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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Water Conductivity Sensors

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Water conductivity sensors are used in water-quality applications to measure how well a solution conducts an electrical current. This type of measurement assesses the concentration of ions in the solution. The more ions that are in the solution, the higher the conductivity.

  • Temperature Sensors and Temperature Controls

    Kobold Instruments, Inc.

    KOBOLD manufactures a variety of instruments for temperature monitoring and temperature measurement, such as temperature switches, including thermal reed temperature switches and temperature switches for liquids, temperature gauges, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and temperature probes.

  • USB Power Sensors

    Spanawave Corporation

    Offer easy-to-use high-performance RF and microwave power measurement. High dynamic range and high accuracy make these sensors ideal for testing in wireless communication applications and Defense EW systems.

  • Capacitive Proximity Sensors

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    Sometimes you need to know what is hidden beneath a surface. Behind a wall, for example, inside a storage container, inside a shipping container, or behind a cover. Capacitive proximity sensors are ideal for level and feed monitoring. From solid material, such as paper or wood, to granules or liquids, they can be relied upon to detect what is happening in the production process and during final inspection. Is there something behind that cover? Is the finished package really full? How much paint is still left in the tank? For capacitive proximity sensors, these are easy questions to answer. SICKs capacitive proximity sensors are never far from the action. Sensing ranges between 1 and 25 mm allow them to be used in nearly all installation situations, making them extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications. These sensors are also remarkably resistant to interference. Impurities, contamination, dust, and airborne spray particles have little effect on them, nor does electromagnetic interference. No wonder they are installed in a wide range of industries, such as food and automotive, or in storage and conveyor systems.

  • Laser Pyroelectric Energy Sensors

    Ophir Photonics

    Pyroelectric sensors for measuring repetitively pulsed energy at up to 25 kHz. These sensors use a pyroelectric crystal that generates an electric charge proportional to the heat absorbed. The response time of the pyroelectric sensor depends on the time it takes for the heat to enter the crystal and heat it up. For metallic type pyro detectors, this time is tens of μs and thus the metallic type can run at a high repetition rate. For the BF and BB type, the response time is milliseconds with a correspondingly lower repetition rate. Ophir pyroelectric detectors have unique and proprietary circuitry that allow them to measure long pulses as well as short pulses and work at a high duty cycle, i.e. where the pulse width is as much as 30% of the total cycle time.

  • Hall Effect Speed Sensors

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC zero speed Hall effect gear tooth sensors are used in industrial applications to determine shaft or gear speed or direction by detecting fluctuations in the magnetic field. The Hall effect technology fulfills a wide array of applications due to a Hall effect sensor's ability to detect zero speed and the quadrature sensor's ability to detect direction change. The Hall effect gear tooth sensor's digital output is easily read by computers, motion control devices, position monitors and digital to analog converters. Intrinsically Safe zero speed sensors are available for various applications.

  • Platinum Temperature Sensors

    Heraeus Noblelight GmbH

    Heraeus offers a variety of Platinum RTD sensors (PT RTD) with different resistance values (PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000) and different temperature coefficients (TC3750, TC3770, TC3850). The Surface mount RTD (SMD) Elements are designed for automated board mounting in high-volume applications. Standard SMD Elements are available in Platinum (Pt) 3850 and Nickel 6180 temperature coefficients. These types of sensors are also known as an SMD RTD, SMT and SMT RTD. Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements, Glass Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements and Nickel Thin Film RTD Elements are also available.

  • Torque Sensors (10kNm to 500kNm)

    Datum Electronics

    We offer a number of standard products that meet the needs of our customers within a commercial environment. Our standard range incorporates the measurement of torque up to and including 60,000Nm, we do offer solutions that are capable of measuring up to 500,000Nm. These products are used as Rotary Power Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and Torque Meters. Rotary or static applications, shaft trials or telemetry systems, bespoke solutions engineered to fit of free issue couplings, whatever your requirements Datum Electronics have the expertise and experience to offer the right solution at a competitive price.

  • Barometric Pressure Sensors

    Sutron Corporation

    The barometric air pressure (BAP) is an important parameter to compute the air-fuel ratio provided to the engine and for controlling spark advance to optimize engine efficiency. In automotive applications where high production volumes are common there is substantial interest in precision, low-cost and fully integrated sensors.

  • Barometric Pressure Sensors


    Comptus Barometric pressure sensors utilize an integrated silicon, absolute pressure sensor with internal temperature compensation. The sensor is mounted to the signal conditioner board. A 3/16 inch diameter tube may be attached to the sensor to provide remote pressure sensing. The output of the sensor is scaled to provide the desired output signal.

  • CW Power Sensors

    E-Series - Keysight Technologies

    Operates with the EPM, EPM-P and P-series power metersWide dynamic range sensors (-70 to +20 dBm)Accurate CW average power measurementsWide frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz (sensor dependent)Calibration factors stored in EEPROM

  • Load Force Weight Sensors

    Magtrol Inc.

    The Load-Force-Weight Sensor family is a complement to Magtrol's range of load measuring pins. These sensors can be used in different applications where the load measuring pin cannot be mounted. Our various executions and precision classes provide you with great flexibility for your application.

  • Magnetic Field Sensors

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices magnetic field sensors combine integrated bulk Hall cell technology and instrumentation circuitry to minimize temperature related drifts associated with silicon Hall cell characteristics. The architecture maximizes the advantages of a monolithic implementation while allowing sufficient versatility to meet varied application requirements with a minimum number of components.

  • Inductive Proximity Sensors

    Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    For metallic sensing applications, we offer a broad range of inductive proximity sensors. Options include 2 and 3 wire DC types along with low cost, compact basic types. Also, for high-performance sensing, our separate amplifier type handles high-speed operations.

  • IO-Link Sensors for Motion Control

    ifm efector, inc.

    *Encoder for precise position determination and linear measurement*Defined pulse sequence for the reliable detection of rotational speeds*Inclination sensors for precise measurement of angles of inclination on X and Y axes*High measurement accuracy across the total angular range in two axes*High protection rating for the requirements of harsh industrial environments