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earthquaking event with a wave velocity 3-8 km/s.

See Also: Seismometers, Seismic Arrays, Seismic Accelerometers, Earthquake, Geophones, Shear Wave

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  • Active Vibration Isolation

    Integrated Dynamics Engineering

    This includes Passive and Active vibration isolation modules. Our vast number of advanced solutions – from compact Passive LC series to the TCN Active series expanding to the cutting edge most advanced in vacuum NGI series – provide options for every difficult application issue that exists today. Since seismic vibrations tend to be random, all frequencies need to be addressed.

  • Model Estimation And Migration

    ION Geophysical Corp.

    Our history of advancing both land and marine imaging technology to meet the changing needs of our clients runs deep. The comprehensive data toolkit fully integrates TTI and VTI anisotropy algorithms and WAZ concepts, refined over the course of thousands of operations. Continual advancement of processing capabilities, led by industry-recognized thought leaders, significantly increases seismic data value while reducing operational risk and cost.

  • Transmitters

    XT Series - Riverhawk Company

    The XT-101 Vibration Transmitter converts the vibration signal as sensed by a proximity probe or seismic senor to a DC voltage which proportionally controls a 4-20 mA current loop for a specified vibration range such as 0-5 mils peak-to-peak, 0-125 microns peak-to-peak. Please take note that the loop current solely powers the transmitter. The XT-101 Model is most commonly used.

  • Accelerometers

    Columbia Research Laboratories

    The force balance accelerometer has a classical critically-damped, second-order frequency response. There is no peaking in the response but simply a smooth roll-off above the natural frequency. This property along with the excellent characteristics of the "HP" torquer design makes Columbia accelerometers the best choice for demanding applications where precise DC and near-DC measurements are needed in demanding shock and wide band vibration environments. Columbia force balance accelerometers are available to cover virtually all applications. Low noise, high output units can be used for seismic structure motion studies while miniature, high range versions are optimum for measuring more violent high G environments encountered in many industrial, aircraft and missile applications.

  • Microseismic Reservoir Monitoring

    ESG Solutions

    Microseismic monitoring is a powerful regulatory and production optimization tool in use for oil field operations such as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), carbon sequestration or natural gas storage. During such injection operations, maintaining the integrity of the reservoir is essential. Through our RESMAP® services, ESG has pioneered the use of passive seismic (microseismic) monitoring in long-term reservoir operations, to provide feedback on the reservoir integrity.  Using in-house manufactured downhole sensors and data acquisition equipment, ESG has installed permanent and temporary microseismic monitoring systems to provide life-of-field (LOF) monitoring for EOR operations and underground storage projects around the world.

  • Temperature Transmitter

    Xi'an HangSi Mechanical & Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd.

    protection pipe and the measuring element is a separate type structure, can quickly change the temperature measuring element, don't stop to repair. protection tube type and diverse materials, which can meet the high pressure, high temperature and strong corrosion medium temperature measurement needs. temperature core and a protective tube at the bottom of the spring is compressed, can reduce the thermal inertia and improves the shockproof performance.The armoured element, pressure, seismic, stable and reliable work. explosion-proof mark: D BT6, D CT6 (excluding acetylene) and IA CT6, suitable for level II, temperature classes for T1~T6, temperature measurement with explosive gas environment.