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detectable impulse of electromagnetic radiation or quantum state superposed.

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  • Fiber Optic Converters

    CommFront Communications

    CommFront offers a range of rugged, industrial-grade Ethernet / Serial to Fiber Optic media converters. Our fiber optic converters extend Ethernet and serial (RS232 / RS485 / RS422 / TTL) signals with many options - single-mode and multi-mode; ST, SC, and FC connectors; point-to-point and advanced daisy-chain / self-healing redundant-ring fiber networks – giving your data networks unparalleled flexibility, reliability, and transmission range. Fiber optic converters run on light-speed fiber backbone which inherently resistant to radio and electrical interference, such as EMI / RFI, lightning, transient surges and ground loops; therefore, they are ideal for data communications near heavy electrical equipment and other electrical or radio interference.



    Ross Engineering Corporation has developed a HV compact analog fiber optic transmitting and receiving system, with optional over-voltage limiting, designed to drive instrumentation from a DC to 1MHz signal source. The system is available with optional multiple input and output ranges of ±0-1V PK, 0-5V PK to 0-10V PK. It will also operate in conjunction with Ross Engineering Corporation’s high accuracy high voltage wideband voltage dividers, which are useful from DC to over 10MHz up to 1,000,000V PK at 0.01% to 3% accuracy. Transmitters and receivers can be powered by either AC or DC.

  • FiberPulse OTDR

    XO1 - Yamasaki Optical Technology

    FiberPulse OTDRs send pulses down fiber optic networks from one end of the fiber, displaying a trace and reporting all detected events such as splices, connectors, macrobends and fiber ends and breaks. The total fiber length is reported along with name, location, loss and reflectance of detected events. The intuitive keypad design features integrated shortcut keys designed for quickly positioning and analysing events. Another feature of this unit is the Live Optical Signal Detect Function, which tests if the fiber is live before sending the pulse, this can effectively prevent accidental damage to the OTDR and attached communication equipment.

  • Film Metrology System

    SpectraFilm Family - KLA-Tencor Corp

    The SpectraFilm™ F1 film metrology system helps chipmakers achieve strict process tolerances at sub-7nm logic and leading-edge memory design nodes by providing high-precision thin film measurements for a broad range of film layers including advanced multilayer film stacks like high-k metal gate. The high brightness light source drives the SpectraFilm F1’s spectroscopic ellipsometry technology and enables characterization and monitoring of advanced film stacks, while providing the signal required to accurately measure the bandgap and provide insight into electrical performance weeks earlier than e-test.

  • Fixed Attenuator

    FAXE - Elmika

    Fixed Attenuators are waveguide components for introduction of some particular attenuation value in to the waveguide network for signal leveling or reflection compensation. The attenuators have two types of design: with resistive plate in the waveguide diagonal plane or using coupling technology. The FAXE 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 30 dB attenuators are available in waveguide bands from 18 through 225 GHz. The FAXE Fixed Attenuators can be used as laboratory Standards against which other instruments or devices are calibrated in case the parameters of these Fixed Attenuators are stable enough and were measured with appropriate accuracy.

  • Flat Panel Display Test Solution

    Chroma ATE Inc.

    Support 8K SHV (Super Hi-Vision 7680x4320 / 8192x4320)Support full 8K scrolling functionIndependent signal and power module designDual-core graphics processing architecture - Increase graphics and data transmission performance - 8K Super Hi-Vision images switch in less than 200msSupport 6/8/10/12 bits color depth (12 bit only in LUT mode)Support user edited test patterns - BMP pattern format - Maxi. 300 of 8Kx4K bmp patternsSupport VDIM and PWM dimming functionSupport cross coordinates defect positioning functionSupport auto flicker adjustment (with A712306)Support gigabit Ethernet control interfaceSupport USB port for data update

  • For Flaw Detection, Thickness & Dimensional Measurement In Tube & Bar.

    ECHOMAC® FD6 MULTICHANNEL UT - Magnetic Analysis Corp

    *Versatile Ultrasonic tester with superior performance and versatile, intuitive operation.*For full inspection of tubes, pipes and bars, plate and weld.*Operate on or off line.*Upgrade and/or replace older ultrasonic testers.*Use with rotary, spin-the-tube, squirter and bubbler installations.*Vivid, real time, flicker free full color display of test signals, thresholds and settings.*Up to 32 independent channels in one instrument.*Model 6A is GE Qualified as of 9-6-16 for P3TF31 Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A & B, typical requirements for nuclear and aerospace applications.

  • FPGA Cards

    Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    FPGA processor cards are typically used for front-end sensor processing. Therefore, they are usually tightly coupled with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) or digital-to-analog converters (DACs). This can be done via FPGA Mezzanine Cards (FMCs), monolithic ADC-DAC-FPGA modules or via high speed SERDES signals. FPGA modules also contain directly attached SDRAM for large data buffers or storage and SRAMs for low latency memory transactions. Using open standards and high speed backplane SERDES, Curtiss-Wright FPGA products work well with other Curtiss-Wright processor modules such as single-board computer cards, DSP modules, GPGPUs or switch modules.

  • General Purpose Basic Carrier Demodulator

    CD15 - Validyne Engineering

    The CD15 Sine Wave Carrier Demodulator operates with variable reluctance transducers to provide a DC output signal for dynamics as well as steady state measurements. A 5kHz sine wave excitation is applied to the two inductance ratio arms of the transducer and the resulting output is demodulated and amplified using the latest integrated circuit techniques. The DC output is obtained from an active filter circuit and gives a uniform response from steady state to 1000 Hz. The low impedance sine wave excitation allows operation with the transducer located over 1,000 feet from the CD15.

  • General Purpose Pressure Transducer and Transmitter

    P55 - Validyne Engineering

    The robust P55 pressure transducer provides cost-effective reliability for severe test environments. With extreme resistance to shock and vibration, the P55 pressure transducer delivers the same high-level performance expected from more delicate differential pressure transducers and pressure transmitters. With variable reluctance sensing technology, the P55 pressure transducer delivers fast dynamic response, high resistance to vibration and superior signal stability through ambient temperature change for a wide variety of low-pressure to high-pressure measurements. The P55 pressure transducer will accept both liquids and gases directly at the sensing diaphragm and there are no internal isolation fluids to slow the sensor response or cause excessive temperature drift errors.

  • Hall Effect Sensor

    DER EE Electrical Instrument

    The hall effect sensor products are manufactured according to international standards. Being an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified company, DER EE is capable of designing and producing superior products to the highest standards of customers' requirements. Hall effect sensors we provided are a device containing both the sensor which produces a very low signal level and contains the vacuum tube amplifier and a high gain integrated circuit (IC) amplifier in a single package. hall effect sensor offer many applications to sense position and motion, to control electric motor control, to sense wheel rotation and so on.

  • Handheld Digital Multimeter, 4 digit, Water and Dust Resistant

    U1271A - Keysight Technologies

    Feature sets that meet traditional industrial requirements and improve productivity and safetyImproved accuracy and resolution to meet traditional industrial requirements (30,000 counts resolution with 0.7% for ACV accuracy)Intelligent features to improve productivity and safety (selectable Low Pass Filter LPF and quick signal type identification Qik-V)Better gripBoth visual and audible continuity indication in noisy environmentsEasy access to fuse for simplified maintenanceEasy connectivity to PC and internal memory (up to 200) for data loggingLarge rotary switch and buttons that are easy to operateDust and water resistant casing (IP 54 compliant)Compatible with U1177A/U1117A IR-Bluetooth adapter for remote monitoring & dataloggingAltitude: 3000 meters

  • HDMI Switchers 4K/60 @ 4:4:4 Color Sampling

    SW HD 4K PLUS - Extron Electronics

    The Extron SW HD 4K PLUS two and four input switchers support 4K/60 with 4:4:4 color sampling. They are designed for video signal switching between multiple HDMI source devices to a single display. The switchers are HDCP compliant, and support data rates up to 18 Gbps, HDR, 12-bit Deep Color, 3D, Lip Sync, HD lossless audio formats, and CEC. Both models feature EDID Minder®, which maintains continuous EDID communication with connected devices and ensures that the HDMI sources power up properly and maintain correct video output.

  • High Frequency Current Transformer

    HFCT Ø 140mm - Techimp HQ S.r.L

    Techimp Clamp High Frequency Current Transformer model 140 is an inductive sensor for partial discharge measurements. It is suitable for online /off line PD tests on : large diameter cables ; grounding rod bar ; etc. A TNC termination is available to connect the Clamp HFCT 140 to the TechImp PD analyzer : PDCheck , PDBase etc. The arrow indicates the requested input current (Iin) direction to get coherent output voltage (Vout) polarity respect to ground. When the sensor is installed with the arrow directed to ground, the detected voltage signal (Vout) has the same phase of the input current (Iin).

  • Femtocell and Application Testing

    iTrinegy Inc

    About the size of a home ADSL Router, a Femtocell (also known as an Access Point Base Station) is designed to allow 3G enabled devices (Phones, PDAs, Laptops) to connect to a carrier's core 3G network even where the carrier does not provide a signal themselves. It does this by bridging between the Wireless 3G devices and the carrier’s network using the Internet. Specifically, it will be connected to a Router (ADSL, Cable or other) already providing access to the Internet. Calls made and data services used on the 3G device are then sent to the carrier (and received from the carrier) over IP.