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Phase Angle Voltmeters

degree measurement of difference current leads or lags voltage. AKA: PAV

See Also: Voltmeters, Phase Angle, Electrostatic Voltmeters

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  • Phase Angle Voltmeter

    2600 - Clarke-Hess Communications Research

    The Model 2600 Phase Angle Voltmeter replaces the very popular Model 2500A. With the latest and most advanced DSP technology, this instrument provides a new level of performance and user friendliness. In addition, the Model 2600 Phase Angle Voltmeter is considerably less expensive than other "traditional" Phase Angle Voltmeters. By keeping classic measurements, "at the touch of a button", the Model 2600 behaves more like an instrument and less like a computer. The unit is extremely easy to use yet contains a host of features and performance characteristics that set it apart from all others.

  • Phase Angle Voltmeters

    North Atlantic Industries

    Since the development of the first Phase Angle Voltmeter (PAV) over 50 years ago, North Atlantic Industries has been the industry leader in AC Measurement Instrumentation. Our name has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Our products, specifically designed for defense, industrial, and commercial applications, deliver industry-leading accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.NAI’s units of today are actually multifunction Digital Analyzing Voltmeters that combine a complete Voltmeter, a Phase Angle Voltmeter, and a Waveform Signal Analyzer in a single microprocessor-based instrument. With these versatile and flexible instruments, a wide range of tests can be performed, either manually using the front panel controls or automatically using the IEEE-488 bus. Designed for the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, NAI’s Voltmeters are used in a variety of applications.

  • Phase Angle Voltmeters

    6250 - Xitron Technologies Inc.

    The newest member of the Xitron PAV family, the 6250 comes pre-configured for most LVDT/RVDT tests, and is ready to go ? right out of the box. The instrument requires less set-up and maintenance than competing products. And, because of its simplicity of operation, the 6250 can be used by virtually anyone who wants access to results more quickly and more reliably.

  • Phase Angle Voltmeter

    PAV1010A - Powertek LLC

    Measuring Vrms, inphase, quadrature, freq, ratios and phase angles. Using Discrete Fourier Transform algorithms, the PAV1010A provides capability, performance and versatility not available with traditional PAVs. Targeted at the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace, this instrument makes measurements of Phase Angle, In-Phase, Quadrature (90° component), Fundamental and Total Vrms very straightforward. All these measurements are displayed simultaneously on a bright multifunction display.

  • Industry Standard Phase Angle Voltmeter

    Model 2250A - North Atlantic Industries

    NAI's 2250A Phase Angle Voltmeter is the most accurate and versatile AC measurement tool in the Synchro/Resolver and LVDT/RVDT marketplace. Considered the industry standard and based on the latest DSP and FPGA technologies, the 2250A substantially extends and simplifies the capabilities of the legacy 2250 model.This precision instrument measures total, fundamental, harmonics, in-phase, quadrature, frequency, THD, ratio, and phase angle, and displays all of these measurements at the same time. The isolated inputs enable null, ratio, and gain measurements. This instrument is ideally suited for defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

  • Dual Display Phasing Voltmeter

    DDPM-40 - HD Electric Company

    The Double Vision® Dual Display Phasing Voltmeter, model DDPM-40, is a compact, highly accurate wireless voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point and peak hold modes. Can be used individually as voltmeters or together for phasing operations up to 100 ft. (30m) apart. The DDPM-40 will show the leading or lagging phase as well as the phase angle during wireless phasing operations. The DDPM-40 measures voltage from 5V to 43kV. The two sets can be used in both overhead and underground applications - accurate and repeatable to within 1%.