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tympanum, bioacoustic sensed pressure waves.

See Also: Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Reverberation, Sound Calibration

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  • Bus Traveling Data Acquisition System

    Kyowa Instruments

    This system is for acquisition and reproduction of traveling data, such as accelerator opening, engine speed, gear position, jolt, fuel consumption, car-to-car distance, as well as sound and motion of driver’s eyes.This is the system useful for educating and training bus drivers.

  • Oscilloscopes


    Is a type of electronic test instrument that allows observation of varying signal voltages, usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Other signals (such as sound or vibration) can be converted to voltages and displayed.

  • Acoustic Emission Sensors

    AE - Fuji Ceramics Corporation

    Acoustic Emission (AE) is the sound emitted asan elastic wave by a solid when it is deformed or struck. The use of AE sensors to detect these elastic waves and to non-destructively test onmaterials is called the AE method.

  • Calibration Systems

    Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration A/S

    Our calibration solutions meet the broad variety of needs for calibration in the field of sound and vibration accurate primary and secondary calibration of measuring equipment and the scope of transducers: accelerometers, microphones and hydrophones.

  • Citadel

    TS-NH - Teledyne RD Instruments

    The Citadel TS-NH Thermosalinograph uses Teledyne RDI’s patented NXIC (Non-eXternal Inductive Conductivity) sensor and an aged thermistor to provide precise conductivity and temperature measurement, resulting in high-accuracy calculated salinity, sound velocity, and density.

  • CTD and Multiparameter

    Valeport Ltd,

    The CTD is perhaps the most commonly used tool in an oceanographer's armoury, providing detailed profile and time series data on the measured parameters Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure, but more particularly the calculated values of Salinity, Density and Sound Velocity.

  • Omnia Audio

    Linear Acoustics

    Omnia Audio—part of the Telos Alliance—was founded by Frank Foti, who used audio engineering/processing to enable stations to craft a unique ‘signature sound’ that was louder than anything else on the air, yet with clear sound and minimal distortion. This processing is at the core of Omnia products, allowing stations to stand out among the competition on a crowded dial. Omnia has continued to innovate with leading-edge and solutions-oriented broadcast audio technology and numerous accolades and awards under its belt. In fact, Omnia is now the brand leader in Audio Processing, Processing/Encoding for Streaming Audio, Voice Processing, Analysis Tools, and Studio Audio Processing. Its products are the choice of the majority of the Top 100 rated stations in America, and are used at most major stations worldwide. Omnia continues to push the envelope to give broadcasters the tools they need to amplify, customize, and perfect sound signatures. For a side-by-side comparison of all Omnia Products, click here.

  • Pink and White Noise Generators

    Gold Line

    White noise is shaped and filtered to make Pink noise which is an essential tool for running many tests on sound systems. Pink noise provides equal energy per octave allowing the Adjustment of equipment drive levels with constant Hz bandwidth analyzers such as Gold Line RTAs. The spectrum of pink noise approximates that of much music which makes it an excellent test signal for sound systems. Many people select pink noise in place of white noise since higher levels of white noise can burn out tweeters. The model GLPN, when time averaged, produces levels of plus or minus 1 dB making it an excellent standard for "FLAT" response. With a good pink noise source the user can adjust equalization and speaker crossover points and balance systems. Pink noise is also useful for sound masking systems and to provide greater privacy. It has also been utilized to help employees with Tinnitus.

  • RF-Microwave Radiation Measurement

    MW-AM10 - Sensory Perspective Ltd

    The Acoustimeter is a user-friendly accurate RF measurement instrument which provides both LED lights and LCD text display of peak and average levels of radio frequency and microwave frequency electromagnetic fields, covering the spectrum from 200 MHz (digital TV and radio) all the way up to and beyond the latest 5.6 GHz WiFi and WiMax frequencies to over 8 GHz. It has a digital readout which is sensitive to 0.02 V/m and a sound output enabling you to hear the actual sound of the signal modulation. These features make the instrument the most useful one available to even those with severe electrosensitivity.

  • Audio Analysis System

    IE-45 - Ivie Technologies

    is a completely new, calibrated, handheld audio instrument delivering a broad range of acoustical measurements. A vivid color display imparts more information to the customer.. In-the-field functions include real time analyzer measurements (RTA), sound pressure level (SPL) measurements, seat-to-seat level variation measurements, strip chart recordings of sound level over time, polarity checking, audio frequency oscilloscope measurements, Noise Criteria (NC/NR) measurements, a built-in signal generator, audio level volt meter, Spectrograph, and more. Optional RT60, STI-PA, LEQ, Record, and other measurements and functions now available.

  • Hydrophones

    CTS Valpey Corp.

    Piezo is a critical element in producing a hydrophone for military and commercial underwater listening applications. Hydrophones utilize piezoelectric elements to detect sound pressure waves produced by underwater vessels, animals, and the environment. Hydrophones must have a flat frequency response that is proportional to the magnitude of the sound pressure wave. CTS piezo elements provide this critical function in hydrophones by providing excellent frequency response and high coupling factors necessary in hydrophone applications. CTS materials provide excellent electrical properties for hydrophone applications while allowing the ability to form the piezo element to the desired mechanical structure for the hydrophone.

  • Multimode Data Controller

    PK-232/PSK - Timewave Technology Inc.

    Timewave’s customers swear by their DSP filters and PK-232 owners love the flexibility and reliability of the most popular data controller ever built. Now with the addition of a sound card interface, the PK-232/PSK rolls it all into one! The PK-232/PSK brings a new level of performance to the legendary PK-232 with sharp, accurate DSP filters for all its internal data modes and dual transformer isolation for sound card data modes. Weak signals magically appear from the noise and QRM bounces off the new DSP filters for cleaner copy with fewer errors than the old analog filters.

  • Acoustical Test & Measurement Cells

    IAC Acoustics

    IAC can design and manufacture engineered acoustical test chambers that will either isolate the test chamber from the ambient providing a specific, controlled interior acoustical environment in which to perform accurate and repeatable testing; or to enclose the test and contain and isolate high sound levels generated by the test from reaching the ambient.

  • analyzer

    H74050100 - 6TL Engineering

    This analyzer is used as end of line control for electro mechanic components with electric motors, with or without mechanical reduction. While the motor is running at nominal speed, a spectrum and temporal analysis of the sound as well as a current consumption test is performed. Statistical analysis of the data acquired is also performed real-time, expediting the PASS/FAIL decision of the DUT.

  • Analyzer

    ONYX Apps

    The Analyzer is a combination of a sound pressure level (SPL) meter and a full range multiple bands frequency analyzer. It is mainly designed for audio professionals who need to evaluate different working environments (e.g. studios, live stages)... that’s why it’s perfect for anyone who’s in need of acoustical analysis!!