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subatomic or minute speck of matter

See Also: Nanoparticle, Airborne Particle, Particle Accelerator, Particle Counters, Particle Detection

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  • Fast Mobility Particle Sizer

    Spectrometer 3091 - TSI Inc.

    The Fast Mobility Particle Sizer 3091 (FMPS™) spectrometer measures particles in the range from 5.6 to 560 nm, offering a total of 32 channels of resolution (16 channels per decade). It uses an electrical mobility measurement technique similar to that used in our SMPS. However, instead of a CPC, the FMPS spectrometer uses multiple, low-noise electrometers for particle detection

  • Laser particle size analyzer

    Easysizer20 - Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co. Ltd

    sysizer20 is the latest product of OMEC in Year 2006 and is highly automated, all the process can be done automatically after setting up initial parameters. Multiple sample feeding systems are available to meet your requirements. Applications:Measure the particle size distribution of powder or latex Principle:Use the principle of laser light scattering to determine particle size distribution.

  • Particle Impact Noise Detection

    P.I.N.D. - Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

    For over thirty years the PIND Products Group of SPECTRAL DYNAMICS, INC. has given users a simple, reliable, and inexpensive method of ParticlePIND Impact Noise Detection (PIND) testing to increase the reliability of electronic components. Our non-destructive high frequency acoustic test monitors for loose particles moving inside high reliability internal cavity electronic components such as relays, transistors, hybrids, integrated circuits, and switches – particles that have the potential of causing short circuits and serious malfunctions in system operations. A shaker is used to excite loose particles within the component cavity.

  • Liquid Particle Counter

    Ultra DI® 50 - Particle Measuring Systems

    The Ultra DI 50 Liquid Particle Counter is designed specifically for de-ionized (DI) water systems and will count and size contaminants as small as 0.05m.

  • Portable Particle Counter

    3910 & 3905 - KANOMAX USA, Inc.

    Models 3910 and 3905 are the smallest 6-channel portable particle counters in the industry; with a 50 LPM and 1 CFM flow rate respectively and a 0.3-micron sensitivity. Both units feature a large color touch screen with a streamlined and user-friendly interface, which is preprogrammed with different standards to help guide you through the measuring and certification process. There is an optional Climomaster environmental sensor that provides you with the ability to measure air velocity, temperature and humidity, making the 3900 series portable particle counters the ultimate tools for cleanroom certification.

  • Handheld Laser Particle Counter

    3887 - Pacer Instruments

    Displays 3 particle sizes simultaneously: 0.3, 0.5, and 5 micronUser can log up to 8,000 measurements and transfer to PC or printerConvenient hand held sizeEasy to use keypad and menusCustomizable count alarmNIST-Traceable Calibration

  • Handheld Condensation Particle Counter

    3800 - KANOMAX USA, Inc.

    In Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology, NIOSHrecommends direct-reading instruments and ltersampling with lab analysis to obtain particlenumber, size, and shape, degree of agglomeration,and mass concentration of elemental constituentsin nanoparticles. Direct reading instruments includeboth optical particle counters and condensationparticle counters such as the Kanomax 3800.

  • Charged Particle Detector

    IDS2030 - OI Analytical

    The IDS 2030 is a true charge detector and is independent of particle energy (thermal to keV), particle mass, and incident angle.Designed for positive charge detection the detector will also detect negative ions and electrons.The ion detector functions pressure independent over at least a range of 9 decades (1 Torr to 1 kTorr).The detector allows a read-out speed from 0.2 frames per second (fps) up to 360 fps.Spectra acquisition can be synchronized with an ionization using a trigger pulse.High Density Detector Array featuring 2126 active pixels over 51 mm. With a pixel width of 21 m and a height of 1500 m the detector features an effective area of 88%.Typical applications are in Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, beam profiling, and ion source characterization.The IonCCD is mounted on ceramic printed circuit board and delivered in an aluminum enclosure for easy mounting and protection.The IDS 2030 is CE certified (FCC, RoHS, WEEE).

  • Airborne Portable Particle Counters

    Climet Instruments Company

    Climet offers over 15 different models, differentiated by a combination of flow rates and feature levels. Climet has set the standard in cleanroom environmental monitoring. Climet particle counters manufactured since 1993 pass the ISO 21501-4 standard, which was ratified more than 14 years later in 2007, and more than 14 years before the competition. All models are all compliant with ISO 14644-1/2, ISO 21501-4, EU GMP Annex 1, and21 CFR Part 11.

  • Particle Metrology System

    Archimedes - Malvern Panalytical B.V.

    Archimedes is a new, highly innovative instrument which uses the technique of resonant mass measurement to detect and accurately count particles in the size range 50nm - 5µm*, and reliably measure their buoyant mass, dry mass and size. Particularly useful for the characterization of protein aggregates in formulation or buffer, Archimedes is also able to distinguish between proteinaceous material and contaminants such as silicone oil by means of comparing their relative resonant frequencies and buoyant masses.

  • Handheld Particle Counter


    Kanomax’s new Handheld Particle Counters (Models 3888 & 3889) are on course to set the standard of instrumentation in cleanroom/operating room monitoring and verification, filter testing, IAQ investigation, data center cleaning and plenty more highly specialized and highly sensitive applications. These beautifully engineered devices boast some of the most highly advanced technology in the industry; the powerful devices are a combination of accuracy and practicality.

  • Portable Particle Size Analyzer

    LISST-Portable|XR - Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Truly portable – completely self-contained with built-in data logger, processor, rechargeable battery, and 7” color touch screen display.Particle Size Range 0.35 to 500 micronsPumped and recirculating mixing chamber that keeps large and heavy particles suspended.Shock mounted optics block that can withstand the rigors of field use.A built-in ultrasonic probe for complete sample dispersion.Touch panel allows for easy SOP programming, sample analysis and display of data without a PC.Multiple Mie models as well as Fraunhofer model available for inversion, selectable from the touch panelAll data-processing is performed on board and stored in ASCII format. No post-processing necessary.Outputs: Total volume concentration, mean size, standard deviation, optical transmission, D5, D10, D16, D25, D50 (median grain size), D60, D75, D84, D90, D95, D60/D10 (Hazen uniformity coefficient), particle surface area, silt fraction, silt volume, size distribution, battery voltage, sample notes.Based on the laser diffraction principle. Compliant with ISO-13320-1 standard.

  • airborne particle counter

    Shanghai Selon Scientific Instrument Co. Ltd.

    1. 0.1 cfm (2.83 lpm) flow rate2. Six particle-size channels (0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10μm)3. Date and time display4. Federal Standard 209E Calculation5. Multiple print-modes 6. Data conversion (ft3 and m3) 7. Data storage

  • Particle Impact Noise Detector

    BW-LPD-D4000 - B&W Engineering Corp.


  • Particle Size Analyzer

    Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    Is recognized as a highly effective method of counting and sizing a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials.Unlike other measurement techniques, the electrical sensing zone method can analyze samples that have assorted optical properties, densities, colors, and shapes.