 600V design, it provides superior resistance to damage from transient overvoltages in any demanding industrial setting. The Model 9325 is suited for a variety of industrial and residential applications such as security, electrical, HVAC installations and more. Includes test leads, Type K Temperature probe, 9V battery, and case.

  • Clamp Meter

    KT7130 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *Universally usable analogue clamp meter in compact housing *11 ranges in 5 functions *AC current measurement up to 2000A(±4.0% full scale) *AC voltage measurement up to 600 V(±4.0% full scale) *DC voltage measurement up to 300 V(±3.0% full scale) *Resistance measurement up to 200k ohms(±3.0% full arc) *Hold function *Clamp opening: 57mm *Power supply: 1x1.5V,IEC LR03 *Fuse: 0.5A 250V *EN 61010,CAT II 1000V ,CAT III 600V*Dimensions: 280x100x42mm*Weight: approx. 510g incl. battery

  • Tera-Ohm Meter

    Eurostat Group

    • Suitable for mobile use with compact housing and rechargeable batteries• Operate friendly: only 2 buttons required to use it• Measures resistance, temperature and humidity at the same time• PC software interface included• All results can be exported to Microsoft ExcelTM?Including:• Tera Ohm meter• 4 rechargeable A4 batteries• Conductive suitcase with foam inserts• Power supply• 1m cord• 5m cord• Serial PC cable• CD-ROM with PC interface• Operating instructions and calibration certificate• 2.5 kg pair of electrodes, available separately (ref 61-200-0602)

  • Clamp Meter

    KT7120 - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    *Universally usable analogue clamp meter in a compact housing*11 ranges in 5 functions*AC current measurement up to 1000A(±4% full scale) *AC voltage measurement up to 600V(±4% full scale) *DC voltage measurement up to 300 V(±3% full scale) *Resistance measurement up to 200k ohms(±3% full arc) *Data Hold function*Clamp opening 48 mm*Power supply: 1x1.5V, IEC LR03 *Fuse 0.5A 250VEN 61010-2-03,CAT II *1000V ,CAT III 600V

  • Dewpoint Meter

    319 - Elcometer Limited

    A hand-held dewpoint meter with both manual and automatic data logging in one gaugeIntegrated magnets allow the dew point gauge to be attached to the substrate during remote loggingStores 25,000 records in up to 999 batchesDustproof and waterproof gauge with fully sealed sensors (equivalent to IP66)Gauges can be recertified at Elcometer Authorised Service CentresRobust temperature sensorsEasy to use, intuitive menu structureMeasure and record climatic parameters:Relative humidityAir temperatureSurface temperatureDewpoint temperatureTΔ (the difference between surface temperature and dewpoint)Dry Bulb temperatureWet Bulb temperatureExternal temperature correction (K-type)Specific HumidityVisual and audible indication of user defined limits for any or all parametersUSB and Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster® software

  • Multifunctional Meter

    CPM-80 - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    CPM-80 multifunction power analyzer provide high accuracy single phase and three-phase energy measuring and displaying, energy accumulating, power quality analysis, data logging and data communication. CPM-80 series meters are able to measure bidirectional, four quadrants kWh and kVarh. It provides maximum/minimum records for power usage and power demand parameters. Hardware standard built in a RS485 Modbus communication port , 4 Digital inputs, 2 Relay outputs, LCM and 2MB flash for data-logging. In addition , also provide TOU , voltage and current THD, harmonics up to the 63rd and auto wiring change via software .

  • Multifunctional Meter

    CPM-10 - Chang Shuan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    CPM-10 Multifunction Power meter measure single phase 2 wire ,single phase 3 wire, three phase 3 Wire and 3 Phase 4 wire systems with high accuracy measurement for parameters such as voltage, current ,active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor ,frequency, effective energy (V,A,W,Watt-Hr,Var,Var-Hr,VA,PF,Hz), having LED display and standard communication RTU Modbus RS485..Optional functions 1 set relay output,1 analogue,1 RS485 (ModbusRTU Mode) or 1 pulse output. Most suitable for power management,remote input /output, alarm and remote signal control uses needs.Case depth 120mm only, easy panel mounting installation

  • LCR Meter

    DER EE Electrical Instrument

    *Rs, Rp, Cs, Cp, Ls, Lp, phase angle, Dissipation factor, Quality factor *Auto select series or parallel test mode *Auto select 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz test frequency, 0.5V rms approx. *Calibration

  • LCR Meter

    KH 100 Series - Knohow Technology

    Functions :- L+Q, C+D, R+Q, Or Auto, |Z|+?, R+X, G+B, N+?, N-1+?, Vs+Vp, M, L+ALParameters Displayed: - Value, Difference, % DifferenceTest frequencies :-100Hz,120Hz,250Hz,500Hz,1kHz,2.5kHz, 5kHz, 7.8125kHz,12.5kHz,15.625kHz,25kHz,And an additional User defined from 500 possibleA Frequencies between 100 Hz and 25 kHz Depending on Model No

  • Light Meter

    LI-250A - Li-Cor Environmental, Inc.

    Direct Digital Readout: Instantaneous sensor output or 15-second averages can be shown on the LI-250A's display. Measurement units for any LI-COR sensor (mol, lux, klux, or W m-2) are also displayed.

  • Light Meter

    Tenmars Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Ideal for measuring mercury, xenon, metal halide or fluorescent lamps, commonly used for studies in the UVA region, as well as sunlight.

  • Light Meter

    DL1076 - Pacer Instruments

    Switchable between LUX and FC (footcandles)Auto-rangingAuto-zero at turn-onDisplay hold functionAnalog output (2 VDC F.S.)

  • Light Meters

    MRC ltd.

    0to 20,000 Lux, 0 to 2,000 Ft-cdUnit: Lux, Ft-cdAuto rangepen type , all in one, easy carryoutHold function to freeze display valueDC 1.5V Battery (UM-4, AAA)X4

  • Light Meters

    TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

    Dual Display, 4 digit LCD reading.Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE phototropic curve.Measuring levels ranging 0.001 to 1999kAccurate and instant response. Luminance ratio A/B

  • Light Meters


    An instrument for measuring the intensity of light, used chiefly to show the correct exposure when taking a photograph.