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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Multicomm Intelligent Junction Box

    SeaKing - Tritech International Ltd.

    The Multicomm can be linked to a number of SeaKing sensors and communication can then be made to the SCU (Surface Control Unit) using RS232 protocol. As well as providing RS232 output, the Multicomm can be set to act as a transparent interface allowing communication using Tritech's ARCNET protocol. This transparent interface also accepts SeaPrince sensors, which provides a simple junction box for system installations where time is critical.

  • Non-Contact High-Precision Proximity Measuring System

    KD-2446 - Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products

    * Outstanding precision: static resolution to 12 microinches* Excellent performance with ferrous targets* Variable voltage input from 12 to 24 volts DC* Compact rugged electronics and sensors* Adjustable gain for up to 22 volts output (with 24 Vdc input)* Temperature tolerant sensors (to 400°F)* High speed (10 KHz) level adjustable switched output for process control* Very low switching hysteresis, < 1% on ferrous targets* RoHS compliant

  • Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor

    DLHR Series - All Sensors Corporation

    The DLHR Series Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor is based on All Sensors' CoBeam2 TM Technology. This reduces package stress susceptibility, resulting in improved overall long term stability and vastly improves the position sensitivity. The digital interface option eases integration of the sensors into a wide range of process control and measurement systems, allowing direct connection to serial communications channels. 0.5 to 60 inH2O Pressure Ranges

  • Process Control Instruments

    Bee Instruments

    Sensors to measure process conditions and valves to influence process operations are essential for all aspects of engineering practice. Engineers want to design and operate processes that remain in safe conditions, produce the desired amounts of high quality products and are profitable. Therefore, engineers must provide measuring devices for key variables and valves (or other devices, such as variable speed electric motors) to influence of “steer” the process. This site provides educational material on sensors and valves for use in the process industries.

  • Robot Assembly Training Equipments

    ED-7271 - ED CO., LTD

    *10 types of sensors, 3 types of actuator modules and 4 types of application modules essential for theintelligent robot*System structure for seizing the essence of artificial intelligence robots*Enriched examples for the beginning level to an advanced level in the robot class*Easy to mount modules by the clamping device*USB high speed(480Mbps) interface*Extensive learning for the sensors being used in the field of Ubiquitous and Home Network*Image processing practice using USB Camera

  • Sensitive Measurement of Magnetic Fields

    fluxgate magnetometer - FM-A & FM-D - Matesy GmbH

    The fluxgate magnetometer with single axial Fluxgate-Sensors is available with digital or analog interface (FM-A and FM-D). They are applied for the vectorial determination of magnetic fields and used for the detection of local material failures of electrically conductive materials. The digital sensors (FM-D) of the fluxgate magnetometer are calibrated and easy to use, while the analog sensors (FM-A) of the fluxgate magnetometer are the first choice for tasks where extremely high field resolutions are required. FM-A and FM-D Fluxgate-Sensors can be customized with very low effort to suit various applications.

  • RTD Data Logger

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya's RTD Data Logger is the most commonly used sensors for measuring temperatures in various industries. These are positive temperature coefficient resistive sensors and Pt100 is the most commonly used type of RTD sensor which has 100 ohm resistance at 0 C. IM2000 series RTD data loggers offer bridge measurement technique to compensate for effect of wire length. In addition logger has facility to program offset so that the measurements are more accurate.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    ScopeCheck® V - Werth Inc.

    Precise measurement of cylindrical workpieces (tools, shafts etc.) using application-specific sensors in a production environmentHeavy duty granite base with CNC air bearing rotary axisIntegrated vertical rotary axis for rapid measurement of diameters, planes, holes, and cutting and clearance angles with optical and tactile sensorsAll industry standard tool holders and chuck systems are available on the rotary axisUnique design allows easy integration of additional sensors for increased flexibilityProtected enclosure for measurement on the production floor

  • Current Source

    YL4012 - Yiliang Corporation

    Precision measurement of resistance DC current bias for semiconductor devices.High stability current driver for semiconductor Light emitting devices. ( LEDs, Laser diodes )High precision DC current bias for sensors.High stability DC current bias for any precision.( Thermal sensors, Hall sensors ) Measurement of samples.Automatic resistance measurements with Other intelligent instruments

  • Centor Dual R, 2 channels force gauge, external load cell

    CNR DLR - Com-Ten Industries

    The force gauge Centor Dual R series have all the functions of a Centor STAR R force gauge. And thanks to its ability to read two sensors simultaneously with a 500 Hertz sampling rate per channel, the force gauge Centor Dual is a true test console. It offers all of the functionality of an efficient force gauge, its calculating power enables it to save values from two different sensors simultaneously, to monitor set points and to perform calculations on each channel.

  • FlowControl-Sub

    Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Pinch valve design for full-port flow and easy replacement of fouled tubingRapid transition of valve state (~1 s)Auxiliary inputs for analog sensors and Hall Effect volumetric flow sensors (paddlewheel or turbine) [under development]Flexible configuration of valve operation for scheduled or profiling operation, as well as start and stop conditionsContinuous output and internal logging of valve state and depth

  • Frequency Sensor

    DARE Electronics

    DARE?s frequency sensors and monitors are available in both AC powered and DC powered models in a wide variety of standard or custom enclosures. Used in aircraft, ground support equipment (GSE), ground power applications, and other military and industrial applications, DARE frequency sensors, monitors, and frequency sensing relays will protect equipment that is sensitive to fluctuations in power line frequency from damage due to over and / or under frequency conditions.

  • Gas Analyser

    LT GasAnalyzer - LT Gasetechnik

    Highly performant analyzer for measuring the concentration of technical gases based on a thermal conductivity sensor, an infrared sensor a para magnetic sensor or combinations of these sensors. Sensors are precise, robust and have a low cross-sensitivity. Extractive online measurement of the concentration of flammable or non-flammable gas components in gas mixtures. Can measure trace oxygen (O2) levels in the parts per million (ppm) range.

  • Gateway Control Systems

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The system is built on the basis of a panel computer with a touch screen that performs user interface functions and records the measured parameters. The stand is equipped with gate drives and a set of sensors (pressure, flow rate, force). Real-time shutter control is implemented on the basis of the R-series card, for input and conversion of analog signals from the sensors, the expansion basket of R-series cRIO-9151 boards is used.

  • 8-port serial interface


    8-port serial interface, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL, modular mounting.Extend your ports. Either for parameterizing your devices or for cyclic data acquisition of measurement devices or sensors: The range of automatisation facilities with serial interface according to RS232-, RS422- and RS485-standard or 20 mA current loop is very extensive (barcode-scanner, magnet card reader, sensors, counter or tachometer modules, displays, CNC-machines, SPS etc.).