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  • Motor Test for Stepping Motors

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *Stable measurement: Since it uses Prony braking, this model provides stable measurement unaffected by moments of inertia and no coupling loss. In addition, the resulting measurements allow data correlation via the traditional double-balance method.*Precision measurement method: This model’s judgment of synchronization loss achieves high stability using algorithms developed by Sugawara Laboratories. Measurement mode can be chosen based on step angle. For pull-in torque, startup can be measured consistently from the holding state. Allows measurement at 1-Hz resolution.*Broad measurement range: This model offers a range of seven available measurement heads, from 0.5 N to 50 N, allowing use for high-precision measurements. Through selection and use of pulleys, this model can also be used to measure small motors of 0.5 mN·m or less or 500 mN·m motors. Pulley diameters and other settings are easily configured using a personal computer running Windows®. Note: Any of the seven available heads may be attached to a single measurement component.*High-visibility measurement data: Motor characteristics are easily ascertained on automatically plotted performance graphs. Measurement data can be overlaid up to four times. In addition, the cursor can be used to read accurate values from measurement points. Hard copies of data displayed on-screen can be printed from a personal computer.*Can be controlled using standard personal computers: Allows control of measurement operations and display and storage of data from a standard personal computer running Windows®. Data is stored in CSV-format files for compatibility with other software applications.

  • Motor Test Instruments

    Advance Instrument Inc.

    The absorbed energy of the DCE series Dyno is converted into heat in two rotors located at the external side of the coils . The rotors are designed with curvilinear cooling fins for fast dissipating heat into the atmosphere . This design provides with the smallest physical size for air cooled Eddy-Current Dyno . Simple construction and desirable speed-torque characteristics are adaptable to most of the applications.

  • Motor Test Port

    MTAP2 - PdMA Corporation

    The MTAP2 is designed to increase safety and reduce connection time for online motor testing MTAP2 meets both OSHA and NFPA 70E definitions for safe voltage. Time consuming tag out and lock out procedures are eliminated and in seconds you can connect and collect accurate data to determine your motor health.

  • Motor Test Port

    MTAP3 - PdMA Corporation

    The affordable MTAP3 offers the ability to safely capture data in many of the smallest enclosures where the MTAP2 cannot be installed. With the current-only MTAP3, you can choose from one of four standard ranges of CT's. In seconds you are able to collect accurate data to determine your motor health while eliminating time consuming tag-out and lock-out procedures.

  • Motor Test Bench For No Load Test


    The testing equipment is extensively used in industries for testing of motors under no load conditions.

  • Motor Test Solution - Safety Test

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    As industrial motors or EV motors are used for long hours and under varying environmental conditions suchas temperature and humidity, features like high durability andreliability are mostcritical.Temperature is also one of the key factors to influence insulation. If corona discharge occurs in turn-to-turn and turn-to-ground, it would cause the insulation to deteriorate due to the increase in heat andmaterial qualitative change. Adding Corona Discharge Detection in hipot testing exceeds the quality requirements for insulation by detecting units with poor insulation early thus reducing the defect rate caused by long-term usage. The image shows Corona Discharge in a motor.

  • Custom Motor Test Systems

    Magtrol Inc.

    Magtrol's Customized Motor Test Systems (CMTS) are PC-based, turnkey systems custom designed and built to meet your specific motor testing requirements. By integrating Magtrol's motor test equipment with power supplies, adaptable fixtures, custom tables/cabinets, printers, etc., Magtrol's engineering team can customize PC-based, turnkey systems and modular test benches for almost any motor test application.

  • Electric Motor Test Systems

    Power Test, Inc.

    Electric Motor Test Systems feature our highly successful water brake dynamometer which is used as an electric motor loading device.

  • Motor Test for Electric Scooters

    M.E.A. Testing Systems Ltd.

    *The performance data of electric motors, in the majority of all cases, is performed by a brake test. Power input is calculated from current and voltage. Torque and power output are measured with a brake. It is important to reach, for each point, a persistent temperature. In case of large outer rotor BLDC motors, which are usually used for electric scooters, this traditional procedure may take many hours to complete, and is very complicated. *For several years, an innovative motor tester of MEA Testing Systems Ltd. is on the market. This testing system avoids any temperature confusion by testing a motor at constant temperature over the entire speed range. The test procedure is very fast, and gives the full load performances, including PWM current, voltage, torque, and driver efficiency, from stall up to no load. *During the test procedure, the motor is freely accelerated from stall to no load speed. The load of the motor is only the predetermined inertia of the rotor. From the moment of inertia and the acceleration, the torque of the motor is calculated and, also, the power output over the whole speed is given. Since the entire measuring time, depending on the motor size, is usually less than one second, the motor has no time to warm up. It remains at room temperature.

  • Motor Drive Test Systems

    Intepro Systems

    Drive and motor systems present unique challenges for test systems and Intepro combines regenerative active electronic loads to reduce the energy needed to do the tests as well as sophisticate instruments and supply voltages to test these demanding applications and provide meaningful results for the electrical and mechanical power parameters.

  • AVL Electric Motor Test Systems


    The AVL Electric Motor Test System functions as a complete development, testing, verification and validation environment for electric drives. It is used to determine and analyze the electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics of electric motors.

  • Motor Quality Control Test Systems

    SKF Condition Monitoring Center

    These rack-style motor quality control units are rugged, field-proven systems for testing stators and armatures in high-volume manufacturing environments. They combine the most common electrical tests into an efficient automated solution.

  • Test Setup For Domestic Mixer Motor


    SCR ELEKTRONIKS have developed TESTING SET UP FOR MIXER MOTOR for carrying out performance test and High Voltage test of mixer at final stage. It consists of Voltmeter, Ammeter and Watt meter for observing the values of different parameters. OK / NOT OK lamps are also provided to display the results of HV test. HV test is provided with tripping cut off concept. Output Socket is provided for quick connections and disconnections of the equipment to be tested. User friendly operations make the equipment to be handled easier for any operator.

  • Transformers, Motors and Generators Test Equipment


    Predictive maintenance in power transformers and electrical rotating machines.

  • Development Test for Electric Motors with Power Electronics

    Vogelsang & Benning

    Test bench for electric machines and inverters in hybrid applications*Control of mechanical parameters*Verification of electrical properties*Checking the LL characteristics*Short circuit measurement*Recording the performance process*Noise measurement*Temperature measurement