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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • CCTV Test Meter

    M-IPC-900 series - Fuzhou Metricu Technology Co Ltd

    7 inch IP camera tester with analog, HDMI input, HDMI output, cable tracer app with toner wand, video level meter for analog camera.

  • Digital Pressure Meters

    DPM Family - Fluke Biomedical

    The DPM (digital pressure meter) family are compact, lightweight, high-performance, versatile test instruments, whose basic parameters cover positive pressure, and vacuum ranges.

  • Smart Heat Meters

    Henan Suntront Tech Co., Ltd

    Ultrasonic heat meter is a kind of instrument used to measure and display the released heat power when the heat-carrying liquid pass through the heat exchange system.

  • Optical Power Meters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Optical power meters are technical instruments used to measure optical signal, something which is key in testing average power in fiber optic systems.

  • Digital Power Meter

    66201/66202 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    EN 50564:2011 (derived from IEC 62301:2011) is the latest standard for defining requirements for the measurement of low power consumption for electrical and electronics household and office equipment. Chroma 66202 Power Meter is capable of meeting EN 50564:2011 requirements for power measurement instrument in accordance to section B.2.1 regarding instruments for power measurements. In addition to that, Chroma 66202 Power Meter is also capable of meeting the power measurement uncertainty requirements stated in section 4.4.1 as the power meter has verified by KEMA in accordance to IEC 62301:2005, and with the newly confirmed power measurement accuracy specification 0.1% of reading + 0.05% of range (for 300V x 100mA range), the power uncertainty contributed by 66202 Power Meter is less than the absolute power uncertainty 0.02W. The new standard has included interpretation, calculation and implementation methods for analyzing the measured power and the analyzing process is complex and time consuming. In order to resolve this, the 66202 Power Meter Softpanel has included the required data analysis feature and provide users with easy to use interface to carry out the standby power measurement according to the international standard. The Softpanel measures and provides test report feature for recording all the key parameters such as Total Harmonics Distortion (THD), waveform crest factor, voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor, etc.

  • Inline Power Meter

    PowerBlade - Coherent Solutions Ltd.

    Up to 4 power meters per bladeFast in-line monitoring of signal powerSuitable for high power measurements from -50 dBm to +20 dBmLow insertion loss to provide accurate resultsPower meter linearity of ± 0.1 dBSupports broad wavelength from 1260 nm to 1620 nmCompatible with the LaserBlade, VOABlade, SwitchBlade & PolBladeRemote PC control (Ethernet or USB)Intuitive, easy to use software19-inch rack mountable

  • Mobile Light Meter

    BTS256-E - Gigahertz-Optik GmbH

    BTS256-E - mobile light meter for photopic and scotopic illuminance, EVE factor, luminous color, color rendering index and luminous spectrum. The BTS256-E is a high-quality light meter that is well suited for illuminance and luminous color measurements in all application areas thanks to its compact design, high-quality light sensor and precise cosine field of view function.

  • Multifunction Electrical Installations Meter

    MPI-520 - Sonel S.A.

    The MPI-520 multifunction meter is dedicated to perform diagnosis of electrical installation according to IEC 61557 standards. Digital meter MPI-520 is designed to measure impedance of a short cicuit loop also without triggering RCD, parameters of RCD, insulation resistance, earthing resistance, continuity and also for phase sequence testing. Furthermore to measure and logging of AC voltage and current, frequency and power.

  • AC / DC Power Meter

    Model 5335B - B&K Precision Corporation

    The 5335B is a compact, single-phase AC / DC power meter for measuring and analyzing power consumption and power quality parameters quickly and accurately. It supports power measurements up to 600 Vrms and 20 Arms, with a bandwidth up to of 100 kHz. The 5335B measures all AC and DC parameters, including power, current, voltage, power factor, frequency, and phase. Additionally, the meter features a powerful integration function, the ability to perform harmonic measurements to the 50th order and an oscilloscope mode.

  • Ampere Hour Meter With Timer

    IM2510 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    IM2510 AH Meter with Timer is basically a ampere Hour meter with the Provision Timer which Switches on a relay after pre define time even if the charge dosent reaches it set Points. Typical application of this would be in battery charging or discharging where battery might not charge or discharge to a specified level within a certain time period. The process needs to be stopped after either time is over or charge level is reached.

  • Flow Meter Calibration

    Smartech Inc.

    We offer a wide range of Flow Meter Calibration that is being used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. Our ranges of products have the well-known features like durable dimensionally precise, longer service life, corrosion resistant and easy operation. These are provided with the calibration accessed for accurate measurement within the limits of its specification. These meter calibrations are widely appreciated for their high quality and they require less maintenance.

  • Pocket optical power meter

    PM-212 MPO - OPTOKON a.s.

    The PM 212 optical power meter is a small, pocket size low cost item. The small size does not prevent the optical meter fulfilling all technical requirements for field equipment. The unit can be easily carried in the pocket or on the belt. It allows simultaneous measurement of up to 24 ribbon fibers. The NiMH rechargeable battery ensures long term working time with a minimum life time...

  • Turbine Flow Meters

    AW Gear Meters

    Axial turbine flow meters are designed with wear resistant internal components to provide trouble-free operation and a long service life. Fluid entering the flow meter is first conditioned by the inlet flow straightener which reduces turbulence in the fluid. The moving fluid causes the rotor to spin at a speed that is proportional to its flow rate. As the turbine blades on the rotor pass through the magnetic field of the pickup, an electronic pulse is generated.

  • Pocket optical power meter

    PM-212-CWDM - OPTOKON a.s.

    The PM-212 MPO optical power meter is a small, pocket size low cost item. The small size does not prevent the optical meter fulfilling all technical requirements for field equipment. The unit can be easily carried in the pocket or on the belt. It allows simultaneous measurement of full CWDM band with 2 extra wavelengths for MM applications (850 and 1300 nm) and 1625 nm for SM. The NiMH...

  • Portable Optical Power Meter

    PM300 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CARY-PM300 Optical Power Meter is a newly designed fiber optic tester, which aims at the installation, engineering acceptance and maintenance of fiber network. Compared with other usual power meters, the RY-PM300 has more functions, like automatic wavelength identification, auto wavelength switching, intelligent backlight, data saving via USB port. Combined with RY-LS300 handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers.