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detect a physical event then translate to a representative analog signal.

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  • Torque Adaptor & Series Socket Extension Torque Sensor

    TA98 - Fine Instruments Corp.

    The Finest TA98 is a very economical torque adaptor designed to work with socket extension torque sensors on the mill volt scale of a DMM. The TA98 is especially designed for auto motive uses. - The Series TQ 800 is a very easy –to-use socket extension torque sensor that has the zero adjustment on the shaft. The series TQ800 is designed for automotive heavy-duty uses.

  • Soil Moisture Sensor

    SoilWatch10 - Pino-Tech

    SoilWatch 10 is a soil moisture sensor which allows measuring relative water content in the soil. Our sensor does not have any exposed electrodes that usually corrode in resistive sensors. Whats more the reads will almost not drift over time or with temperature changes. Our sensor will give the same readings regardless of supply voltage. The sensor is weatherproof. It can be buried in soil for extended periods of time without adverse effects on accuracy or reliability. Designed to work with Arduino.

  • Soil Science and Soil Moisture

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Products for stand-alone soil monitoring. Campbell Scientific instruments are used in a wide variety of soil-science applications. Multiple sensors can be networked in hard-wired or wireless systems to create soil-moisture profiles, while portable, hand-held systems can make point measurements to verify irrigation scheduling or to perform site surveys. Campbell soil sensor products are key to agricultural research, irrigation scheduling, forestry, watershed studies, leak detection, slope stability, and many other disciplines.

  • Single Channel Data Logger

    IM2010 - Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems offer to our clients single channel data logger that can accept only one type of input. The input is factory set and it can be any of the sensors required. There are the applications where the input is not a sensor input, but a data stream, such as modbus or a dedicated protocol. Single channel data logger can be configured to accept data input and extract reading from it that can be stored in memory

  • Smartphone Seismic Network

    MyShake - UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

    MyShake is a free app for Android phones that has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone. The app runs “silently” in the background on your phone using very little power – just like the step-tracking fitness apps. When the shaking fits the vibrational profile of an earthquake, the app sends the anonymous information to our central system that confirms the location and magnitude of the quake.

  • Snapshot Micropolarizer Cameras

    PolarCam - 4D Technology

    PolarCam snapshot micropolarizer cameras simultaneously capture a snapshot image of multiple polarization angles from each video frame, without image blur. CMOS technology sensors, enabling up to 164 frames/second imaging rate at 1700 x 1200 pixel resolution. A high resolution model captures 3.8-mp frames for detailed analysis of polarization even in fast-changing scenes. Customizable regions of interest make it possible to process a subset of the acquired pixels, resulting in frame rates in the kilohertz range.

  • Closed-Loop Motor Controller

    MS332 - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Modes include zero-cumulative-error Ratio-Follower (electronic gearing) and zero-cumulative-error Index-Follower (mechanical event/phase synchronization). Features include Forward-only and Forward/Reverse settings for uni/ bi-directional control, multiple setpoints and many programmable contact-closure input and NPN output functions. Builds numerous machine synchronizing / follower processes. Works with quadrature incremental shaft encoders (all modes) and prox, photo-eye and other presence/event sensors (Index-Follower mode).

  • Pulse Generators

    Split Collar Pulser Wraps - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    Pulser wraps clamp around a rotating shaft and work with Electro-Sensors shaft speed sensors and are an ideal solution for installations where the end of the shaft is inaccessible. The two halves fasten together around the monitored shaft with recessed Allen head socket screws (provided). Standard and custom models accommodate any shaft diameter, tight spaces, and keyways. • Standard wraps operate to 3,000 rpm (high-speed also available) • Standard wraps available in PVC, aluminum, or stainless steel

  • Pulse Generator

    Digital Ring Kits - Electro-Sensors, Inc.

    NEMA C frame rings provide mounting for 1101, 1201, and 1202 shaft speed sensors for use with 199SM magnet wheels on motors with NEMA C frames. The DRK (Digital Ring Kit) Series provides a single-channel output and the QDRK (Quadrature Digital Ring Kit) Series offers a bi-directional output. Kits include mounting ring, hardware, magnet wheel, and sensor.

  • Electrochemistry Sensor Application Sytem

    SensorStat - Uniscan Instruments Ltd

    The SensorSTAT is aimed at the important electrochemical sensor marketplace. It will be used at all stages of sensor development from the initial fundamental research through the pre-production investigations to the production stage where routine batch testing takes place.The product is supported by a range of accessories aimed at the electrochemical sensor applications. It includes a multiplexing cable, dedicated cables and connectors for commonly available commercially produced sensors and a flow cell for rapid chemical analysis.

  • Fiber Optic Sensing

    OBR 4600 - Luna Technologies

    The Luna OBR 4600 is part of Luna’s award winning Optical Backscatter ReflectometerTM product line. For strain and temperature sensing applications the OBR 4600 offers the user the highest degree of flexibility in customizing measurements to the application as well as the longest available sensing range. The distributed sensing option can provide sub cm spatial resolution with sensors up to 2 kilometers.

  • Triple-Axis Gyro Breakout Board

    L3GD20H - Adafruit

    A gyroscope is a type of sensor that can sense twisting and turning motions. Often paired with an accelerometer, you can use these to do 3D motion capture and inertial measurement (that is - you can tell how an object is moving!) As these sensors become more popular and easier to manufacture, the prices for them have dropped to the point where you can easily afford a triple-axis gyro! Only a decade ago, this space-tech sensor would have been hundreds of dollars.

  • Sports and Performance Analysis

    Kistler Instrument Corp.

    To achieve top sporting performances, athletes need tailored training methods that are continuously optimized in line with their needs. Precise knowledge of force development over time is key when developing these methods. Kistler force plates use piezoelectric sensors to measure forces and moments for sports and performance analysis, so the results are accurate and reliable even under adverse conditions.

  • Sport Sensor Range

    McLAREN Applied Technologies

    DHE (Differential Hall Effect) sensors give an output when subjected to a changing magnetic field. The field is set up by a magnet inside the sensor body and changes when ferromagnetic teeth are passed beneath the sensor (no magnets are required in the target). To improve noise resistance, the sensor has two Hall effect elements and only responds to changes in magnetic field strength corresponding to tooth passing frequencies above 15Hz. As each tooth passes the sensor, the digital state of the output changes

  • Unmanned Surface Vehicle

    Wave Glider - Liquid Robotics, Inc.

    The Wave Glider revolutionizes how we explore and understand the world's oceans. Wave and solar powered unmanned ocean robot. The Wave Glider platform with integrated sensors allows our partners to deliver unique solutions to customers. The sensor and payload architecture design makes application development easier from testing, operations, to support. More importantly, it allows customers to scale a proven application across many Wave Gliders quickly.