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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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    Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    This system can easily can accommodate displacement measurement transducers, temperature DAC and so on. Facilities for multi rack synchronization, time stamping, operation control, grapping and reporting tools simplify the operation of the system. A comprehensive built-in test enables validation of all wired sensors. This feature is very critical when large number of sensors are simultaneously being acquired.

  • Surveillance

    OctoPod - Aerodata AG

    The OctoPod is the integrated solution for the installation of a wide range of sensors: the unique "all-in-one" pod for airborne monitoring missions for mounting under an aircraft fuselage. The OctoPod was jointly developed by Aerodata AG and its subsidiary OPTIMARE.It enables multi-sensor-based monitoring emissions from the air with minimum space requirements and low effort for aircraft modification. The OctoPod can be equipped with up to eight sensors.

  • Sensitive Measurement of Magnetic Fields

    fluxgate magnetometer - FM-A & FM-D - Matesy GmbH

    The fluxgate magnetometer with single axial Fluxgate-Sensors is available with digital or analog interface (FM-A and FM-D). They are applied for the vectorial determination of magnetic fields and used for the detection of local material failures of electrically conductive materials. The digital sensors (FM-D) of the fluxgate magnetometer are calibrated and easy to use, while the analog sensors (FM-A) of the fluxgate magnetometer are the first choice for tasks where extremely high field resolutions are required. FM-A and FM-D Fluxgate-Sensors can be customized with very low effort to suit various applications.

  • Signal Conditioning and Filtering

    MSXB 067 - Microstar Laboratories, Inc.

    The MSXB 067 Signal Conditioning Expansion Board provides analog signal conditioning for strain gauges, load cells, RTDs, and other resistive sensors. MSXB 067 provides a flexible interface for quarter-bridge, half-bridge, and full-bridge sensors, with two to six wires for each sensor, with or without voltage sense feedback. A small daughterboard supports user-supplied bridge completion resistors.


    Friendly Technologies Ltd.

    Friendly's Smart Home management solution is a full solution for management and monitoring of millions of households. It enables service providers to introduce their own Smart Home Service to subscribers, offering various Smart Home service packages. Friendly's Smart Home Management platform provides subscribers with a coherent and holistic view and control of all devices in their Smart Home: from appliances and security sensors, to cameras and power management, including camera view, recording sensors status, alarms upon events, automated scenarios and more.

  • Robot Assembly Training Equipments

    ED-7271 - ED CO., LTD

    *10 types of sensors, 3 types of actuator modules and 4 types of application modules essential for theintelligent robot*System structure for seizing the essence of artificial intelligence robots*Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class*Easy to mount modules by the clamping device*USB high speed(480Mbps) interface*Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of Ubiquitous and Home Network*Image processing practice using USB Camera

  • RTD Data Logger

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya's RTD Data Logger is the most commonly used sensors for measuring temperatures in various industries. These are positive temperature coefficient resistive sensors and Pt100 is the most commonly used type of RTD sensor which has 100 ohm resistance at 0 C. IM2000 series RTD data loggers offer bridge measurement technique to compensate for effect of wire length. In addition logger has facility to program offset so that the measurements are more accurate.

  • Sound Velocity

    Valeport Ltd,

    Sound Velocity Sensors and Profilers from Valeport, the world leaders in Sound Velocity technology – a position achieved by both innovative development and meticulous attention to detail throughout the design, manufacture and especially calibration processes. Having been established at the forefront of this field nearly a decade ago with Digital Time of Flight technology, Valeport have now made a series of incremental changes to reinforce that position, ensuring that Valeport SV sensors offer levels of performance that are demonstrably far in excess of even the latest offerings from our competitors.

  • Spectroradiometer

    FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG - Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.

    Higher resolution hyperspectral sensors yield greater precision for remote sensing classification applications, producing more information from every pixel generated in an image than ever before. To help maximize the full potential of these next generation sensors, measurements from ground based instrumentation need to meet or exceed the sensor’s spectral resolution. In the absence of this resolution equality, data is interpolated during post processing and vital spectral information can be smoothed and lost.

  • Spectrum Monitoring and Interference Systems

    Keysight Technologies

    Automate wide area, close-proximity signal monitoring, interference detection, identification, location, reportingIncrease flexibility; set up rugged, portable-RF sensors in fixed, temporary or mobile platforms in any environment for extended periods of timeRemotely deploy a single sensor or a network of sensors synchronously country or city-wide, or in a roomCustomize for your application with software for spectrum monitoring, emitter location, signal intercept, capture/analysis

  • Process Control Instruments

    Bee Instruments

    Sensors to measure process conditions and valves to influence process operations are essential for all aspects of engineering practice. Engineers want to design and operate processes that remain in safe conditions, produce the desired amounts of high quality products and are profitable. Therefore, engineers must provide measuring devices for key variables and valves (or other devices, such as variable speed electric motors) to influence of “steer” the process. This site provides educational material on sensors and valves for use in the process industries.

  • The Internet Of Things Solutions

    jKool, llc

    Big Data analytics is the foundation of the industrial internet. The IoT cuts across almost all industries as they join the industrial internet. Organizations are embedding ever-increasing amounts of sensors in the environment. These sensors are inserted into processes ranging from sports, automotive, manufacturing to supply chain detecting the movement of products from pallet to truck. They are also used for:Monitoring energy consumption and pump performance in the aircraft industryTagging patients to monitor their vitals in hospitalsWind mills used by the energy companies to generate powerTracking and measuring sport team performance

  • Wind Measurement and Meteorological System

    Moriah - Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

    MWS is a solid-state system with no moving parts, so providing a highly accurate, reliable and low cost of ownership system, which is ideal for supporting ship based aviation activities. The system comprises of 1 to 5 Solid State Wind Sensors, Dual Redundant Processor Unit, a range of Multi-Function Color Displays (8.4", 10.4" and 15.0") and utility Software/Graphic User Interfaces. In addition full Meteorological capability can be achieved with the inclusion of Air Temperature & Humidity, Air Pressure and Sea Temperature Sensors.

  • Wireless Sensing Networks

    Stellar Technology Inc.

    LORD MicroStrain offers a diverse range of sensors and sensor accessories to many essential industries. In fact, our dedication to sensor technology means we were one of the first companies to utilize wireless sensor capabilities to allow digital sensors to interact with personal computers and the internet. Here’s a look at some of the wireless sensor network systems LORD MicroStrain offers for a variety of applications and industries.

  • Wireless Sensor Interfaces

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Used with wireless sensors, wireless sensor interfaces include base stations; wireless, configurable sensor interfaces; and sensor-to-PC interfaces. Base stations serve as master radios in wireless networks. Wireless, configurable sensor interfaces have radios with sealed connectors for sensor attachments. Sensor-to-PC interfaces support communication between wireless sensors and computers.