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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Vibration Meter


    An apparatus for measuring the displacement, velocity, or acceleration of a vibrating body.

  • Vibration Meter

    Shenzhen Graigar Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Detect vibrations in 3 directions> Showing 3 different parameters of velocity, acceleration and displacement in 1 display> In accordance with ISO 2954, used for periodic measurements, to detect out-of-balance, misalignment and other mechanical faults in rotating machines> Specially designed for easy on site vibration measurement of all rotating machinery for quality control, commissioning, and predictive maintenance purposes> Individual high quality accelerometer for accurate and repeatable measurements> Wide frequency range (10Hz~10kHz) in acceleration mode> AC output socket for headphones and recording> Optional headphones for use as electronic stethoscope> Bearing condition monitoring function> Use USB data output with connection PC> Provide Bluetooth data output choice


    HG-6800 Series - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    HG-6800 Series AC and DC Motor's Fault Diagnose Instrument. HG-6800 series motor's fault diagnose instrument apply "I/F"Medthodology. By doubling the frequency of a given voltage in a pure inductance coil,the current is halved.Through this method we can quickly and accurately measure the character of motor's coils and status of phase balance.

  • Vibration Meters

    MRC ltd.

    Allows simultaneous measurement of acceleration,velocity, displacement, and acceleration crest factor

  • Vibration Meters

    Star Trace (P) Ltd.

    The instrument is extremely easy to use: just connect the sensor, attach a magnetic base or the touch probe, contact it to the point where the vibration is to be measured, choose an appropriate scale, and the unit indicates the vibration reading on its analog meter.The instrument is suitable for a variety of vibration measuring needs such as for fans, blowers, turbines, generators, rotary or balanced opposed compressors, pumps, motors, alternators, engines, gearboxes, bearings etc.

  • Vibration Meters

    Dalian Taijia Technology Co.,Ltd

    ● Acceleration 10Hz-1KHz 0.1-400m/ms² 0.3-1312ft/ms² 10Hz-10KHz 0.1-400m/ms² 0.3-1312ft/ms²● Velocity 10Hz-1K 0.1-400mm/s 0.004-16.0inch● Displacement 10Hz-1KHz 0.001-4.0mm 0.04-160 mil● Accuracy:<5%● Auto power off● RPM(revolution):5-100000r/min● Frequency:0.1 to 10KHz● Metric/imperial conversion● With RS232C interface● Max hold● Operating conditions:0-+45℃(32℉-104℉),≤90%RH● Power supply:4x1.5V AAA(UM-4)battery● Battery indicator: low battery indicator● Dimension : 124x62x30mm● Weight: 120g(not including battery)● Optional accessories: RS-232C cable & software:●1.USB adaptor for RS-232C● 2.Bluetooth interface

  • Cap Meter

    060 - JYE Tech Ltd

    *Accuracy better than 2%*Measure range: 1pF – 500uF*Automatic range switch*Zeroing available*Real time serial output of measurement read-outs with time stamp*Low cost and easy to build*Dimension: 75mm X 58mm X 15mm*Weight: 40g

  • Strength Meter

    NOVOTEST IPSM-U+T+D (Pulse Velocity Tester) - NovoTest

    The pulse velocity tester IPSM-U+T+D allows to measure the strength and homogeneity of the concrete, bricks and other materials under the composition and surface sounding in products and designs for construction projects, inspection of buildings and structures, according to ASTM C597-16 (Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete).  Has the determining of the depth of cracks by the surface sounding probe function and also flaw detection mode (A-scan).

  • Analog Meters

    20 Series - Dorrough Electronics

    The 20/21 is a straight line version of the standard 40-A.

  • Analog Meters

    12 Series - Dorrough Electronics

    Dual version of standard 40 Series.

  • Analog Meter

    Nanjing ELIKE Meter Co, Ltd.

    Basic functions:DC current: 2.5/25/500mADC voltage: 2.5/10/50/250/1000VAC voltage: 10/50/250/1000VResistor: R x 1/R x 10/R x 100/R x 1000Special functions:Continuity buzzerLow battery displayMulti-protective circuitGeneral characteristics:Color: yellowNet weight: approximately 130gWindows size: 75x57mmSize: 123x84x34mmPower: 2 x 1.5V, 5#Packing contents:360Trx analog meterPacking cartonEnglish manualTest leadPacking:Carton size: 440x355x275mm

  • Gauss/Tesla Meter

    YL1020 - Yiliang Corporation

    Range: 0-2.5 T, display resolution: 4 2/3 digit, accuracy: 1% readings. The YL1020 digital gaussmeter combines the technical advantages of digital technology with many advanced features at a moderate price. digital technology creates a solid foundation for accurate, stable, and repeatable field measurements.

  • Haze Meter

    DRKWGT-2S - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    DRKWGT2S transmittance / haze analyzer is a computerized automatic measuring instrument which is designed based on the People's Republic of China national standard GB241080 "transparent plastic light transmittance and haze test methods" and the American Society for testing and materials standard ASTM D100361 (1997) Standard Test Method for Haze and Luminous Transmittance of Transparent Plastice." It could apply to all transparent, translucent parallel plane sampler (plastic plates, sheets, plastic film,sheet glass) of light transmittance, transmission haze and reflectivity test also applies to liquid samples (water, beverage, pharmaceutical, colored liquid, grease) turbidity measurements in defense research and production workers and peasants to have a wide range of applications.

  • SAR meter

    ESM-120 - Maschek Elektronik

    The ESM-120 is a unique measuring head which enables you to determine the SAR. A new technology (protective rights registered in many countries) has made it possible for the first time, to determine the SAR in real-time. It consists of the actual measuring head with a HF sensor, the body with operating controls, LC display with illumination and an optical interface. The display indicates the current SAR as a decimal value and as a bargraph

  • Ohmmeters and meters

    PDRM-10A - Amperis sl

    With a range from 0.01µΩ to 200Ω, it is currently the most accurate micro-ohmmeter and has the highest resolution on the market, weighing only 860 g, which also makes it the most lightweight and compact. All these have made it the standard low resistance ohmmeter in many electrical utilities, industries and assembly companies. It has a resolution of 0.01µΩ.