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  • RF Power

    Teledyne e2v

    With expertise spanning the Commercial and Defence sectors, Teledyne e2v pioneers industry-leading innovation and technology around the world. We provide standard and custom RF and Semiconductor solutions that meet our customers’ exacting performance needs and specification requirements. Our unique approach to the market and our genuine understanding of the application challenges that can occur – from initial concept right through to manufacture – enable us to help our customers optimize their system’s performance, reliability and cost of ownership.

  • RF Power Splitters/RF Power Combiners


    From 2-way to 48-way designs0°, 90°, and 180° phase configurations1 year guarantee on all models

  • RF Power Combiner

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Pasternack RF power combiner category includes several models. RF power combiner products in this category are built to precise industry specifications. Like the other over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components from Pasternack, this RF combiner series is in-stock. Not only are these RF power combiners are in stock, but they also will ship the same day as purchased.

  • RF Generator with Power Meter

    DS Instruments

    The DS Instruments TT7000 (REV 4) combines a calibrated RF Power Meter, a wide-band RF frequency counter, and a RF Signal Generator into one ultra-miniature USB device. Fractional-N synthesis signal generation covers 300MHz to 9600MHz with low phase noise and adjustable output power. RF Power Meter functionality covers from -45 to +5 dBm for frequencies between 100MHz to 7GHz.

  • RF and Microwave Power Sensor

    Picosecond Pulse Labs

    Choose from a range of Tektronix RF Power Meters to meet your needs. The PSM3000 Series power meter/sensor provides true average power measurements, giving accurate power measurements independent of signal modulation and bandwidth. The PSM4000 Series power meter/sensor delivers average power (CW) measurements, and adds pulse and peak power measurements for gathering basic data on pulsed RF and microwave signals. The PSM5000 Series power meter/sensor provides the same measurements as the PSM4000 but comes with added pulse profiling capability for signal viewing and characterization in pulsed RF and microwave systems.

  • RF Power Divider

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    Pasternack RF power divider (can also be called power tappers or splitters) category is available with 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm impedances. 50 Ohm power divider / coaxial splitter from Pasternack can be purchased in 2 Way, 3 Way, 4 Way, 6 Way, 8 Way or 12 Way port designs. 75 Ohm power dividers / splitters come in 2 Way, 4 Way or 8 Way port designs. Many of our RF power divider / splitter products are RoHS and REACH compliant. Pasternack's 50 Ohm power divider items can be ordered with 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 4.1/9.5 mini DIN, 7/16 DIN, BNC, Type N or SMA connector types, RF equal split power tappers with 4.1/9.5 mini DIN, 4.3-10, 7/16 and Type N connectors. Our 75 Ohm power divider series is available with a BNC connector. Ratings for the Pasternack RF microwave power dividers range from 1 Watt to 50 Watts depending on style, with RF tappers going to high power of up 700 watts based on model. Frequency ratings for our RF dividers range from DC to 26.5 GHz, RF signal power tappers frequency range of up to 2.7 GHz. As with our other over 40,000 RF, microwave and millimeter wave components from Pasternack, this RF power divider series is in-stock. Not only are these radio frequency power divider products in stock, but they also will ship the same day as they are purchased.

  • Power Amplifier, RF


    Is a type of electronic amplifier that converts a low-power radio-frequency signal into a higher power signal. Typically, RF power amplifers drive the antenna of a transmitter.

  • RF Power Amplifier

    Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.

    RF power amplifier category from Pasternack have components packaged in a hermetically-sealed metal enclosures and exhibit outstanding performance in high gain, gain flatness, high linearity and wide dynamic range. RF power amplifiers have excellent performance by using a hybrid microwave integrated circuit design and advanced GaAs pHEMT components. These SMA power amplifier modules are unconditionally stable and include built-in voltage regulation, bias sequencing, and reverse bias protection for added reliability.RF power amplifier over-voltage protection is installed externally for easy repair. These high reliability radio frequency power amps are fully matched internally for 50 Ohm input and output. This 50 Ohm power amplifier matching helps eliminates the need for any additional sensitive external RF tuning components.Our power amps are ideally suited for high linearity applications. These radio frequency power amplifiers offer small signal gain over a temperature range. The Pasternack RF power amplifiers have excellent gain flatness ranges and the IP3 output performance.Most all Pasternack RF power amplifiers are EAR99

  • Handheld RF Power Meter

    V3500A - Keysight Technologies

    The V3500A Handheld RF Power Meter is a compact, handheld instrument that makes accurate RF power measurements in both field and manufacturing applications. With an absolute accuracy as good as 0.21dB, a wide frequency range of 10MHz to 6GHz, and a measurement range of -63dBm to +20dBm, the V3500A is suitable for a wide variety of RF measurement applications. Its built-in power sensor eliminates the need for users to carry both an instrument and a separate sensor module. Truly portable, the V3500A fits easily into your hand or a toolkit. An optional belt loop holster or carrying case with shoulder strap is also available. To optimize flexibility, it is capable of drawing operating power from batteries, an AC-DC converter module, or a computer via USB interface.

  • RF Thermistor Power Meter

    1830A - TEGAM Inc.

    Thermistor based RF power sensors are universally recognized as the most accurate means to measure and transfer RF power. Compatible with thermistor power sensors from: Agilent (HP), TEGAM, Weinschel, Hughes, General Microwave, Millitech. Supports 100 and 200 thermistors. Integrates bridge balancer and power meter into one package. Four digit calibration factor resolution. Full remote programmability. Heater control for ovenized sensors. LXI Compliant.

  • RF Spectrum Power Meter

    SPM-50 - ShinewayTech

    SPM-50A Spectrum Power Meter brings innovative testing concept and approach for RF cable system installation and maintenance. It combines the key function of spectrum analyzer and power meter, designed to measure the power characteristics of particular signal among mixed signals transmitted on cable, fast and accurately present result in power histogram or spectrum chart.

  • Low Power RF Transceivers

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices provides a wide range of low power RF transceivers covering sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands. Drawing on over 40 years of experience designing high performance RF ICs, the ADF7xxx family of transceivers delivers industry-leading RF performance combined with ultralow power consumption. Our latest transceivers incorporate configurable packet handling capability for proprietary and industry standard protocols to address emerging Internet of Things requirements. As faster time to market grows in importance, evaluation platforms such as the latest ADF7xxxMB4Z will be critical to kickstarting software development.


    BLWA Series - BONN Elektronik GmbH

    A) RF-Sample Ports I) 3x 208 V AC / 60 HzB) External Dual Directional Coupler L) LAN Remote ControlC) IEEE-488.2 GPIB Remote Control S) Internal RF Switching UnitD) Front Panel RF Connectors R) RS-232C Remote ControlE) RF Power Indication (digital) U) USB Remote ControlF) Gain Adjustment W) Liquid CoolingH) DC Supply X) External Control of other Amplifiers

  • Standard RF Power Sensors

    Coaxial Dynamics

    Coaxial Dynamics "Standard" line of RF Power Sensors provide DC currents proportional to the forward and reflected power flowing through the line. All models are designed to drive a 30A, 1400-Ohm meter, or provide approximately 100 millivolts across a 5K load.