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tympanum, bioacoustic sensed pressure waves.

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  • Reverberation Chambers


    Reverberant Test Chambers for sound power level determination and building acoustics measurements

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Meters

    Extech Instruments Corporation

    An audible indicator increases in tone starting at 35 ppm. The higher the concentration of co, the faster the alarm will sound. Above 200 ppm, the alarm will sound continuously. A backlight on the display can be used for low light areas. Additional features include: max hold, data hold, and auto-power-off. The meter comes complete with a 9-volt battery, protective holster, and case.

  • Electronic diagnostic stethoscope

    DS-3 - DeltaTech Electronics

    Electronic automotive diagnostic stethoscope DS-3 is used to listen to acoustic effects of working parts of vehicles and machines. It is equipped with signal level indicator, allowing to quickly estimate the amplitude of vibrations in a 10 point scale. Fully digital signal processing allows for clean and undistorted sound in the headphones. Stethoscope offers selectable digital filter cutting out frequencies above one of 10 pre-defined values that can improve hearing sounds overpowered by high-frequency noise and vibrations.

  • Multimode Data Controller

    PK-232SC - Timewave Technology Inc.

    Timewave’s customers swear by their DSP filters and PK-232 owners love the flexibility and reliability of the most popular data controller ever built. Now with the addition of a built-in sound card, rig control, computer isolation and total USB connectivity, the PK-232SC rolls it all into one! The PK-232SC brings a new level of performance to the legendary PK-232 with sharp, accurate DSP filters for all its internal data modes and dual transformer isolation for sound card data modes.

  • Noise Analysis Software

    noiseLAB - DELTA

    noiseLAB is a professional software recording and analysis package for making Type 1 Precision measurements to international standards. Precision Recorder: noiseLAB makes high quality recordings of up to 8 channels of sound. Precision Analysis of: Sound Level (Fast, Slow, Impulse, Taktmak. Custom Time Constant, Leq). Statistical Values (L1, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, L99). Octave Spectra (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, and 1/24th octave).....

  • Noise Dosimeters

    Spark Family - Larson Davis, Inc.

    Spark® series dosimeters are compact, affordable and tamper-proof personal Noise Dosimeter that measures the following to applicable IEC and ANSI standards:*Noise Exposure: Multiple Dose; Projected Dose; Time Weighted Average; (all with 4 user selectable combinations of Exchange Rate, Threshold, Criterion Level and Criterion Time); Sound Exposure Level*Sound Levels:; Leq; Lmax; Lmin; Lpeak/Luwpk, SEL and more*Time and number of events above Ceiling Level (115 dB) and Peak Level (140dB)

  • Humidifier Vibrators

    Fuji Ceramics Corporation

    Ultrasonic energy generated from the piezoelectric elements will be larger. The center of the sound pressure is focused with certain directivity. The Power of the focused sound pressure, it lifts up the water surface, and arises the water column. Water film of water column tip is tearing, and then splashing the misty of fine particles to the air. This action is the atomization principle by ultrasonic. In the high-frequency and high-power, and it provides a dedicated vibrators having excellent durability.

  • Infrasound Measurements


    Is sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (hertz) or cycles per second, the "normal" limit of human hearing. Hearing becomes gradually less sensitive as frequency decreases, so for humans to perceive infrasound, the sound pressure must be sufficiently high. The ear is the primary organ for sensing infrasound, but at higher intensities it is possible to feel infrasound vibrations in various parts of the body.

  • Ultrasound Measurements


    Is sound waves with frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of human hearing. Ultrasound is no different from 'normal' (audible) sound in its physical properties, except in that humans cannot hear it. Ultrasound devices operate with frequencies from 20 kHz up to several gigahertz.Ultrasonic devices are used to detect objects and measure distances. Ultrasound imaging or sonography is often used in medicine. In the nondestructive testing of products and structures, ultrasound is used to detect invisible flaws.

  • True Dual-Channel Analysis on iOS

    IOScope - Faber Acoustical, LLC

    With IOScope, measure loudspeaker impedance, frequency response, and sensitivity. Measure a room impulse response. Tune a large sound reinforcement system, time-align a set of surround sound speakers, or optimize your home stereo. Determine the actual cutoff frequencies of your latest speaker crossover circuit, or teach your students the fundamentals of Fourier analysis of dynamic systems.

  • Analog Ultrasonic Inspection System

    ULTRAPROBE 100 - UE Systems Inc.

    The Ultraprobe senses high frequency sounds produced by operating equipment, leaks and electrical discharges. It electronically translates these signals by heterodyning them down into the audible range so that a user can hear these sounds through a headset and see them as intensity increments on the meter. Heterodyning works the same as a radio in that it accurately transforms the sounds so that they are easily recognized and understood.

  • Noise Transducer/Noise Sensor

    CRY2110/2112 - Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

    CRY2112/2110 Noise Transducer/Noise Sensor is a new-type sound level meter which is applicable for remote noise monitoring and meets GB/T3785 Type 1 and Type 2 standards, it can output sound pressure level data on display screen of traditional sound level meter directly with 4-20 mA current signal, 1-5V voltage signal or RS485 digital signal, Transmission distance is greater than 1Km; it is easy to connect various controling equipments such as PLC, PC and DCS.

  • SPL Meters

    CM-170 - Galaxy Audio Inc.

    The CHECK MATE series SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meters, first introduced in early 2003, allow musicians, sound contractors, and others to measure SPL in decibels (dB). A decibel is defined as the unit for measuring relative loudness of a sound. We have expanded our line from one CHECK MATE SPL Meter to four products in the category.

  • Digibar Pro

    Teledyne Odom Hydrographic, Inc.

    The Digibar Pro is the most cost-effective means of obtaining accurate water column sound velocities. Used primarily to calibrate acoustic systems, the Digibar Pro offers a fast and safe method for sound velocity calibration as compared to the traditional "bar-check" Regardless of sea state or current, the probe is simply lowered into the water to log sound velocity / depth samples (by time or depth interval) as the probe descends. The "sing-around" principle of velocity measurement automatically compensates for all influences including pressure, water salinity and temperature. ​

  • Realtime Analyzer Light

    RAL - Yoshimasa Electronic Inc.

    Quality sound measurement software equivalent to $10,000 hardware. Simple and easy-to-use RTA, Real Time Analyzer. For wide scope of audio and acoustics: car audio, home audio, concert hall and room acoustics, sound analysis and noise measurement.