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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Light-to-Digital Sensors

    Renesas Electronics Corp.

    Renesas' light-to-digital output sensors offer IR blocking filters, interrupt function and an I2C interface and are intended for ambient light sensing and lighting/backlighting control.

  • IR FPA sensors


    IR FPA sensors are the most important modules of thermal imagers. Design of sensor electronics (camera core) is a crucial part of designing of new thermal imager. Knowledge of precise parameters of IR FPA sensor is needed by both professionals involved in both IR FPA technology/thermal imagers technology because parameters of IR FPA sensors determine performance limits of thermal imagers. Therefore test equipment that enable measurement of IR FPA sensors is a vital tool for development of both IR FPA technology/thermal imagers technology. It is commonly known that data sheets provided by manufacturers of IR FPA sensors (both cooled or non-cooled) provide too little details for electronics designers. Sometimes the provided data is not accurate enough and better sensor performance can be achieved using modified control signals. Therefore design teams loose sometimes years to develop electronic camera core optimized for a specific IR FPA sensor. When the type of the IR FPA sensor is changed the whole process is to be repeated. In this situation an universal, flexible camera core that would accept IR FPA sensors from different manufacturers and to carry out semi-automatic determination of optimal signal controls for a specific IR FPA sensor would be highly desirable.

  • Barometric Pressure Sensors

    Apogee Instruments, Inc.

    Accurate within 1.5 % across a pressure range of 15 to 115 kPa (4.43 to 34.96 in Hg). Long-term non-stability has been measured continuously indoors and in natural conditions (with sensors mounted inside a datalogger enclosure) for multiple sensors and is less than 0.5 % per year. Temperature effects on signal are less than 1 % across a wide temperature range (-20 to 50 C).

  • Angular & Position Sensors

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    Angular and position sensors from Vishay include linear position sensors, single- and multi-turn rotational precision potentiometers, and kit solutions for cost-sensitive applications. Built on technologies ranging from wirewound to conductive plastic, these devices are used to accurately control positions and to convert mechanical displacements into electrical signals. Markets served are quite diverse and include avionics, military, and space; industrial; medical; and off-road transportation.

  • Present Weather Sensors

    Bristol Industrial & Research Associates Ltd

    Biral forward scatter Present Weather Sensors measure visibility and report precipitation type and intensity. These compact sensors can identify a wide range of precipitation types including drizzle, rain, snow, hail, freezing rain and other forms of frozen precipitation. Precipitation type is reported using a combination of WMO Table 4680 and METAR codes. The range of precipitation types identified varies with sensor model.

  • Solar Radiation Sensors & Transmitters

    A70 Series - Comptus

    The Comptus A70 Series solar radiation sensors with transmitters are available in two models. The A70-A PAR Sensor measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the 400 to 700 nm range. The A70-I Insolation Sensor measures solar radiation in the 280 to 2800 nm range. The signals from the sensors are scaled by the signal conditioner to provide the desired output.

  • DC Voltage Sensors

    DARE Electronics

    DC voltage sensors monitor input voltages ranging from 3 to 500 volts DC with a trip point accuracy of up to 1% in airborne, military and ground power applications. Using internal electronic circuits to detect, monitor and/or sense DC voltage, DARE DC voltage sensors, monitors, and voltage sensing relays can open or close a circuit when a certain pre-set over or under voltage condition exists or the DC voltage falls outside the specified voltage band window.

  • Heat Flux Sensors

    Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

    We offer a wide range of sensors for measuring heat flux in many applications. The most commonly used model is HFP01, suitable for use in buildings as well as soils.A second fairly common model is the SBG water cooled heat flux sensor / heat flux meter, used for studies of fire and flames (equivalent to Schmidt Boelter or Gardon gauge). In addition we have special sensors for use under exotic conditions such as high temperatures, aggressive chemical conditions, on curved surfaces and many more variable applications.

  • Power/Position/Size Thermal Sensors

    BeamTrack - Ophir Photonics

    Thermal sensors that measure laser power and single shot energy like standard thermal sensors but in addition measure laser beam position and laser size. This position sensing detector measures laser beam position to 0.1mm accuracy and laser size measurement of a Gaussian beam to +/-5% accuracy. Measuring laser position is important for laser alignment where the laser position sensor can provide feedback to the laser position control.

  • Differential Pressure Sensors

    HTD series - First Sensor AG

    The piezoresistive HTD differential pressure sensors are specially developed for low pressure ranges and demanding space constrictions. The sensors allow for flexible direct manifold assemblies and offer high performance and accuracy. A digital SPI interface and analog voltage output provide OEMs maximum flexibility for a range of application such as medical devices, HVAC, instrumentation as well as industrial and pneumatic controls. Pressure ranges from 1 mbar to 7 bar.

  • Housed Temperature Sensors

    Variohm Eurosensor Ltd

    Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors from Variohm are rich in pedigree for Motorsports success and with a strong reputation for high reliability and durability across a broad spectrum of applications for exhaust gas monitoring. The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are based around a type K thermocouple in a robust design which has been well proven in Motorsport and similar demanding environments.

  • Laser Photodiode Sensors

    Ophir Photonics

    Photodiode sensors have a high degree of linearity over a large range of light power levels: from fractions of a nanowatt to about 2 mW. Above that light level, corresponding to a current of about 1 mA, the sensor saturates and reads erroneously low. Therefore, most Ophir PD sensors have a built-in and removable attenuator allows measurement of up to 3 W without saturation.

  • Ambient Light Sensors

    Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    Featuring a built-in photodiode and current amplifier circuit, Panasonic Ambient Light Sensors allow for automatic control of display luminosity relative to ambient brightness. With a spectral response similar to that of the human eye, it’s possible to design brightness control schemes that are tuned for optimal human sensitivity. This, along with a small package size and low power consumption, makes Panasonic's Ambient Light Sensors ideal for applications in mobile electronics.

  • Non-contacting Position Sensors

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

    For use in harsh environments, Vishay offers non-contacting position sensors based on Hall Effect technology. Linear displacement, rotational (single- and multi-turn), and kit design options all provide a full 360° measurement range with no dead angles and very long life, since there is no wear and tear on sensor elements. Applications for Vishay’s non-contacting position sensors include any system where vibration, shock, or dithering is to be expected, such as embedded applications in vehicles.

  • Temperature Switches & Sensors

    Sensata Technologies

    High Temperature Sensors (PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor and DTC – Digital ThermoCouple) that enable engine controllers to appropriately regulate automotive exhaust gas aftertreatment systemsCustom solutions for HVAC and industrial applications, featuring the fastest responding immersion package on the market todayHigh precision thermostats that help our aerospace customers ensure temperature protection and control in harsh environmentsIn addition, we’ve built on our leadership in temperature devices and pressure sensors to develop competitive solutions that combine pressure and temperature. Discover what Sensata can do for you.