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subatomic or minute speck of matter

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  • Particle-in-Cell Plasma, Electromagnetic & Electrostatic Simulation Software

    VSim - Tech-X Corporation

    The VSim electromagnetic, particle, and plasma high performance application is a flexible, multiplatform, Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulation tool for running computationally intensive modeling problems. VSim enables you to switch easily between 1, 2, or 3 dimensions and then watch your model run lightning-fast. Using algorithms designed for the exacting demands of high performance computing systems, VSim can run simulations on your laptop or supercomputing cluster.

  • Overhead Ionizer GUARDIAN

    CR2000 - Eurostat Group

    • Ensures cleanroom compatibility using specially chosen components and materials• Fan assemblies are 100% run-in and particle-tested to ISO class 4 particle limits• Inherently balanced to 0 ±5 V• Ion balance and ion output monitors• Silicone-free surfaces• Patented emitter point cleaner• Verifies that the unit is ionizing and balanced• Helps maintain desired ionization performance level

  • Monte-Carlo Simulator for Ultra-high Vacuum Systems

    Molflow - MolFlow+

    Molflow+ allows you to calculate the pressure in an arbitrarily complex geometry when ultra-high vacuum condition is met. The name comes from molecular flow, the condition when the mean free path of molecules is so long compared to the geometry size that collisions can be neglected. In this case, particles fly independently, which makes this physics particularly suitable for Monte Carlo simulations.

  • Automated Filter Tester

    3120 - TSI Inc.

    Automated Filter Tester 3120 meets NIOSH’s proposed Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) filter test requirements. It is an oil-only tester that has an airflow range of 100 to 200 L/min and can measure efficiencies up to 99.999%, or penetrations as low as 0.001%. In fact, Model 3120 uses the same proven oil-aerosol generator found in models 8127 and 8130. Like models 8127 and 8130, model 3120 features dual light scattering photometers that simultaneously measure upstream and downstream particle concentration to ensure fast, repeatable results.

  • Automated Filter Tester

    3160 - TSI Inc.

    Automated Filter Tester 3160 is the most advanced automated tester available for challenging filters and filter media with submicrometeraerosols. It can be used to test both low- and high-efficiency filters and filter media, up to 99.999999% efficient (eight 9’s),or penetrations down to 0.000001%. The 3160 uses a bank of atomizers and the TSI Electrostatic Classifier to challenge a filter or filter media with known-size, monodisperse particles.

  • Automated Solution

    AMX 6000 - Rudolph Technologies Inc.

    The AMX™ Series is a laser darkfield inspection tool designed for unpatterned mask inspection. It offers high throughput up to 45 mask blanks per hour and compact design. Typical applications are incoming quality inspection of mask blanks and continuous tool monitoring for particle adders during manufacturing of mask blanks, e.g. coaters, writers, etchers, cleaners.

  • Automatically Differentiate Cyanobacteria

    FlowCam® Cyano - Fluid Imaging Technologies

    Based on proven FlowCam® technology, the new FlowCam Cyano automatically identifies cyanobacteria from other algae and particles in aquatic samples. Using a patent-pending combination of excitation wavelength, phycocyanin fluorescence measurement and image recognition software, the system automates what used to be done manually using microscopy. After differentiating the cyanobacteria form the other algae in the sample, VisualSpreadsheet and Advanced Classifier software can be used to further characterize the specific types of all algae found in the sample.

  • Gravimetric Dust Measuring Devices

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Easy setup, accurate measurement, rapid resultsGravimetric dust measurement devices extract a partial gas flow from the duct under predefined conditions and use a filter to separate out the dust particles. The amount of dust is ascertained by weighing the filter. The differential pressure is measured to determine the extracted volume. These two values are then used to calculate the concentration of dust in the duct with a high level of accuracy. Gravimetric dust measurement is ideal for calibrating other dust measuring devices and for taking the kinds of comparative measurements that are required by the relevant authorities.

  • FPM Monitor

    CS-153 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The CS-153 is a high-precision chemical solution concentration monitor designed to meet the strict demands of semiconductor wet-etching processes. Etching processes use FPM solution to etch silicon oxide and remove particles from the wafer surface. The CS-153 continually monitors each component of the FPM solution (HF/H2O2/H2O), alerting the user each time the solution is replaced or replenished. This allows you to maintain the concentration of the FPM solution within the tolerance range, while eliminating unnecessary solution replacement.

  • Aerosol Neutralizer

    3077A - TSI Inc.

    Aerosol Neutralizer 3077A has five times the activity of the Model 3077. The 3077A is offered for general-purpose applications involving highly charged aerosols and low flow rates. It is supplied with our Model 3034 Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ (SMPS) spectrometer.Features and Benefits Radioactivity of 370 MBq Maximum flow rate of 5 L/min Kr-85 source

  • Ion Microprobe

    IMS 1300-HR3 - CAMECA

    Addressing the growing demand for small scale, in situ isotopic measurements at high precision and productivity, CAMECA introduces the IMS 1300-HR3 ion microprobe, successor of the internationally acclaimed IMS 1280-HR. The IMS 1300-HR3 delivers unmatched analytical performance, opening a wide range of research directions, from stable isotopes, geochronology and trace elements to small particles and beyond.

  • Salinity

    Elmetron Sp.j

    Salinity refers to the total concentration of all dissolved salts in water. Since salts form ionic particles when dissolved, salinity is a strong component of conductivity. Though salinity can be measured via a complete chemical analysis, this method is difficult and time consuming. More often, salinity is estimated using algorithms based upon conductivity, which is much easier to measure. Salinity values can be expressed as parts per thousand (ppt) or as practical salinity units (psu) which compares the sample to a salinity standard such as seawater.

  • Zeta Potential Analyzers

    Brookhaven Instruments Corporation

    Almost all particulate or macroscopic materials in contact with a liquid acquire an electronic charge on their surfaces. Zeta potential is an important and useful indicator of this charge which can be used to predict and control the stability of colloidal suspensions or emulsions, for example. The greater the zeta potential the more likely the suspension is to be stable because the charged particles repel one another and thus overcome the natural tendency to aggregate. The measurement of zeta potential is often the key to understanding dispersion and aggregation processes in applications as diverse as water purification, ceramic slip casting and the formulation of paints, inks and cosmetic

  • Next Generation Impactor

    170 - MSP Corporation

    The NGI is a high-performance, precision, particle classifying cascade impactor designed for testing MDIs, DPIs, nebulizers and aerosol and nasal sprays. Calibrations to document the stage cut-off aerodynamic diameters at 15, 30, 60 and 100 L/min were conducted according to pharmaceutical standards. The NGI has seven stages plus a micro-orifice collector (MOC) and its main features include: 1)Designed by and for the pharma industry; 2)Meets and exceeds all USP and EP specifications; 3)State of the art aerodynamic performance; 4)Operates at any flow rate between 15 and 100 L/min;5)Particle size range covered: 0.24 to 11.7 microns (dependent on flow rate);6)7 stages total with 5 stages always in the cut-off range between 0.54 and 6.12 microns; 7)Corrosion resistant construction; 8)Electrically conductive; unaffected by static; 9)Excellent accuracy, reproducibility and stage efficiency: all stages 500 < Re < 3000; 10)Easy drug recovery with low inter-stage losses; 11)Comprised of just 3 main parts to lend itself to practical semi and full automation; 12)Monographs incorporated both into the USP and EP

  • Density Measurement Device

    DH-300, DH-600, DH-900 - Dongguan Hongtuo Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Fasting testing,more efficiency,can be applied in production site and laboratory.Plastic particle,film,floating,seal ring,rubber,calcium carbonate powder can get quick tested.Rubber DIN volume wear loss,Akron wear loss,expansion can be reading directly.Function of automatic zero tracking,buzzer warning,and overload warning.Function of solution compensation.necessary if liquid other than water is used as a medium for measurement.Adopt the completed high-capacity measurement accessories with the transparent injection moulding sink,which can resist wear,fall off,and corrosion.Adopt the completed professional windproof and dustproof cover,which makes the machine convenient and durable.Interface of RS-232C is included.the printer of DE-40 is available to connect PC with this instrument.