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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Services

    Device Manager - ZETLAB Company

    ZET Device Manager provides the user with detailed information about all connected ZET devices (spectrum analyzers, strain-gauge stations, seismic stations, ADC/DAC boards, digital sensors).

  • Measurement

    Tachometer - ZETLAB Company

    Tachometer is used for measuring the rotation frequency of shafts in machines and mechanisms, as well as for calculating the number of complete revolutions. Typically, for measuring the rotation frequency, optical or induction rpm sensors are used.

  • Tri-Temp Strip Level Test Instrument

    Apollon - Afore

    APOLLON is a tri-temperature strip-level test system for motion sensors. It is especially designed for high-end Automotive and Industrial applications. APOLLON offers extremely good testing conditions: high stimulus and temperature accuracy and low noise level.

  • Multifunction Calibrator 15 ppm basic accuracy

    MC142 - Powertek LLC

    Multifunction calibrator MC142 is a precision voltage, current and power calibration source serving as a measurement standard in calibration laboratories and production lines; where verification of electrical measurement equipment & sensors is required. It can be used for calibration and adjustment of meters measuring voltage, current, power, resistance, capacitance and frequency. Internal harmonic and non-harmonic signals make it possible to test electrical performance of meters using signals with various crest factors. Frequency modes enable selection of frequency, amplitude and duty cycle of the output signal. These are suitable for basic calibration of digital and analog oscilloscopes along with transient recorders. The calibrator is equipped to measure temperature with TC and RTD temperature sensors. Its built-in multimeter can be used independently or simultaneously with the calibrator output. Testing of transducers of various types, regulators and sensors can be performed, without the necessity to use any other measuring instrument.

  • Online Conditioner System

    MCE-24A series - Kyowa Instruments

    PC is not includedEnable measurement in a maximum 24 channels.The system can easily be set up through the PC. Thus, it is most suitable for use with a system under online control or for configuration of a measuring system of multiple channels. Applicable sensors that depend on mounted conditioner cards include strain gages, strain-gage transducers, voltage-output sensors, AC signal-output sensors, thermocouples and piezoelectric acceleration transducers. Mount desired cards to the unit base, and you can measure different types of signals in a variety of combinations. The cards can easily be exchanged, thereby enabling users to configure an original system for each individual measurement purpose. Also, up to 20 units can be placed under the control of PC for synchronized measurement in a maximum 480 channels. Furthermore, while providing multiple channels, this conditioner system is offered at an affordable price.

  • Capacitance Sensor Systems

    MTI Instruments

    MTI Instruments offers high resolution capacitance sensors, probes and systems that generate low noise, highly accurate and high stable measurements. Our Capacitance sensor line-up offers accurate measurements for automated inspection applications such as thread quality inspection, disk drive run-out, leveling or flatness measurement, lens alignment, tire run-out and bulging. Our Accumeasure capacitive sensors offer large stand-off distance that includes single and multiple channel rack systems that connect up to 10 capacitive sensors or capacitance probes with individual analog measurement outputs. We also offer cost-effective customized capacitive sensor amplifier board and probe system for easy integration. Our inspection systems linearity exceeds 0.01% full scale measurement (FSM) and resolution to sub nanometers.

  • Assembly Verification & Error Proofing

    Tru3D™ - Coherix, Inc.

    Coherix developed the Tru3D vision platform to help facilitate the stringent inspection requirements in the manufacturing environment and to solve your toughest inspection problems. The Tru3D solutions are built on a family of robust 3D sensors coupled with our proprietary i-Cite software platform. Tru3D utilizes rich 3D data sets to identify and eliminate pass through defects in the manufacturing process.

  • 2D Vision

    SICK Sensor Intelligence

    SICK offers a powerful vision sensor portfolio designed to manage challenges in all industries where a standard sensor would not work. These vision sensors provide a full toolset for positioning, inspection, measurement and reading, depending on the variant. A flexible optical design fulfills the needs of almost all applications. Simplicity is ensured by automatic setup, intelligent algorithms and a common, intuitive user interface.

  • 3D Imaging Sensor

    FSI Technologies Inc.

    The GS 3D sensors, can be used in applications such as bin picking, robotic manipulation, sorting products, mold clearance checking, and space monitoring and object recognition. In addition, the 3D technology will aid in determining spatial positions and measurements.The GS 3D images larger objects at longer distances and does so in milliseconds without the cycle time and motion required by scanning-based methods.

  • Blue-Sensitive Silicon Photomultipliers

    C-Series Family - SensL

    SensL’s C-Series sensors feature industry-leading low dark count rates of 30kHz/mm2 typical, in combination with exceptional breakdown voltage uniformity of ±250mV. The high PDE extends far into the blue part of the spectrum using a high-volume, P-on-N silicon process. C-Series is available in 1mm, 3mm and 6mm sensor sizes and a variety of formats, including a tileable SMT package that is compatible with industry standard, lead-free, reflow soldering processes. C-Series also feature SensL’s unique fast output.

  • Brushless Rotary Torque Sensor

    BLRTSX - Mountz Inc.

    The Mountz brushless rotary torque sensors an ideal torque-auditing tool for testing the actual torque being applied on the assembly application. Particularly valuable for measuring torque on pulse tools with strong vibrations. By connecting a rotary torque sensor between an electric or pneumatic tool and assembly application, you can monitor the torque being applied from the tool to a fastener or bolt.

  • Cable, Rod or Pultruding Parts Testing


    Cable, rod or pultruded parts are generally continuous parts, which are manufactured non-stop at a high throughput rate. In order to ensure such a high volume production, a real-time measurement is necessary. Eddy current provides measurement rates of up to 500 Hz, which fulfil this objective. The main challenge is to select the right number of sensors at a certain resolution to detect enough, with the least amount of investment.

  • Battery-Powered Flow Totalizer

    8150 - Georg Fischer Signet

    The Signet 8150 Battery Operated Flow Totalizer is compatible with the Signet 515 and 525 flow sensors, and will provide years of dependable operation. The large digital display indicates flow rate and totalized flow volume simultaneously. One of the three totalizers is resettable from the front panel or a remote location, while the second resettable totalizer can only be reset by entering a user-selectable security code. Meanwhile, the third is a permanent non-resettable totalizer.

  • Bimorph Type Vibrators

    Fuji Ceramics Corporation

    Bimorph type vibrator has bonded the two piezoceramic elements. If one element is extends in the longitudinal direction, the other elements are configured to compressed. This will be the flexural vibrators. Conversely, when apply flexural force outputs an electric field corresponding to the force. Many, it has a natural frequency of the auditory area. For this reason, it is used as a highly sensitive sound sensors or bending actuator of ON-OFF drives,.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

    ScopeCheck® FB-DZ - Werth Inc.

    Machine with a fixed bridge design and precision air bearings for solving the most challenging measurement tasksHeavy duty granite base for increased stability and improved accuracyEasy measurement of large workpieces using multiple sensors with reduced risk of collisionsContour image processing for fully automatic measurements of simple and complex geometrical elementsTemperature compensation included for accurate measurement on the shop floor