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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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    DTS, Inc.

    DTS offers a full line of high performance data acquisition systems, sensors, accessories and software to meet a wide range of critical test requirements. Let the DTS team of experienced engineers and test professionals help you find the right instrumentation for your application.

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    High Voltage Partial Discharge, Ltd.

    All HVPD's sensors are available in both portable and permanent versions, and supplied with complete installation kits. Permanent OLPD sensor installations are now becoming more popular in industries where plant outages are rare (the oil and gas industry, for example) to facilitate periodic OLPD diagnostic spot‑testing at any time, without the need for an outage. The installation, calibration and commissioning of sensor installations is always performed by HVPD's Installation Engineers.

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    Optomistic Products

    Optomistic Products’ unique two-part solution fulfills almost every LED test requirement you may have. First, choose your pre-programmed Universal LightProbe Sensor from the range of sensors listed below. After you have chosen your sensor, you will choose a fiber-optic probe to customize the test for specific mechanical requirements and constraints.

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    WinWerth® - Werth Inc.

    Interactive and user friendly Windows® based 3D metrology softwareIntegrated Teach mode for easy application program developmentIntegrated AutoStep and editing tools for easy program modificationsWinWerth contour image processing software with integrated filter functions for very robust application programsIntegrated 2D and 3D On-line and Off-line programmingAll sensors and additional axes are fully integrated and calibrated to each other

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    SensoTech GmbH

    Measuring can be so simple: our sensors have no moving parts that can wear out or age. They are completely maintenance-free and feature a robust and completely enclosed design that does not require gaskets, moveable parts or “optical windows” to the process.For almost every application requirement we offer a suitable sensor including the necessary integration equipment. With insertion capabilities into tube sizes down to 10mm (3/8”) and with integrated temperature measurement it is very easy to meet the general application recommendations. Preferred installation lengths and almost all standard process fittings can be provided. It is also possible to install them in explosion-hazardous areas.

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    Advance Instrument Inc.

    PTDT Displacement Transducers are designed to measure displacement by converting expansion / contraction of a sensing wire to electric signal by potentiometer with bridge circuit. Those models are available with rated capacity 250 mm to 4000 mm, all providing a high rated output of 5 mV/V. In addition, measuring force of the wire is constant, thereby making these transducers easy to use.

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    7235 and 7236 series - Sensata Technologies

    Klixon 7235 and 7236 overload sensing controls are designed for the remote sensing of overloads in aircraft electrical systems or other applicable remote systems. They are for the protection of 28 VDC circuits or for 120 VAC single–phase or three–phase circuits operating at 60 to 1000 Hz.

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    EPL3 - Fauser Elektrotechnik

    sotropic and potential-free measurement of electrical alternating fieldsIncluding 2.5m optical fiberFor connection to the field meter FM10Observations on field meter FM10 comfortably readDisplays the total field strength as well as the three field componentsAnalog signals are available at the output of the field meter FM10LS for spectrum analysisAll filter and display functions of the FM10 can be usedRecording the field strengths with the field meter FM10LSupplied with holder and stand holderExcellent price / performance ratio

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    RBRcoda - RBR Ltd.

    Temperature, pressure, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, PAR. Realtime variants are ideal for streaming high accuracy measurements into another system. Whether for borehole monitoring or ROV, stream gauging or harbour water levels - these instruments are trivial to install and operate. The units are completely sealed and are available in OSP or Titanium housings to accommodate shallow or deep deployment.

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    Tri-Tronics Company Inc.

    Ultrasonic technology coupled with digital signal processing makes the detection of clear and opaque labels on clear or opaque backing material easy. The introduction of the OLED graphic display in place of simple indicator lights offers the user has an unprecedented view of the sensor's performance, options, program modes, and helpful simple instructions never before offered in a clear label sensor. A stainless steel removable gap plate and anodized aluminum housing makes this sensor rugged. Setup is fast with one press of a button for the label and one press for the label gap.

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    Dewetron GesmbH

    A speed and angle sensor using a black/white tape which is glued on a rotating part. The reflection is converted into a TTL signal, bandwidth 100 kHz. The sensor consists of a tiny electronics part and a 5 m fiber optic cable terminated with a M6 screw. Thus areas where space is very limited still can be reached conveniently.

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    Honeywell Aerospace

    Honeywell is a trusted leader in providing sensor products for commercial, defense and space applications. Honeywell’s accelerometers, precision navigation, precision pressure transducers and barometers, high performance microwave applications, magnetic sensing, thermal qualified and radio frequency monitoring/sensors are designed for the harshest environments in the air, ground or deep underwater.

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    Electronic Product Test & Design

    Development kit has ideal support for software development, prototyping and depth-sensing evaluation.

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    Electro-Metrics Corp.

    Magnetic Field Probes are particularly advantageous for searching for RF leakage. The probes are electrostatically shielded and are therefore sensitive only to the magnetic component of the electromagnetic field.Each probe has a rubberized covering and is distinctively color-coded by frequency range for easy identifications.The probes are especially useful in determining the side of an article under test, which radiates the highest level prior to running a MIL-STD, or FCC radiated emissions test.

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    NanoFocus Probe - Werth Inc.

    Scan of 3D topography of high accurate featuresVery high point densitySuitable to perform non-contact roughness measurementsHigh flexibility using a range of different front lenses