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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Positive Displacement (PD) Meters

    AW Gear Meters

    Positive Displacement (PD) flow meters are volumetric flow measurement instruments ideal for low flow rates, highly viscous fluids, and measurement of flows involving starts and stops or pulsing. Positive displacement flow meters are similar in design to the gear pump. The principle of operation is reversed however; instead of the gears driving the fluid, the fluid drives the gears. A non-intrusive hall-effect sensor detects the movement of the gear and as each gear tooth passes the sensor, a square wave pulse is produced and a discrete volume of liquid is measured. The resulting pulse train is proportional to the actual flow rate and provides a highly accurate representation of the fluid flow.

  • Digital Multi Meters

    F500/501 - Fine Instruments Corp.

    500 Series Economical DMMs - These two meters deliver superior finest quality at a price of 'disposable meters'. The finest 500 manual ranging DMM makes accurate measurements of raw DC line signals (or non-filtered full-wave rectified AC line signals) and the finest 501 auto ranging DMM makes very accurate measurements of non filtered DC signals when working with motors, switching supplies and other petroleum/oil industry applications - 500-3½ digit, 2000 count 501-3¾ digit, 3260 count with bar graph. - Accurate measurement of non-filtered DC signals. - 500-Manual ranging. 501-Autoranging.

  • Dc Watt Meter

    IM1401 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems are one of the Leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Electronic current measurement. These DC Watt Meter is a valuable tool for any modeler who flies electric powered models. It can prevent failures of motors, speed controllers, and batteries by giving the information needed to operate these items within a safe range. It will also allow safe experimentation with different batteries and propellers to maximize performance of that model. We manufacture efficient DC watt meter that is widely used to measure DC power during load. This product is highly acknowledged and displays accurate reading. Available in various specifications it can further be customized as per the requirements given by the client.

  • Portable optical DO meter

    ARO-PR - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    The Portable optical DO meter makes use of the fast-response optical DO sensor RINKO, maintaining its high-speed response performance (99% response < 7sec). The meter probe is equipped with a temperature sensor close to the sensing foil, and the measurements are made by simply inserting the probe into a DO sample bottle (the calibration is carried out using the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) certified traceable gases standards). Differently from galvanic electrode sensors, the instrument does not require water sample stirring or fixing reagents, since there is no oxygen consumption. Thus, the required time to estimate dissolved oxygen is considerably reduced. The display unit shows the output instantaneously, and you can check the measured values in real time.

  • Bench-top pH Meter

    KL-016A - Kelilong Electron Co.Ltd,

    KL-016 is an accurate electrochemical apparatus which is used to measure the acidity and basicity, electrode potential and the temperature of solutions. It is an accurate secondary instrument with Backlit display. It can be used with various ion selective electrodes to measure cell potential of electrodes in solution. The negative logarithm of the ionic activity in solution can be read directly. The instrument can also be used as an accurate pH meter and an accurate mV meter with high input impedance According to Nernst equation combined with micro computer technology, the apparatus carries out real timely monitoring and data treatment. Then the acidity result can be measured.

  • Thermistor Power Meter

    N432A and 432A - Keysight Technologies

    The 432A / N432A power meter is an automatic, self-balancing power meter for use with temperature compensated thermistor sensors. High efficiency and good radio frequency (RF) match are characteristics of the 478A and 8478B coaxial and 486 series (now discontinued) waveguide thermistor mounts that cover the frequency range 10 MHz to 40 GHz. Each thermistor mount contains data showing the calibration factor and effective efficiency at six frequencies, directly traceable to the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at those frequencies where NIST provides calibration service.

  • Horizon Digital Cable Meter

    Horizon Global Electronics Ltd

    The New HDCM cable meter is the ideal solution for fast, accurate and affordable cable measurement, installation and fault diagnosis. Support for ITU-T J.83- Annexes A, B and C enables the HDCM to be used in almost any cable installation environment world wide.

  • meter pulse duplicator

    SY27* - Synectic Electronics

    The SY27* is designed to split each of up to 4 meter signals into 2 solid state relay outputs, (4 in 8 out) It works with inputs from reed switch signals, with automatic de-bounce, as well as with high frequency pulses. DC power links are provided to chain power between modules to simplify wiring.

  • Loop Impedance Meter

    AMZC-304 - Amperis sl

    Short circuit loop impedance measurement in networks with nominal voltage: 220/380V, 230/400V, 240/415V, with frequency 45…65Hz ; Short circuit loop impedance measurement with 15mA current, without triggering RCD. ; Detection of the replacement L and N in the socket and automatic swap in the meter

  • Linearizing Panel Meter

    Laurel Electronics, Inc

    All capabilities of the Laureate process meter, plus custom curve linearization. Setup is easy using an external PC and linearizing software furnished by Laurel. For example, display liquid volume in irregularly shaped tanks, use with non-linear transducers, or extend the working range of nominally linear transducers.

  • Aquadopp Current Meter

    Nortek AS

    The Aquadopp is probably the most versatile single-point ocean current meter on the market. It is cost-effective, robust and has a wide range of applications. The system electronics integrates accurate Doppler velocity, measurements with standard sensors such as temperature, pressure, tilt, and compass. Aquadopp can measure wave height, period, and direction using what is commonly is referred to as PUV processing.

  • Brightness Color meter

    SKZ102B - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    Brightness Meter is widely applied in paper and cardboard, pulp, cotton and fabric, plastic, ceramic and porcelain enamel, amylum, construction material, chemical industry, salt making and other testing department that need to test whiteness, yellowness, color and chromatism, as well as transparency, opacity, light scattering coefficient and light absorption coefficient of paper.

  • Signal Level Meter

    180 DSP - Trilithic Inc.

    The 180 DSP is a basic installer meter specifically tailored for installation and troubleshooting. Featuring fast measurements and powerful troubleshooting tools the 180 DSP comes equipped with all the tests an installer needs to measure both Analog and Digital signals and ensure the highest quality installation.

  • Signal Strength Meter

    Horizon MiniSAT - Horizon Global Electronics Ltd

    The "MiniSAT" is a simple to use, low cost signal strength meter for digital satellite installation. Features include a large easy to read backlit LCD, integral Ni-Mhbattery pack, dual inputs, audible signal indicator, 22KHz tone and DiSEqC switch command generation and a receiver loop through.

  • Sound Quality Meter

    OROS sa

    OROS Sound Quality Meter is a dedicated solution for calculating psycho-acoustics metrics for Sound Quality studies. A signal file can be simply loaded. The first initial step is to listen to the signal that has been recorded. The second stage is to select the required parameters and to compute them