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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • SWIR Microscopes with SWIR InGaAs Cameras

    Pembroke Instruments

    Our SWIR microscope cameras are designed to deliver superb image quality in real world conditions where intrascene dynamic range is quite high. This is accomplished through proprietary Wide Dynamic Range ROIC technologies and offer a Dynamic Range (DR) of more than 140dB in a single image without any external control. Other InGaAs cameras will suffer pixel saturation and deliver very poor image quality when the scene conditions demand high dynamic range from the camera. The internal Fixed Pattern Noise correction gives a high uniformity pictures in all light conditions with no need of Look-up table. The WDR InGaAs sensors use InGaAs photodiodes array operating from 900nm up to 1700nm with a high QE and coupled to a patented Read Out Circuit (ROIC).

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitor

    TZ-AVL11 - Tzone Digital Technolgy Co., Ltd

    AVL11 is a receiving terminal and gateway products of temperature and humidity monitoring system; this product has a positioning function with the installation of GPS tracking, usually used on logistics vehicles and other modes of transport or placed in the warehouse and other fixed places; this product with 433 wireless mode which can receive a plurality of TAG06/TAG06B sensors to collect temperature and humidity data, then upload data to the server through GPRS; and it has the characteristics of long distance transmission, high stability and fast data transmission, and the appearance of fashion,and easy to install, to monitoring temperature and humidity when change location information or real-time monitoring of warehouse and other fixed places,users can check data changes from real-time remote monitoring of temperature and humidity information in storage cold chain logistics

  • Moisture Testers for Wood

    PCE Instruments

    At PCE Instruments you will find diverse moisture testers for wood to determine absolute moisture in different wood types. With the help of the moisture testers for wood you will be able to measure with high accuracy moisture in rolled products, forestry woodVery accurate and easy to use Moisture Testers for Wood for professionals, slats, beams, plywood, panels, conglomerates, main beams, window frames, etc. There are two ways of measuring moisture: with or without damaging the material. Moisture testers for wood are characteristic by the measuring principle and the moisture sensors that can be adapted to them. Some moisture testers for wood have special characteristics such as an automatic compensation of temperature. Besides, data can be stored and transferred to a PC or portable computer or characteristic curves can be programmed for specific wood types (only with the model FMD).

  • Monitoring Systems

    PCE Instruments

    Monitoring systems refer to Professional Monitoring Systems used for the immediate and systematic detection (protocol). instruments used for immediate and systematic detection (protocol), the display or monitoring of a process with technical assistance, sensors or others monitoring systems such as cameras. Monitoring systems perform continuous measurements of a central element so that, according to the comparison of the results, conclusions can be drawn in order to react in-time. The main function of monitoring systems is to act in a process or alarm when it is not carried out as desired or when limit values are exceeded. Monitoring systems are an special type of protocols in which different parameters are checked and tested, as for instance, air humidity, temperature, shocks, movements, flooding as well as current load. Video cameras are an essential part of monitoring systems that allow for a better assessment of the critical point situation.

  • Multi Channel Data Logger

    IM2000 N - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    These are manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Data Logggers. A data logger can accept inputs from one or from many sources and number of channels is an additional parameter that defines the type of logger. The IM2000 Series Multichannel Data Logger offered by us can accept inputs from 2 / 4/ 6 / 8 / 12/ 16 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 48 sources. These are available from 2 to up to 48 channels. The type of sensors that a logger would accept can be of a one particular type or combination of different types or Universal Type. Eg. 16 channels RTD Data Logger or 16 channel K type data logger or it can be data logger which accepts 4 inputs of RTD type and 12 inputs of 4-20mA type. So one can appreciate there can be infinite such type of combinations.

  • Nanopositioning Stage & Controller

    PInano - Physik Instrumente GmbH & Co. KG

    PInano® XY and XYZ low-profile piezo scanning stages are optimized for easy integration into high-resolution microscopes. They feature a very low profile of 20 mm (0.8") and a large aperture designed to hold Petri dishes and standard slide holders. The long travel ranges of up to 200 x 200 x 200 µm with nanometer closed-loop resolution are ideal for leading-edge microscopy and imaging applications. PInano® series piezo positioning stages are available in two versions: A) Highest Stability, Linearity and Precision with capacitive feedback sensors. B) High Precision with lower cost piezoresistive sensor feedback. Both types provide very high sensitivity and responsiveness as well as nanometer resolution. A proprietary servo controller significantly improves the motion linearity of the piezoresitive version compared to conventional piezoresistive sensor controllers.

  • Networkcontroller

    Klocke Nanotechnik

    A new set of motorized tables developed by Klocke Nanotechnik allows high strokes at small volumes. The modules are driven by the Nanomotor®. Loads of up to two kg can be moved over centimeters of stroke with down to 2 nm resolution. Manipulation in many degrees of freedom is possible without backlash. The modules NMT xx-L are longer, but thin like a pencil. In most of the NMT-modules position measurement systems can be included without increasing the size. The resolution of the position sensor is better than 10 nm. All NMT modules can easily be fixed onto each other. Very small connectors allow the exchange of a module without removing cables. The NMT-Zxx are modules for vertical movement. They have an internal load compensation to lift up loads. Nanomotor-Grippers and force sensors that can easily be fixed on these modules are available.

  • Minidatalogger

    HD207/227/206/226 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    HD206…/HD226… and HD207…/HD227… series dataloggers are low-cost, rugged instruments for a long-term reliable monitoring of temperature and temperature/relative humidity measurements. They are available in different versions: with or without LCD display, with sensors either inside or outside the instrument housing, or with cable connection. The analysis of logged data is made using Delta Log2 software for Windows. The datalogger functions of Start, Stop, Configuration, Data Download and Setting of logging interval are selectable either from keyboard or from a computer. Through a computer, you can define a password to enable the access to configuration data. Typical applications are: monitoring of temperature/humidity during transportation, storage of fresh or frozen foods, fruit, vegetable products and flowers, pharmaceuticals, sensitive and photographic products, paper, explosives, as well as laboratory activities in general.

  • New Link system Control and Image Capture Software

    Linkam Scientific Instruments

    New uncluttered and intuitive user interfaceLive display of current status for easy monitoringFull control of heating and cooling rate, limit and hold time of up to 100 rampsRow by Row control of Vacuum, Humidity, Tensile Force and Shear modes controllable and synchronised with TemperatureParameters of connected Linkam sensors displayed and stored - e.g. Vacuum, Humidity, Force, XY position and Pressure (dependent on connected stage type)Real Time chart of temperature and other measured parametersTrigger I/O for synchronisation with other equipmentTriggers recorded and plotted row by rowAutomatic setup of controls and parameter limits based on stage type connectedFull five point temperature calibrationUSB 2.0 to T96 and CSS450 ControllersOptional modules including Linkam Imaging Systems with high performance camerasIncludes .NET Components for easy integration into 3rd party applications e.g. LabViewNative 64 bit application

  • Multigas Analyser

    Rapidox 7100 - Cambridge Sensotec

    The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is a high specification instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of process gas in a wide range of industries. It allows the option of selecting multiple gas sensing configurations to suit the particular application. The analyser is housed within a 19″ (482mm) enclosure for convenient mounting into an industry standard test equipment rack. Up to six gases are simultaneously measured using a range of high precision gas sensors; each sensor is specially designed and calibrated to avoid any cross interference effects with the background process gas. Safety is ensured by the inclusion of flashback arrestors in the gas measuring circuit where required. Measurable gases may include: Measurable gases include amongst others: CO2, CO, H2O, O2, C2H4, SO2, CH4, H2 and H2S.

  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

    PXIe-4480 / 784277-01 - National Instruments

    1.25 MS/s, 3.4 Hz AC/DC-Coupled, 6-Input PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXIe‑4480 is designed for high-bandwidth audio, acoustic, and vibration measurements. It provides six channels of dynamic signal acquisition, and you can use one of four gain settings to configure your input range. The PXIe‑4480 also includes software-configurable AC/DC coupling, charge measurement, voltage excitation, IEPE excitation, and TEDS support, making it ideal for measuring acoustic transducers, pressure sensors, and hydrophones. Common applications include audio test; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis; and underwater acoustic measurements. For measuring sudden changes, such as high speed blast and pressure events, the PXIe-4480 can sample up to 20 MS/s per channel in time-domain mode.

  • Remote I/O

    ADLINK Technology Inc.

    ADLINK's NuDAM data acquisition modules make up a total acquisition network and control system. Up to 256 NuDAM modules an be romotely controlled on any RS-485 network from a host computer, via a single serial RS-232, allowing communication from as far as 4000 feet from the host. Based on the RS-485 multi-drop network system, each module has a unique address ID, whereby simple ASCII command & response protocols through the standard RS-485 interface can control all the NuDAM modules in the RS-485 network. The NuDAM modules provide direct communications with a wide variety of sensors, perform all signal conditioning, scaling, linearization and conversion, and can acquire measurements of temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current, and multiple digital signal types.

  • CCD Foundry Services

    Teledyne DALSA

    Teledyne DALSA Semiconductor’s 150mm CCD process offers surface or buried channel operation at up to 15V with two or three layers of polysilicon and one, two or three layers of metal. A modular processing approach allows our foundry customers to adjust process parameters to meet the most demanding requirements for CTE (>99.999%), charge storage capacity, and dark current (<1nA/cm2). The base process uses 1X projection lithography with 2.5µm design rules, allowing die sizes of up to 100mm X 100mm. Where required, tighter alignment tolerances and smaller feature sizes can be obtained by using 5X lithography, using a mix and match or all-stepper approach. The maximum die size attainable with the stepper is 22mm X 22mm, but larger sensors can be fabricated using stitching.

  • Confocal Chromatic Highspeed Controller

    confocalDT 2471 HS - Micro-Epsilon Group

    The confocalDT 2471 HS controllers are used for fast distance and thickness measurements of highly reflecting shiny surfaces, enabling measuring rates up to 70kHz without having to use an external light source. The confocalDT HS controllers are considered one of the fastest confocal measurement systems in the world. The controller can be operated with any IFS series sensor and is available as IFC2471LED standard version for distance measurements or as IFC2471MP LED multi-peak version for thickness measurements. The controller can be operated with any IFS sensor and is available as a standard version for distance measurements or as a multi-peak version for thickness measurements. Due to a user-friendly web interface, the entire configuration process of controller and sensors is carried out without using any additional software. Data output is via Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 or analog output.

  • Force Balance Inclinometers

    Columbia Research Laboratories

    Columbia's SI-701 Series of Inclinometers are electronic tilt sensors based on Force Balance Accelerometer technology. They produce high level low impedance output proportional to the sine of the tilt angle. Model SI-701B is a low cost general purpose sensor that can be up-graded with the addition of the Columbia "HP" torquer system (SI-701BI) for greater accuracy and ruggedness. A bi-axial version of both units (SI-702B) is also available. The Model SI-701BI is designed with an output circuit made for 4-20mA data transmission systems for industrial applications. The model SI-701FND is a fluid dampened premium performance inclinometer designed to produce accurate tilt data in extreme shock and vibration environments. The latest addition in the line is Model SI-701WPBI, a waterproof (to 150 feet) inclinometer which operates from a +15 volt supply with 4-20mA output. A single power supply powers both the sensor and the 4-20mA line driver.