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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Power Sensors

    NRT-Z - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®NRT-Zxx directional power sensors are self-contained measuring instruments. They can be connected directly to the R&S®NRT2 or, via the R&S®NRT-Z5 USB interface adapter, to the PC (communications via USB).

  • Oxygen Sensors

    Apogee Instruments, Inc.

    The protective membrane in front of the oxygen sensor can be heated to prevent water from condensing on the membrane and blocking the diffusion path. The heater is typically used when sensors are deployed in soil or compost where relative humidity is close to 100 %.

  • Inductive Sensors

    Balluff GmbH

    Our hygienic sensors are extremely durable against abrasive and aggressive media: their labeling is resistant to abrasion and chemicals. The luminous displays are protected against destruction and the housing construction is optimized for safe cleaning.

  • Vibration Sensors

    SKF Condition Monitoring Center

    Various machine operating conditions concerning temperature extremes, magnetic fields, vibration range, frequency range, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) conditions and the required signal quality necessitate the need for a variety of sensors.

  • Inductive sensors

    Festo Corporation

    Inductive sensors are signal generators which detect function-related movements of processing machines, robots, production lines, conveyor systems etc. in a contactless fashion, and transform them into electrical signals.

  • Position Sensors

    Kaman Precision Products, Inc.

    Kaman specializes in inductive, eddy current technology. Our sensors provide non-contact indication of linear position/displacement by outputting an analog voltage, or, in some cases, a current that is proportional to the distance between the sensor face and the target being sensed.

  • Debris Sensors

    Parker Hannifin Corp

    The Parker Kittiwake Metallic Wear Debris Sensor goes beyond the scope of normal wear debris sensors to offer smaller size resolution. With an unbeatable detection range, the sensor provides a debris count for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Power Sensors

    9500A Series - KRYTAR, Inc.

    KRYTAR 9500A Series Diode Power Sensor are available with operating frequency range from 100 KHz to 40 GHz. KRYTAR Power Sensors are an excellent choice for use in design, manufacture and maintenance of RF and microwave communication equipment.

  • Capillary-fill sensors

    Zimmer and Peacock AS

    Zimmer and Peacock have launched the world's first capillary fill sensor for the Research and Development market, both academia and industry. We provide these capillary-fill sensors in gold, platinum and carbon.

  • Laser Sensors

    Variohm Eurosensor Ltd

    Is a compact, metal housed unit that relies on triangulation to define distance to target. Capable of measuring up to 1000mm, these sensors are IP67 sealed and offer both an analogue and digital output. They are used regularly in a variety of different motorsport categories including.

  • Inductive Sensors

    Contrinex Schweiz AG

    Robust and highly reliable, Contrinex inductive sensors are the fit-and-forget choice for non-contact detection of metallic targets at distances up to 40 mm. Vacuum-encapsulated electronics and metal housings protect against shock, vibration, dust, dirt and moisture, making inductive sensors ideal for highly demanding conditions. An inductive sensor generates a magnetic field that is attenuated by a metal target. As a sensor nears its target, a sensing circuit detects the degree of attenuation and switches the output accordingly. Patented Condist oscillator circuitry allows best-in-class operating distances, while all-metal construction including the sensing face is possible with revolutionary Condet technology. Designers everywhere specify Contrinex inductive sensors as industrial limit switches and position switches, as pulse-counting devices, or for distance and speed measurement.

  • Environmental Sensors

    ams AG

    Ams, a world leader in the field of chemical sensors: In the wide portfolio of sensors manufactured by ams are chemical gas sensor solutions for appliance, automotive, building technology, consumer and industrial applications. With a track record going back almost two decades, ams is a world-leading supplier of safety, energy efficiency and comfort solutions for global mass markets. Unlike companies that just sell products, ams supports applications from development through to production, offering both technical expertise and industry know-how. With products known for performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness, ams is proud that major corporations worldwide rely on its technology.

  • Lightning Sensors

    Playing With Fusion Inc

    Scientific Sales boasts a full line of lightning detectors and lightning warning alarms to protect people from unpredictable and deadly lightning strikes. Lighting monitors can detect electrical activity from up to 40 miles away and track a storm as it approaches with audible and LED alarms. Choose from a permanent lightning detector or hand-held lightning sensors for accurate and reliable lightning detection. Scientific Sales’ lightning monitors and lightning sensors are professionally rated and are used by NASA, major airlines and professional sports teams. Industry related applications of lightning meters include construction and drilling sites, golf courses, outdoor event venues, university facilities and more.

  • Torque Sensors

    Kistler Instrument Corp.

    In universities and industry, for basic research or quality assurance: Kistler torque sensors guarantee precise definition of the power and friction values of drives, transmissions and pumps. Strain gage technology (DMS) is a powerful solution for measurements on rotating shafts, and also for long-term dynamic and static measurements. Maximum precision, the most rigid structure possible and high temperature stability: thanks to these assets, strain gage technology can accomplish the most demanding tasks. Piezoelectric reaction torque sensors offer convincing features such as exceptional overload protection, high signal resolution and a wide frequency range. They are ideal for measurement tasks when conditions are difficult due to geometry, temperature range or dynamics.

  • Speed Sensors

    GreenLine - JAQUET Technology Group

    These sensors and tachometers provide solutions for speed sensing and control applications both for end users and small OEM's. Our offering of 50 plus sensors are available with VR or Hall technologies with cable or connector interfaces. Sizes range from 3/8-24 and M10X1 to 3/4-16 and M16X1.5. Sensor capability ranges from zero speed to high frequency detection and all units have sealed sensing areas to prevent liquid intrusion. Also available are direction sensing units and hazardous location versions for both North America (NEC, CEC) and Europe (ATEX) (Q4 2007).