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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Multi-sensor Drug & Explosive Detection System

    HDK - Laser-Detect Systems Ltd.

    LDS Hybrid Detection Kit (HDK) - By operating the sensors in parallel, and in real-time, results in much higher probability of detection than the performance of each specific detector. Integrated solution including laser detection technologies, dual Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) and chemical detection, that operate in synch. The HDK employs a proprietary algorithm to processes the feeds from each of the detectors. Operating the sensors in parallel, and in real-time, results in a much higher probability of detection than the performance of each specific detector. HDK also provides much lower false positive rate, even in conditions that hinder detection by each of the specific techniques.

  • MWIR Systems

    L-3 Cincinnati Electronics

    L3 Cincinnati Electronics’ high-performance cooled mid-wave (3.5 – 5.0 µm) IR imagers are based on our patented InSb focal plane array architecture. Ideal for all combat conditions, L3 Cincinnati Electronics technology improves situational awareness in combat intelligence, sighting & tracking systems, threat deterrence and perimeter & border security with all-weather observation, day or night. These IR sensors can be utilized in urban, rural and remote situations where there are extreme climatic and terrain conditions. Well-suited for fixed or portable payloads, these imaging systems offer a substantially lower total life-cycle cost in comparison to other commercial IR imaging sensors.

  • Grid Analytics System

    Sentient Energy, Inc.

    Sentient Energy’s Grid Analytics System consists of intelligent sensors, distributed apps and the Ample Analytics suite. Sentient’s flagship, the MM3™, is an intelligent oscilloscope with high-performance sensors featuring substation-class measurement, computing and processing capabilities. Much like modern smart phones, Sentient MM3s can accept new apps downloaded over-the-air and be configured to meet the utility’s evolving needs. MM3s locally capture and process detailed data at many points along the network and communicate specific alerts and analyses to SCADA or Ample™ Analytics modules for feeder or system wide studies.

  • Ruby 1.3M

    EV76C660 - Teledyne e2v

    The EV76C660 and EV76C661 are the newest members of Teledyne e2v’s Ruby family of CMOS imaging sensors. These breakthrough devices provide sensitivity and performance beyond that considered possible on a front side illuminated sensor with a pixel size of 5.3μm, Quantum Efficiency (QE) of over 80% and excellent sensitivity and performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum (>50% at 850nm). This significantly reduces system illumination costs, or enables very low-light imaging in outdoor camera applications. The EV76C660 and EV76C661 share the same package, pin-out and software interface as Teledyne e2v’s Sapphire family of imaging sensors, enabling them to provide a range of differentiated industrial camera products from a single hardware and software development effort.

  • Industrial Computed Tomography

    TomoScope® 200 - Werth Inc.

    Multisensor coordinate measuring machine for 3D measurements using the principle of Computed Tomography, in combination with additional sensors (tactile sensor systems, optical sensors)Robust granite base with integrated air bearing rotary axisOptional second Z-axis for collision-free operation in multisensor modeIn both design and construction, the measuring machine meets the legal requirements for a fully protective device according to x-ray device regulations. Additional safety features have been included over and above the legal requirements.Modular structure guarantees customized solutions for individual applicationsGrid tomography to extend the measurement area (optional)

  • Torque & Load Cell Indicator

    9850 - Interface Inc.

    The model 9850's modular design allows the use of 7 different types of channel cards in 2 available channels. Available channels include AC mV/V for use with Rotary Transformer type torque sensors, DC mV/V, +/-5V or +/-10V, 4-20mA, Frequency (speed), Encoder and LVDT position sensors. A 3rd math channel allows display of calculate values such as horsepower, unit conversion, peak or valley, etc. The dual +/-10V analog outputs are assignable to any of the three channels. 2000 Hz sample rate allows true peak monitoring. Included software for graphical data display and logging.

  • Turbidity / Suspended Solids

    KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

    *Turbidity measurement is widely used in drinking water and wastewater applications. To address a wide range of applications, KROHNE offers different measuring solutions, from open channel measurement with the OPTISENS TUR 2000 to low-range measurement systems such as the OPTISYS TUR 1050.*Total Suspended Solids (TSS) is a key measurement for water, wastewater and certain industrial processes. Typically, TSS is monitored through periodic grab samples with gravimetric determination in the lab. Quantitative online TSS measurement is often done with absorption sensors. The TSS sensors like the OPTISENS TSS 3000 or OPTISENS TSS 7000 also provide immediate results for process control and reduce the need for the time consuming suspended solids lab analysis.


    WSKIT3BC-CBM - B+B SmartWorx

    The bundle provides everything you need: the sensors, the wireless nodes, and the Cellular network gateway.Embedded magnets make mounting fast and easy.Robust network security and VPN tunneling capable.Wide temperature specifications and a rugged, outdoor-rated, industrial design.Wzzard nodes automatically create an alternate path to the network gateway if a node is disconnected. Individual nodes don’t need to be within direct range of the network gateway. They can route their data across fellow nodes.Up to 32 Wzzard Nodes and 96 individual sensors can be deployed in a single mesh network.Range is up to 100 meters indoors and up to 500 meters outdoors.

  • Breakout Tools

    GarTech Enterprises

    Quickly test and troubleshoot harnesses, engine control modules or sensors by connecting a Breakout Box onto your system.

  • Inspection and Maintenance

    Sensors, Inc.

    Sensors' EMISSIONS INSPECTION ANALYZERS have a long-standing history for exceeding international standards with compact, portable, and cost-effective systems.

  • VXI D/A Converters

    Keysight Technologies

    With Keysight Technologies' digital to analog converters, you can control devices under test or simulate sensors in a VXI-based test system.

  • Push Button Temperature Transmitter

    SEM203/TC - Labfacility Ltd.

    The push button temperature transmitter is a cost effective “smart” in head transmitter that accepts thermocouple temperature sensors.

  • Rugged Data Acquisition


    Rugged data acquisition systems are built to work in harsh environments and can be distributed close to the sensors.

  • DC Current Source

    YL4010A50 - Yiliang Corporation

    Precision measurement of resistance devices. High stability current drivers for semiconductor. High precision DC current bias for sensors precision.

  • PXI 5 Ch. Differential Hi Voltage Attenuator

    41-661-001 - Pickering Interfaces Ltd.

    High voltage attenuators designed to reduce the high output voltages commonly generated by some types of sensors