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subatomic or minute speck of matter

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    Diamond SA

    The special test cable for red light sources from DIAMOND has a slightly recessed ferrule with which there is no direct contact between the connector end faces when making a connection. Multiple connections and disconnections are made during red-light measurements in fibre-optic networks. The special test cable impedes the transfer of dirt particles to other end faces, and thus the danger of damaging other connector end faces is significantly reduced. In addition, the timeconsuming cleaning process between every connection can be reduced to a minimum.

  • Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detector

    XD5202 - Hangzhou Xihu Electronic Institute

    XD52 series of ultrasonic PD is based on the principle of acoustic emission (AE), it collects the ultrasonic signal of electrical equipment emitted by partial discharge through the ultrasonic sensor; It detects the amplitude, phase, frequency spectrum, time domain maps, and their relationship with running (applied) voltage; It can effectively reflect the degree and location of insulation defects of GIS and other electrical equipments; such as the free particle defects, partial discharge defects, floating potential defects and loose defects.

  • Wafer Inspection Solution

    Reflex TT - Rudolph Technologies Inc.

    The Reflex TT™ Tool is a manually loaded tool for detecting particles, scratches, area defect and micro-roughness (haze) on unpatterned wafers of various shape and diameter from 50mm up to 300mm and 450mm. It is a very flexible tool for process characterization and contamination monitoring for R&D purposes. Simple operation and user friendly software make the Reflex TT a valuable tool for a wide range of applications.

  • Nanomaterial Analysis Software

    Histogram on Demand - FullScaleNANO, Inc.

    Histogram on Demand is a secure web portal that allows you to order a single or multi-image histogram showing size and size distribution of your nanomaterials using the NanoMet Software. Histogram on Demand is a tool that provides size distribution of materials. The mean and median feature size is provided within a standard deviation along with other dimensional data, such as the maximum and minimum feature size. Depending on the module used and material imaged, the data output will measure different feature types. Histogram on Demand has three modules that can measure particle diameter, wire/fiber diameters and pores/rupture areas. In addition to the formatted report generation feature, a raw data file is also provided which encompasses all the raw data taken during analysis.

  • 5-Stage High Flow Impactor 100L/Min

    130 - MSP Corporation

    128, 129, 130, 131 are HIGH FLOW IMPACTORS (HFI™) with a sampling flow rate of 100 L/min. They are available with 3, 4, 5, and 6 impaction stages plus a final filter. Their high sampling flow rate makes them ideal for sampling particles at low concentrations or for obtaining samples in a short sampling time.These 100-L/min impactors are high-flow-rate, low-pressure-drop cascade impactors intended for general-purpose aerosol sampling. These impactors are specifically suited for sampling applications where a large volume of air needs to be sampled with low power consumption such as in aircraft sampling. These impactors are good tools for ground-based applications such as atmospheric, industrial or health-related air sampling applications, where a larger sampling flow allows the user to collect more aerosol sample mass in less time.

  • High Voltage Short Pulse Generators

    AET Associates, Inc.

    The high voltage short pulse generators, developed by AET, are capable of producing high-speed, high repetition rate pulses using a thyratron or solid-state switch. The neutral grounding method, which is rare for a pulse generator, is used.Applications include charged particle accelerator power source, non-destructive inspection, X-ray CT, security, X-ray cancer treatment equipment, electron tube driver, accelerator driver, plasma generator power source, electrical discharge experiment and the research of applied physics and chemistry.The specifications below are just examples. Specifications can be customized to meet your needs.

  • Portable Gas Analyzer

    DX 4040 - Pembroke Instruments

    The Gasmet DX4040 FTIR portable gas analyzer can detect up to 25 gases simultaneously providing validated results in seconds. Measurement with the DX4040 is easy; sample gas is drawn into the analyzer with a built-in pump through a handheld particle filter and Tygon tubing. The analyzer runs in continuous mode, measuring time-weighted averages of user definable length from 1 second to 5 minutes. The DX4040 includes a built-in camera and GPS and measurements are easily linked to the exact physical location along with pictures. The DX-4040 is flexible and can be tailored to your specific gas analysis requirements.

  • NIM-Modules

    FAST ComTec GmbH

    The "dual channel" TDC'''' - Model 7072T - converts time directly to a digital output. They offer improved performance and linearity specifications compared to separate TAC and ADC modules. There is also the Wilkinson-type ADC, Model 7070 which is suitable for high resolution HPGe detectors. Our Constant-Fraction discriminators are still state-of-the-art even after a more than 20 Year history. The Differential CFD - Model 7029A - still offers the highest counting rate (>50 MHz) of any such devices. Our Pulse-Shape Discriminator - Model 2160A - can be used to separate neutron and gamma particles, alphas and protons, electrons and alphas etc depending on the detector used.

  • Failure Analysis

    Pacific Testing Laboratories

    A partial list of our state of the art test equipment, applicable to these testing disciplines, will include the following: Two Scanning Electron Microscopes with EDS (SEM/EDS) Three Differential Scanning Calorimeters (DSC) Three Thermogravimetric Analyzers (TGA) Three Thermo Mechanical Analyzers (TMA) One Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) Two Real-Time Fluoroscopic X-ray Systems, including a Microfocus System One Fourier Transform Infrared Microscope (FTIR) (capable of identifying a single particle of an unknown material) Two Ion Chromatographs (IC) (capable of identifying ionic impurities in ppm)

  • FlowControl-Lab

    Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Periodically filtered measurements allow for high-accuracy differential measurements of particle propertiesElectrically-actuated three-way ball valve allows flow to be bypassed through submicron filter cartridge before instrumentationIncludes valve, power supply, controller, one paddlewheel flow sensor, cables, and Windows softwareValve position indicatorFlow sensor data indicates proper system functioning, filter fouling and are used for post-processing and QCRemovable flow sensor windows for flow visualization, cleaning and servicingSoftware allows for valve scheduling, manual setting of valve position and logs flow rates and system state to hourly ASCII filesRugged construction for use in laboratory, ship-board, or dock-side applications

  • Alpha Spectroscopy Data Management and Analysis

    AlphaVision-32 - ORTEC

    AlphaVision-32 provides the capability for controlling the MCB hardware, collecting alpha particle spectra from solid-state detectors, analyzing the results by one of several methods and generating reports. The results and QA data are stored in databases for ease of integration with other software. Extensive menus are provided for performing all acquisition and analysis functions, such as control of acquisition, setting of analysis parameters, calibration, and library editing. Graphical display of individual Detector status, along with logical grouping of the Detectors in the system, results in an interface that provides the online status of up to 128 alpha Detectors. AlphaVision includes features for managing virtually all alpha spectrometry projects, covering each of the necessary steps and providing features that will enhance your results.

  • Sion RF Detector for Plasma Arc Detection

    INFICON Holding AG

    Arcing during plasma processing can result in target and chamber damage leading to substrate damage and particle creation. As feature sizes decrease, microelectronic devices become increasingly susceptible to arc-induced damage. Arcing can occur in any plasma assisted process such as ionized Physical Vapor Deposition (iPVD), Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) and Etch. The INFICON Sion Arc Detector provides a crucial first line of defense. Sion makes it possible to detect micro-arcs quickly and react to them before significant damage or scrap occurs. The system provides real-time detection and analysis of plasma micro-arcing events.

  • Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

    VSM - Dexing Magnet Tech. Co., Ltd

    The VSM (also named M-H CURVE Hysteresis Graph TEST SYSTEM ) can be used for the measurement of the basic magnetic properties of the magnetic materials. Such as the Hysteresis loops of the materials, Magnetization curve, Warming Curve , Warming /Cooling curve, Cooling curve and the changes of the temperature as time goes away , then we will get some Magnetic parameters such as the Saturated strength of the magnetization, the left strength of the magnetization , Coercive force, the Max of Magnetic energy product,the Curie temperature and the Magnetic conductivity(the Initial Magnetic conductivity is included ). It can also measure the magnetic materials such as the powder, the particles, the films, the liquid and the massive.

  • Power Integrative Characteristic Tester

    Shanghai Selon Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.

    Powder is a complex system both in flowing and static state. The intrinsic properties as well as friction between particles express some special flowing properties, research on which is significant for powder processing, packing, transport and storage. BT-1000 Powder Integrative Characteristic Tester is co-developed by China Tsinghua University, Dept of Power Tech. Development and Danodong Bettersize Instrument Co., Ltd designed for evaluating flowing properties of powder including angle of repose (AOR in short), collapse angle (CA in short), flat plate angle, dispersibility, loose (bulk) density, tap density, etc. through which the difference angle, compressibility, voidage, regularity & uniformity (R & U in short) are obtained, as well as flowability and jetting ability by Carr index. The instrument is characterized by multi-use, easy operation, good repeatability, flexible test requirement and multi-standard available, etc. It provides a new method for powder integrative characteristic test in research and production.

  • Real-Time Fiber Monitor

    7400AD - MSP Corporation

    The 7400AD is a technologically advanced real-time fiber monitor that automatically detects and counts airborne fibers such as asbestos, mineral wool, advanced composites, ceramic and glass. Each 7400AD is factory-calibrated with traceability to NIOSH Method 7400 for asbestos fibers. The 7400AD ignores non-fibrous background particles using the proven principle of electric-field-induced fiber alignment and oscillation. The 7400AD is the ideal means to check and verify worker safety during asbestos remediation and removal operations. With its fully charged battery pack, the 7400AD will operate unattended for eight hours and record the observed fiber data at regular intervals. If the fiber concentration exceeds a user-defined, pre-set level, an audible alarm sounds. Within the 7400AD is a filter from which one can obtain samples for later chemical or physical analysis, such as comparison with phase-contrast microscopy. The on-board, specialized software allows users to set a range of performance features to customize the operation.