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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    VideoCheck® S - Werth Inc.

    Ideal for small measurement ranges that require high accuracyThe Werth constant-stress guideway principle of the X-Y stage ensures high precision and long-term stabilityVideoCheck® S machines use the Werth image processing sensor with telecentric WerthZoom® and Werth MultiRing®Integration of additional sensors and beampath to a multisensory system guarantees higher flexibility and measurement speedMachine can be equipped with a wide selection of additional optical and tactile sensors, including the Werth Fiber Probe

  • Digital Test Switch

    FT-14D - ABB Ltd.

    Test switch solution for digital switchgear using current and voltage sensors. With the FT-14D Digital FlexitestTM switches, a new era of protection relay testing can be performed more safely, quickly and easily. The FT-14D switch allows a customer to integrate current and voltage sensors within digital switchgear and protective relays and thereby enable the Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Digital Ultrasonic Maintenance System

    VPE-2000 - Superior Signal Company

    The Superior AccuTrak VPE-2000 is the first digitally controlled ultrasonic detector. Like two instruments in one it uses two independent sensors supported by separate electronic circuits configured specifically to their own sensor. This assures optimum sound clarity and frequency response. When switching between the airborne and contact sensors all settings are retained in memory! Digital LED meters let you establish baselines, perform trending, and accurately repeat these tests better than older more expensive analog instruments.

  • OEM 1-Channel Fiber Optic Signal Conditioner PCB Module

    FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT - Micronor AG

    The FOTEMP1-OEM-MNT is a small form factor PCB interface module designed for low cost insertion of high precision GaAs-based fiber optic temperature sensor technology into OEM applications where common electrical temperature sensors and thermocouples cannot be used. The OEM interface product is compatible with all TS series fiber optic temperature probes. The sensors are entirely non-metallic and electrically passive, providing immunity to EMI, RFI, MR, microwaves and radiation is required.

  • Laboratory Centrifuges

    ACUTRONIC Switzerland Ltd

    Centrifuge systems are designed for the development, test, evaluation and calibration of accelerometers and a variety of inertial devices. Centrifuges provide a cost-effective solution for simulating high-"G" environments in the laboratory. They support testing of devices such as MEMS-based Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), low-cost quartz or silicon sensors, Ring Laser Gyros (RLGs), Fiber-Optic Gyros (FOGs), fuzes and crash sensors.

  • High End Portable Laser Power / Energy Meter

    Centauri - Ophir Photonics

    Compatible with all standard Ophir Thermal, BeamTrack, Pyroelectric and Photodiode sensors. Large 7" Full Color Touch Display. Single and Dual Channel models available. Choose between Digital with Bargraph, Analog Needle, Line Plot, Pulse Chart, Pass/Fail, Position, Stability, and Real Time Statistics displays. Dual Channel Instrument supports Split and Merged Graphical Displays.Sophisticated power and energy logging, including logging every point at up to 10000Hz with Pyro sensors

  • Gateway Control Systems

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The system is built on the basis of a panel computer with a touch screen that performs user interface functions and records the measured parameters. The stand is equipped with gate drives and a set of sensors (pressure, flow rate, force). Real-time shutter control is implemented on the basis of the R-series card, for input and conversion of analog signals from the sensors, the expansion basket of R-series cRIO-9151 boards is used.

  • Signal Conditioners

    SPECTEC Innovative Sensor Solutions

    SPECTEC's frequency to current and frequency to voltage converters for passive and active magnetic speed sensors and all digital speed sensors fit in a variety of explosion-proof elbow enclosures or can be DIN rail mounted via special adapters. These signal conditioners change the sinusoidal input to a linear current or voltage output respectively. The 4-20 mA and 10-50 mA signal converter has many applications in the flow industry. The frequency to voltage converters provides either a 0 to 5 V (TTL) or 0 to 10 V output.

  • Static Tester for Lab and Workshop

    ADSE 715 RS - ATEQ Aviation

    The ADSE 715 is a complete high performance single pressure Ps stand-alone test bench specially designed to be used in the workshop or in the laboratory to test and calibrate all air data equipment such as altimeters, vertical speed indicators, air data computers ) and sensors. The high precision embedded sensors enable the ADSE 715 to be used as a pressure standard. The user interface running on a PC connected through USB link is programmed underWindows and Labview, with a data base managed in a spreadsheet for easy evaluation, management, statistics and presentation.

  • LVDT I/O Cards

    CP3000 Series - Computer Conversions Corporation

    Universal AC Sensor interface digitizes up to 8 channels of individually Programmable Synchro, Resolver and LVDT/RVDT sensor inputs on a 3U cPCI (Compact PCI) and PXI Compatible plug-in circuit cardProduct allows users to interface into the widest variety of AC Position sensors all programmable within a single cardA must have for anyone using LVDT-RVDT's, Synchros and Resolver sensors or signals, electronic gauging, motion control, and instrumentation.

  • Vibration Reference Sources

    Meggitt Sensing Systems

    Speed up your sensor commissioning, and keep your sensors in line all the time. Our handheld shaker is portable and rugged. It quickly checks operation and set-up of accelerometers and velocity sensors in the field, and it's easy to verify sensor performance and the integrity of cable connections between the sensor and data acquisition system. Ensure confidence in the entire measurement chain before beginning expensive tests and calibration, plus do not forget to purchase your accessory kits.

  • Industrial PoE Camera

    Phoenix - LUCID Vision Labs, Inc.

    The Phoenix machine vision camera delivers the incredible quality and performance of Sony Pregius™ sensors – the industry leading global shutter CMOS sensor. Sony’s global shutter technology captures crystal clear, non-distorted images with exceptionally low read noise and very high dynamic range. Sony’s Pregius CMOS sensors used in the Phoenix cameras provide the imaging quality needed for today’s most challenging tasks

  • Torque Sensor

    Futek Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc.

    Torque Sensors manufactured in US by FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology (FUTEK), offering a huge selection of Torque Sensors, utilizing one of the most advanced technologies in the Sensor Industry: Metal foil strain gauge technology.A Torque Sensor, is a transducer that converts a torsional mechanical input into an electrical output signal. Torque Sensor, are also commonly known as a Torque Transducer.

  • High Definition Fiber Optic Sensing

    ODiSI - Luna Technologies

    High Definition Fiber Optic Sensing (HD-FOS) uses optical frequency domain reflectometry to convert a standard unaltered fiber optic cable into a virtual continuous line of sensors to measure strain or temperature. A distinct measurement can be made in 1mm increments along the length of fiber. Altering the fiber with Bragg gratings in unnecessary and sensors can be constructed with standard cable. The fiber can be bonded to structures or in many cases embedded within them.

  • Survey and Mapping

    Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    The Spar employs a set of magnetic field sensors to accurately measure the 3-D offset to an underground utility and automatically combines this offset with absolute positions obtained via GNSS or other survey methods to obtain the 3-D coordinates of the utility. The Spar’s novel approach allows it to measure the 3-D offset from any vantage point within range and its built-in acceleration and magnetic sensors allow it to operate in almost any position. Moreover, it offers two distinct operating modes, line and sonde, extending its capabilities to most surveying situations.