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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Linear Position Sensors

    Positek Limited

    Positek linear sensors use our own patented inductive sensing technology packaged in very durable housings. With a comprehensive range measuring from 1mm to 800mm and most products available with intrinsically safe approval. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications can be satisfied either with the P100 style cylinder sensor, the internally mounted P106 linear sensor or any of our other externally mounted linear sensors such as the stand alone P101. For submerged applications we offer IP68 sealing to 10 bar from our S114 and S115 submersible linear sensors and 350bar from our S125. The complete range of linear sensors is very customisable with many mounting, electrical and connection options. Customisation of most of our Linear, Rotary and Rilt sensors is routine given the excellent flexibilty of our sensing technology.

  • Hall Effect Vane Sensors

    ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

    ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG supplies various kinds of Hall Effect vane sensors (CYHME301, CYHME56, CYHME2000) for speed measurement with applications to machines, equipments, motorcycles (BMW ), automobile industry etc. We are specialised in design, development and production of Hall-effect sensors and can offer also custom Hall sensors for your special applications.

  • Fiber Optic Sensors

    Tri-Tronics Company Inc.

    Fiber optic sensors are a special type of sensor that uses fiber optic light guides to deliver the light to the sensing position. They work well for applications involving small targets, unfavorable conditions and tight areas. Glass fibers can be used in harsh environments without damage and are more rugged than plastic fiber optics. Plastic fiber optics are more flexible and cost-effective and can be cut to length. When applied correctly, fiber optic sensors solve many applications general purpose sensors can't solve.

  • DC current Sensors

    CTH - Powertek LLC

    The CTH sensors convert dc current to an isolated voltage output, the CTHR sensors convert ac current to a dc output signal proportional to the Arms. All popular process control voltage and current loop outputs are available. Through hole or split core options mean that connection is non-intrusive and straightforward. The available input range of the CTH sensors is any value from 5A to 6000Adc.

  • Clear Label Sensors

    Lion Precision

    Optics-free sensing technology is at the heart of an LRD clear label sensor. They see labels regular "eyes" can't see — like clear labels on a clear liner! This improved technology also makes them faster and more precise - even on ordinary paper labels. More than 50,000 LRD label sensors installed across the globe testify to their accuracy and reliability.Our clear label sensors use capacitive or ultrasonic technology so they have no sensitivity to color or contrast. The sensors are triggered by changes in thickness, not opacity or contrast.

  • Industrial Temperature Sensors

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    Temperature measurement and calibration is our specialty, allowing us to provide much more than just standard sensors and assemblies. Our long experience, developing and producing industrial temperature sensors, provides us with a wide knowledge about applications and customer needs. This enables us to build and deliver quick and custom-designed quality temperature sensors for almost any kind of solutions and applications, no matter what industry. We offer a complete range of thermocouple assemblies and resistance thermometers, as well as thermocouple wire, extension wire, temperature transmitters and accessories.

  • Digital Temperature Sensors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices offers a broad selection of digital temperature sensors with I2C, SPI, and mark space interfaces. For more intricate system design applications, some of these sensors have integrated D/A converters, A/D converters, references, and limit alarm register. All of these sensors possess a broad range of uses, including scientific, medical, and aerospace applications, in test and measurement equipment, and in industrial automation.

  • Draw Wire Sensors

    BEI Industrial Encoders

    Draw wire sensors offer a simple solution to measure linear speed and position. Utilizing a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool, and a sensor (an optical encoder with incremental, absolute, analog or potentiometric output), draw wire sensors can precisely measure linear position. Draw wire sensors do not need precise linear guidance and are ideal for wet, dirty, or outdoor environments and applications where your measuring range travels over harsh environments. These include applications in iron, steel, and wood (saw mills, joineries).

  • Airborne Ultrasound Sensors

    SDT Ultrasound Solutions

    Integrate ultrasound into your regular maintenance program in order to detect leaks before they happen and manage the condition of your assets.When there’s a need to identify leaks from a distance or in a location where contact sensors won’t work, airborne ultrasound sensors are the ideal enhancement for your ultrasound solution. Combine airborne ultrasound sensors with your SDT270 or SDT200 to hear leaks and pinpoint their location.

  • Analog Temperature Sensors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices analog temperature sensors provide current or voltage output proportional to the absolute temperature with accuracies of up to ±1°C. Our diverse range of analog output temperatures sensors can be used in a broad range of applications with no need for external calibration, and with minimal signal conditioning/conversion circuitry. To better suit your varied design needs, our portfolio of temperature sensors are available in multiple package options.

  • Pressure Sensors, Transducers, and Transmitters

    TE Connectivity Ltd.

    Our unmatched portfolio of intelligent, efficient and high-performing sensor solutions features pressure sensors, including transmitter components and transducers. Using MEMS and silicon strain gauge (Microfused) technologies, our sensors (deleted “products”) measure pressure ranging from inches of water (<5 mbar) to 100K psi (7K bar). TE''s pressure sensors are used for a range of diverse applications in industries ranging from automotive to industrial, from medical to aerospace, from home appliances to test and measurement, and beyond.

  • Reference Temperature Sensors

    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    Our reference sensors can be used as your daily working-reference sensors in laboratory or field calibration applications. A large selection of types are available, including; straight, 90 degree angle, 4 mm or 1/4”. The superior design and specifications combined with a long history of reliability and low drift have made the STS probes the working-standard in many EN/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories worldwide. The DLC sensors are a part of our patented Dynamic Load Compensation system.

  • Hazardous Area Sensors

    Meggitt Sensing Systems

    Meggitt (Maryland), Inc. offers a large selection of Wilcoxon Research® hazardous area rated sensors for industrial condition monitoring. Our sensors can be installed in hazardous areas around the world in accordance with FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx and other certifications.

  • Ground Plane Field Sensors

    montena technology sa

    These field sensors are designed for the measurement of fast pulsed electric or magnetic fields, especially for the MIL-STD-461E / RS 105 immunity tests. They can be directly connected to a fast oscilloscope through a passive integrator that we also propose as an option. Our field sensors can also be used for the precise control of the field inside TEM and GTEM cells.

  • IR Temperature Sensors

    Process Sensors Corp.

    Process Sensors offers a wide range of on-line fixed sensors for immediate and continuous temperature measurement and control in industrial processes. With a variety of special features, accessories and software options available, our technical experts can help match you with the best sensor for your application.