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subatomic or minute speck of matter

See Also: Nanoparticle, Airborne Particle, Particle Accelerator, Particle Counters, Particle Detection

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  • TEM Sampler

    Naneos Particle Solutions gmbh

    The naneos partector TEM sampler is the perfect marriage between simplicity and power: You can use it as a simple survey instrument to quickly identify nanoparticle sources in workplaces. You can also use it to sample particles directly to a standard transmission electron microscope (TEM) grid.

  • Electrostatic Precipitator

    HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

    Electrostatic precipitators are used for clean process and exhaust gases, for example, in the cement and building materials industry, in steel mills, in conventional power plants, and in waste incineration plants. The dust particles are discharged electrostatically charged by a spray electrode, deflected by a DC electric field and deposited on the electrode.

  • Mobile Analytical Carts

    MDC Vacuum Products llc

    The Ultracart 3000A is a sophisticated mobile analytical system for simultaneous real-time analysis of particles, oxygen, and moisture contamination in UHP process gases. Through a single connection, the Ultracart's UHP gas systems delivers sample gas to each of its three primary analytical instruments at proper flows and pressures.

  • Nanoparticle Measurement Device

    NANO-flex® - Particle Metrix GmbH

    Nanoparticle Measurement Device for Particle Size Distribution with 180 DLS Dynamic Light Scattering. System for characterization of colloids by dynamic light scattering within a size range of 0.8 nm to 6.5 m. Suitable for material systems with concentrations from ppm up to 40% vol., depending on substance type. Minimum is 1 droplet.

  • Electronics Manufacturing

    TSI Inc.

    Electronic products are part of the world we live in. The constant need for increased processing power in a smaller package has driven the size of line widths inside components into the nano-particle size range. This means smaller, nano-size particles can disrupt manufacturing processes and impact yields which impacts the bottom line.

  • Integrated UHPLC Systems

    LC-4000 Series - Jasco Analytical Instruments

    The LC-4000 Series UHPLC system offers high performance separations at up to 130MPa (around 20,000psi) for use with the smallest particle sizes and longest column lengths. The pump, autosampler and detectors are optimized for the smallest band broadening and fastest cycle times.

  • Intrusion Protection (IPX) Testing

    Quest Engineering Solutions

    Quest Engineering Solutions has the capability to perform IPX Water (Intrusion Protection) testing per numerous IEC standards, including IEC 60529. This testing is designed as a means to verify that the products' internal components are adequately sealed and protected from the intrusion of foreign objects, liquids, and fine particles.

  • Regression Software

    Vibrock Ltd.

    Vibrock`s Regression Analysis Software is a very powerful and versatile tool which enables plotting and interpretation of site vibration data. This easy to use software requires the entry of a vibration level in terms of peak particle velocity, distance and explosive charge weight or any other source energy parameter.

  • Radiation Meters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    A radiation meters is a device designed for measuring varying types of radiation. These devices are portable and are used to inspect personnel, equipment, and facilities for radioactive contamination by measuring the emission of certain radiation particles. They are used to measure external or ambient ionizing radiation field to assess the direct exposure hazard.

  • PM2.5/PM10 Temperature Humidity Data Logger

    S600 Series - Huato Electronic co., ltd

    S600-PM data logger is specially designed for measurement of dust particles per unit volume of air, with particle diameter: 2.5m and 10m. The logger is featured with large capacity (up to 43000 groups of data), low energy consumption, easy operation and powerful accompanied software. Users can connect the logger with computer to download and analyze data, and the accompanied software is featured with user-friendly interface and powerful analysis tools.

  • Ionizers

    Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH

    There are many production processes where electrostatic charges disturb smooth operation. To eliminate static, ionizers are used. One typical field of application is the semiconductor industry where the components are extremely sensitive and can even be damaged by high electric static charges. Another example is the printing industry: Here friction between the rollers and the paper generates static. The static makes the paper cling and not move correctly through the printing machine. Especially when printing on vinyl or plastics, electrostatic charges need to be removed. In the packaging industry, plastic sleeves or foils tend to stick to each other, which can be prevented with an ionizer eliminate static. A general problem in assembling processes is the adhesion of dust and dirt particles. Contamination of workpieces can be prevented by having static eliminators neutralize and blow away undesired particles.

  • Logger version 2-D electro-magnetic current meter for deep ocean

    INFINITY-Deep AEMD-USB - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    INFINITY-Deep is an autonomously deployable data logger for current speed measurements in the deep oceans. The currents in the deep oceans are very weak. It is too hard to accurately measure the deep water currents by some ADVs (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters) that detect the Doppler-effect by scatter with the suspended particles in the water, because the concentration is very low. INFINITY-Deep measures 2-D current data through a magnetic field according to Faraday's law. Therefore, even if the suspended particles do not exist around the sensor, it can provide the accurate current data. The depth rating is 6,000m. Compared to INFINITY-EM, the instrument has a depth and a tilt sensors to monitor mooring status. Also, the battery capacity doubles for long-term current velocity measurements.

  • Measurement System

    KOERZIMAT® 1.097 HCJ - Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG

    The KOERZIMAT 1.097 HCJ measuring system by FOERSTER facilitates the accurate, automatic, and fast measurement of the coercitivity HcJ. The largely geometry-free measurement is particularly suitable for testing samples with complex shapes. The applications of the Koerzimat include the control of the sintering level and particle size of hard metals and the quality control of metallic powders for the production of magnets and hard metals. The unit can also be used for monitoring the quality of the annealing and the mechanical stress state of soft-magnetic components (SMC) and for controlling electromechanical components in the electronics, automotive, computer, and clock sectors.

  • Ion Microprobe

    IMS 1300-HR3 - CAMECA

    Addressing the growing demand for small scale, in situ isotopic measurements at high precision and productivity, CAMECA introduces the IMS 1300-HR3 ion microprobe, successor of the internationally acclaimed IMS 1280-HR. The IMS 1300-HR3 delivers unmatched analytical performance, opening a wide range of research directions, from stable isotopes, geochronology and trace elements to small particles and beyond.

  • Alpha Spectroscopy


    Alpha spectroscopy is used to identify and quantify radionuclides based on the alpha particles emitted in the decay process. Similar to Gamma Spectroscopy, energy spectra are generated with high precision detectors and electronics and analyzed with special software. Typically, samples are measured following chemical separation to isolate the radionuclides of concern due to the complexity associated with correcting for these interferences with spectrum analysis software as is common for many Gamma Spectroscopy measurements.