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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

See Also: Measurement, Detectors, Meters, Transducers

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  • Wind Measurement and Meteorological System

    Moriah - Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.

    MWS is a solid-state system with no moving parts, so providing a highly accurate, reliable and low cost of ownership system, which is ideal for supporting ship based aviation activities. The system comprises of 1 to 5 Solid State Wind Sensors, Dual Redundant Processor Unit, a range of Multi-Function Color Displays (8.4", 10.4" and 15.0") and utility Software/Graphic User Interfaces. In addition full Meteorological capability can be achieved with the inclusion of Air Temperature & Humidity, Air Pressure and Sea Temperature Sensors.

  • Wireless Sensing Networks

    Stellar Technology Inc.

    LORD MicroStrain offers a diverse range of sensors and sensor accessories to many essential industries. In fact, our dedication to sensor technology means we were one of the first companies to utilize wireless sensor capabilities to allow digital sensors to interact with personal computers and the internet. Here’s a look at some of the wireless sensor network systems LORD MicroStrain offers for a variety of applications and industries.

  • Wireless Sensor Interfaces

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Used with wireless sensors, wireless sensor interfaces include base stations; wireless, configurable sensor interfaces; and sensor-to-PC interfaces. Base stations serve as master radios in wireless networks. Wireless, configurable sensor interfaces have radios with sealed connectors for sensor attachments. Sensor-to-PC interfaces support communication between wireless sensors and computers.

  • Fast Speed Models (PCI Cameras)

    xiB 64 - XIMEA GmbH

    *High-speed interface with a bandwidth of 64 Gbit / sec*CMOSIS sensor: CMV12000*Luxima sensors: LUX13HS, LUX19HS, LUX160*Gpixel sensors: GMAX0505, GMAX3265*Resolution from 1 Mpix to 65 Mpix*Speeds from 333 Fps to 3500+ Fps*Suitable for OEM customization and Embedded vision systems*Distances up to 300m over fiber-optic cable*Compact housing: 60 x 70 x 55 mm

  • 4-20mA Sensor Converter

    ENVIROMUX-S420MA-24V - Network Technologies Inc

    External RJ45 device monitors up to two 4-20 mA analog sensors. Supports ISA Type 2, ISA Type 3, and ISA Type 4 sensors. Provides 24VDC, 25mA for each sensor. Connector: Screw Terminal, 8-position. Supports CAT5/5e/6 cable up to 500 ft. (152 m). Includes Mounting Hardware. Powered by ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Compatible with ENVIROMUX-2D/5D/16D. Regulatory approvals: RoHS.

  • Multi-Axis Sensor

    MCS10 - FiberSensing

    MCS10 multi-axis sensors from HBM enable multiple forces to be simultaneously measured along three axes or coordinates (Fx, Fy, Fz).The 6-axis-sensor version allows for measurement of torque acting along the axes in addition to force (Mx, My, Mz).MCS10 therefore provides a real “three-dimensional” image of your test setup – a 3D force sensor, which, in addition, achieves outstanding values for the crosstalk effects that can occur with multi-axis sensors.

  • Digital Accelerometer

    ZET 7151 - ZETLAB Company

    The characteristics of the primary transducer are set in the device memory and measurements are performed based on those parameters. Thus, the digital sensors releases the user from setting the measuring channels and data processing. The sensors are fixed on the measurement object while the information transmission units are mounted in electric cabinets. An advantage of the ZETSENSOR units is easy installation and uninstallation as well as indication of feed and signal transmission which, in its turn, facilitates diagnostics of the system at the facility.

  • Generator Control Module | Generator Controller

    Generator Controls, Synchronizers, Load Sharer, Synchroscope, Re-Active Load Sharer. - Selco USA, INC

    In electrical machines, like generators, these varying changes constitute an electrical signal. Additional information about generators and their components can also be found in the article, These signals can be intelligently processed to control the performance of the machine. Generator Controls have sensors that can detect changes in physical attributes like heat and speed and generate signals accordingly. Modern generators also have similar sensors to detect changes in all kinds of various parameters. These can be used to control the generator through a control panel.

  • Liquid Calibration Baths

    Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.

    Designed for calibration of temperature control devices that contain hazardous or corrosive fluids. Meets Class 1, Division 1 requirements for operation in a hazardous environment. CSZ explosion proof liquid calibration baths are designed to calibrate a large number of temperature sensors which contain a variety of different types of hazardous fluids. The sensors are typically calibrated in the same fluid used in the sensing element of the control devices per specification.

  • The Internet Of Things Solutions

    jKool, llc

    Big Data analytics is the foundation of the industrial internet. The IoT cuts across almost all industries as they join the industrial internet. Organizations are embedding ever-increasing amounts of sensors in the environment. These sensors are inserted into processes ranging from sports, automotive, manufacturing to supply chain detecting the movement of products from pallet to truck. They are also used for:Monitoring energy consumption and pump performance in the aircraft industryTagging patients to monitor their vitals in hospitalsWind mills used by the energy companies to generate powerTracking and measuring sport team performance

  • RTD Data Logger

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya's RTD Data Logger is the most commonly used sensors for measuring temperatures in various industries. These are positive temperature coefficient resistive sensors and Pt100 is the most commonly used type of RTD sensor which has 100 ohm resistance at 0 C. IM2000 series RTD data loggers offer bridge measurement technique to compensate for effect of wire length. In addition logger has facility to program offset so that the measurements are more accurate.

  • Universal Data Logger

    IM2000 UN - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    We are leading manufacturer, ecporter, supplier of Data Logger. These Data Logger manages to Monitor ur organization deals in offering Universal Data Logger that are applications where user needs to connect different type of sensors to a data logger. Its applications can be for Calibration / Validation purpose where from site to site the sensors type will change. IM2000U are universal type of loggers in which the sensor inputs are not fixed. The input is user selectable and user can change it on site as and when required.

  • ATEX Approved PC Programmable, Universal Input

    SEM210X - Labfacility Ltd.

    The SEM210X is a universal ATEX approved programmable temperature transmitter which accepts most commonly used Pt100, thermocouple, mV and slide-wire sensors and generates an industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal

  • ATEX, IECEx Dual Channel Universal Temperature Transmitter With HART Protocol

    SEM310X MKII - Labfacility Ltd.

    The SEM310X is an ATEX, IECEx approved universal programmable HART temperature transmitter which accepts most commonly used Pt100, thermocouple, mV and slide-wire sensors and generates an industry standard (4 to 20) mA transmission signal


    ISRA Vision AG

    With the economical InProcess method, the adhesive/sealant application is inspected during the dispensing process, so that no additional inspection time is required. By using special camera sensors that monitor 360° around the dispense nozzle, three different applications are possible: