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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Checking and Verifying Device for Power Testing Equipment

    Hangzhou Xihu Electronic Institute

    The calibration device is suitable for on-site assessment at the scene substation equipment operating conditions, assessment check its external ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic PD online monitoring system detected band, sensitivity, linearity and stability ..

  • Modular Rack-Mounted Multi-Channel Position Sensing System

    KDM-8206 - Kaman Fuzing & Precision Products

    * Modularized rack format* Standard 3U by 7T Eurocard modules* Resolution to 10 microinches or better* Multiple channels, rack mounted or bench-top enclosures* 16 standard sensors

  • Laser Sweep Fiber Grating Interrogating System

    CA9037 - UC Instruments, Corp.

    CA9037 high resolution fiber grating sensor interrogating system is a PC-based, high laser power, high wavelength accuracy, multi-channel and large number FBG sensors capability interrogating system.

  • Capacitive Humidity Sensor Elements

    E + E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H

    The E+E capacitive humidity sensors impress by outstanding linearity, high sensitivity as well as long term stability well proven in demanding environment. The excellent reproducibility of the sensor characteristic facilitates their use in most diverse devices.

  • Datalogger for humidity / temperature

    E + E Elektronik Ges.m.b.H

    Dataloggers for accurate and reliable recording of climatic values for air humidity and temperature. Dataloggers with internal or remote sensors for use in the HVAC sector. Multi-channel dataloggers for high accuracy climatic monitoring on up to 32 measurement points.

  • Multifunction Calibrator 15 ppm basic accuracy

    MC142 - Powertek LLC

    Multifunction calibrator MC142 is a precision voltage, current and power calibration source serving as a measurement standard in calibration laboratories and production lines; where verification of electrical measurement equipment & sensors is required. It can be used for calibration and adjustment of meters measuring voltage, current, power, resistance, capacitance and frequency. Internal harmonic and non-harmonic signals make it possible to test electrical performance of meters using signals with various crest factors. Frequency modes enable selection of frequency, amplitude and duty cycle of the output signal. These are suitable for basic calibration of digital and analog oscilloscopes along with transient recorders. The calibrator is equipped to measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors. Its built-in multimeter can be used independently or simultaneously with the calibrator output. Testing of transducers of various types, regulators and sensors can be performed, without the necessity to use any other measuring instrument.

  • Online Conditioner System

    MCE-24A series - Kyowa Instruments

    PC is not includedEnable measurement in a maximum 24 channels.The system can easily be set up through the PC. Thus, it is most suitable for use with a system under online control or for configuration of a measuring system of multiple channels. Applicable sensors that depend on mounted conditioner cards include strain gages, strain-gage transducers, voltage-output sensors, AC signal-output sensors, thermocouples and piezoelectric acceleration transducers. Mount desired cards to the unit base, and you can measure different types of signals in a variety of combinations. The cards can easily be exchanged, thereby enabling users to configure an original system for each individual measurement purpose. Also, up to 20 units can be placed under the control of PC for synchronized measurement in a maximum 480 channels. Furthermore, while providing multiple channels, this conditioner system is offered at an affordable price.

  • Capacitance Sensor Systems

    MTI Instruments

    MTI Instruments offers high resolution capacitance sensors, probes and systems that generate low noise, highly accurate and high stable measurements. Our Capacitance sensor line-up offers accurate measurements for automated inspection applications such as thread quality inspection, disk drive run-out, leveling or flatness measurement, lens alignment, tire run-out and bulging. Our Accumeasure capacitive sensors offer large stand-off distance that includes single and multiple channel rack systems that connect up to 10 capacitive sensors or capacitance probes with individual analog measurement outputs. We also offer cost-effective customized capacitive sensor amplifier board and probe system for easy integration. Our inspection systems linearity exceeds 0.01% full scale measurement (FSM) and resolution to sub nanometers.

  • Oxygen Gas Analyser

    Rapidox 1100 - Cambridge Sensotec

    Rapidox 1100 is the company's most cost-effective and versatile range of gas analysers. These oxygen analysers are fitted with either a zirconia or electrochemical type gas sensor. The zirconia oxygen sensor is the most common solution providing fast and accurate gas analysis over the range 1ppm to 100% O2 and is particularly suitable for aggressive industrial applications. Occasionally zirconia sensors are not suitable for the application and an electrochemical sensor is used instead. Users have a choice of two electrochemical oxygen sensors: one for low ppm measurements of 1ppm up to 1% and another for high percent measurements in the 0100% oxygen range. Electrochemical sensors are ideal for high oxygen applications or ppm applications where VOC's, flammable gases, CO, H2 or He are present in the gas sample. A special "oxygen clean" version of the high range analyser is also available.

  • Emerald 8M/12M/16M

    Teledyne e2v

    Teledyne e2v has launched its ground breaking new Emerald family of CMOS image sensors. This new product family features the world’s smallest true global shutter pixel available on the market today (2.8µm). With a smaller optical format and higher resolutions, the new sensors lead to improved performance and reduced system costs for customers.The Emerald product family is suitable for the latest generation of camera interfaces (USB3.0, USB3.1, GigE, 10GigE) due to a maximum frame rate speed of up to 110fps, full resolution at 10 bits. The Emerald sensors also incorporate High Dynamic Range (HDR) features which enable end users to benefit from an ultra-low total readout noise of typically 2 e-.

  • Flexible Current Sensor Probe

    CTA - Powertek LLC

    The CTA current sensors convert ac current to an isolated 0-5A current with available ranges from 100A to 10,000A. Because the current sensors are flexible split core, installation is possible without shutting down the LV electrical supply, avoiding expensive down-time costs. Typical applications are retrospective energy monitoring in factories, offices buildings, process control data logging systems, where power, energy and current monitoring is important. Typical applications are factories, offices buildings, ac/dc VFD drives, welding, power conversion and power distribution. For all CTA current sensor models, a NIST/NPL (UKAS) traceable calibration certificate and certificate of conformance is supplied. All CTA sensors use UL94V0 or CSA approved materials. The CTA flexible current sensors are suited to permanent or semi permanent installation. The coil sensor is durable, lightweight, flexible and will easily clip-around a power cable. The 5A output from the CTA current sensor connects direct to installed metering, rotary metering or current transducers.

  • Bi-Directional Level Translator

    IFB-10001 - Playing With Fusion Inc

    Easily connect Arduino or other 5V microcontrollers to ~3.3V sensors. Based on the TI TXB0108 auto-sensing, bi-directional level translator, this module provides access to all 8 channels of the TXB0108 and has a built-in 300mA LDO with 200mV max dropout voltage at full load. Regulated 3.3V output allows this single board to both interface withandpower 3.3V sensors. An important feature of this module is the ability to operate SPI and other digital lines (not including I2C) at high-speed, whereas the 'NXP level shifter' maxes out at 400kHz and resistor dividers fail much earlier. The TXB0108, integrated with the LP3981 LDO, provide a fast, reliable solution to mismatched interface voltages that exceeds the performance of other solutions.

  • Socket Wrench Torque Sensor Rotating Type

    RSS SERIES - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    Our RSS Series rotating socket wrench torque sensors are available in ranges from 10 ft-lbs. through 250 ft-lbs. and provide accurate measurements of bolt or nut wrenching torques. These sensors are bi-directional so both tightening and break-away torques can be measured. Unlimited rotation of the ball bearing supported sensor shaft allows monitoring of the total fastening cycle. The sensing element incorporates bonded foil strain gages of the highest quality, along with coined silver slip rings and two silver graphite brushes per ring for data transmission.

  • Multi-Parameter Controller

    8900 - Georg Fischer Signet

    The Signet 8900 Multi-Parameter Controller takes the concept of modularity to the extreme. Each 8900 Controller is field-commissioned with the users-specified combination of inputs, outputs, and relays using simple-to-install modular boards into the base unit. Configure the system by selecting either two, four, or six input channels which accepts any of the Signet sensors listed below, and/or other manufacturer's sensors via a 4 to 20 mA signal converter (Signet Model 8058). To complete your unit, choose a power module with universal AC line voltage or 12 to 24 VDC.

  • Multi-sensor Drug & Explosive Detection System

    HDK - Laser-Detect Systems Ltd.

    LDS Hybrid Detection Kit (HDK) - By operating the sensors in parallel, and in real-time, results in much higher probability of detection than the performance of each specific detector. Integrated solution including laser detection technologies, dual Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) and chemical detection, that operate in synch. The HDK employs a proprietary algorithm to processes the feeds from each of the detectors. Operating the sensors in parallel, and in real-time, results in a much higher probability of detection than the performance of each specific detector. HDK also provides much lower false positive rate, even in conditions that hinder detection by each of the specific techniques.