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tympanum, bioacoustic sensed pressure waves.

See Also: Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Reverberation, Acoustic, Sound Calibration

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  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

    PXIe-4463 / 783086-01 - National Instruments

    51.2 kS/s, 2-Output PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXIe‑4463 offers high dynamic range and THD+N for audio, acoustic, and vibration applications. It provides the high precision and dynamic range necessary for the most stringent audio generation requirements in a modular form factor. The PXIe‑4463 contains two 24-bit digital‑to‑analog converters to allow for fully differential simultaneous generation. Complete with three gain ranges, the PXIe‑4463 can generate current with programmable, per channel output configurations. The two timing engines allow you to perform multisample-rate applications on a single module and independently start and stop channels on a single module.

  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

    PXI-4472B / 778279-02 - National Instruments

    102.4 kS/s, 0.5 Hz AC/DC-Coupled, 8-Input PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXI‑4472B is optimized for vibration and low-frequency AC measurements. Input channels incorporate integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) signal conditioning for accelerometers and microphones, and built-in antialiasing filters that automatically adjust to your sample rate. The eight PXI‑4472B input channels simultaneously digitize input signals. The PXI‑4472B features a cut-off frequency of only 0.5 Hz when the device is AC-coupled for very low-frequency AC vibration measurements. You can synchronize multiple PXI‑4472B modules with each other for high‑channel‑count applications, or with other devices using the RTSI bus.

  • Sound Level Meters

    HD 2010 UC - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2010UC is an integrating portable sound level meter performing statistical analyses. The instrument has been designed combining price competitiveness and simplicity of use. Attention has been paid to the possibility of updating the instrument, and the HD2010UC can be integrated, at any time, with other options like "Advanced Data Logger" to extend its application scope. The firmware can be upgraded directly by the user using the NoiseStudio program supplied with the instrument. The HD2010UC conforms to IEC 61672-1 of 2002, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 specifications with class 2 or class 1 tolerances. The acoustic calibrator complies with IEC 60942 class 2 or class 1 specifications.

  • Sound Level Meters

    HD 2010 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The HD2010 is an integrating portable precision sound level meter performing either spectral or statistical analysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum usage flexibility, and simplicity of use. The instrument has been designed in order to offer high-performance analysis of acoustic phenomena, with particular regard to Italian legislation on environmental noise. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjusting the instrument to regulatory modifications, and to the necessity of meeting its users' needs of today and tomorrow. The HD2010 can be integrated with other options to extend its application scope at any time; the firmware can be updated directly by the user by means of the NoiseStudio program.

  • PXI Sound and Vibration Module

    PXIe-4480 / 784277-01 - National Instruments

    1.25 MS/s, 3.4 Hz AC/DC-Coupled, 6-Input PXI Sound and Vibration Module—The PXIe‑4480 is designed for high-bandwidth audio, acoustic, and vibration measurements. It provides six channels of dynamic signal acquisition, and you can use one of four gain settings to configure your input range. The PXIe‑4480 also includes software-configurable AC/DC coupling, charge measurement, voltage excitation, IEPE excitation, and TEDS support, making it ideal for measuring acoustic transducers, pressure sensors, and hydrophones. Common applications include audio test; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) analysis; and underwater acoustic measurements. For measuring sudden changes, such as high speed blast and pressure events, the PXIe-4480 can sample up to 20 MS/s per channel in time-domain mode.

  • Sound Level Calibrator

    TM 100 - KUSAM-MECO

    • Standard : Confirms to IEC 942 Class 1.• Output Sound Level : 94dB and 114dB under reference.• Accuracy : ±0.3dB (20°C, 760 mm Hg)• Frequency of 1000 ± 0.1% Hz allows calibration with A / B / C or D weighting networks or linear.• Low Battery Indicator (LED).- Operating Temperature range : -10 ~ +50 C- Storage Temperature range : -40 ~ +65 C (with batteries removed).- Temperature Coefficient : 0 ~ 0.01 dB / C• Calibration of “1 and ½” ceramic microphones.• Altitude Effects : Approx. 0.1 dB decrease for each 2000 feet increase in altitude fromsea level to 12,000 feet elevation, or comparable atmospheric pressure change(approx. every 50 mm of Hg decrease).• Battery : Single 9V transistor Battery. (NEDA 1604)• Battery Life : Approx 100 hours.• Dimension : 48 x 48 x 138mm

  • Sound Level Meters

    Dalian Taijia Technology Co.,Ltd

    Display: 10mm (0.4″) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)● Function: LP , Leq ,LN.● Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8kHz● Measurement range: LP:30~130dB (A) 35~130dB (C) 35~130 dB (F) Leq :30-130dB LN .: 0-100%● Resolution: 0.1 dB● Accarcy:1dB● Memory: Maximum value (30groups)● Indicator: Low battery indicator● Alarm: electron● Connector:RS232C● Power supply: 4x1.5v AAA (UM-4 battery● Size: 236 x 63 x26 mm● Weight: 170g (including batteries)● Standed delivery:1.Main Unit................1pc2.Carrying Case............1pc.3.Operation Manual.........1pc.● Optional Accessories:1.ND9 sound level meter calibrator2.RS-232 and software3.External rela4.Bluetooth interface

  • Mini Sound Level Meter

    PSPL03 - Pyle Audio Inc.

    Max Hold FunctionSmall Shape for Easy PortabilityLevel Range: 35-100dBAccuracy: +/- 3dB (ref. 94dB @ 1kHz)Frequency Range: 31.5 Hz to 8 kHzFrequency Weighting: AOperation Temperature: 0 to 40C (32 to 104 F)Storage Temperature: -10 to 60 C (14 to 140 F)Battery Type: 9V (Included)Dimensions: 6.69' H x 2.28' W x 1.38' DWeight: 3.77 oz.Sold as : Unit

  • Industrial Sound Enclosures

    Eckel Noise Control Technologies

    The Convenient method for controlling noise and improving the work environment.

  • Integrating Sound Level Meter

    AWA5636-2 - Hangzhou Aihua Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Complies with IEC 61672 Class 2. Use in Industrial Noise Surveys ; machinery, vehicles, ships and etc.

  • Omnidirectional Sound Source

    DS3 - NTi Audio AG

    The Dodecahedron Speaker Set offers a lightweight, yet powerful signal source for room & building acoustic measurements. The optimized frequency response ensures precise measurements in accordance with the ISO 16283 and the ISO 3382 standards. The set includes the robust omnidirectional DS3 odecahedron Speaker and the remote-controlled PA3 Power Amplifier. Equalized acoustic frequency spectrum from 100 Hz to 8 kHz.

  • Sound and Vibration Analyser

    SVAN 977 - Acu-Vib Electronics Acoustic & Vibration

    The SVAN 977 provides broadband results with all the standard weighting filters and also offers an incredible time history logging capability providing broadband results and spectra with adjustable double (long and short) logging steps. Audio recording can be performed simultaneously with time history logging as either a separate wave file or as audio events inside time history files. This solution enables noise source recognition and data post-processing. Manual and automatic triggering of audio recording is also available. Measurement results are recorded in three acoustic or vibration profiles enabling measurements to be performed with 3 different filters (e.g. A, C, Z) and 3 different detector time constants (e.g. Fast, Slow, Impulse).

  • Sound and Vibration Analysis

    Compact Analysis - HEAD acoustics GmbH

    Compact Analysis is an ArtemiS SUITE module which is focused on the basic functions and the ideal tool for tasks that only require a few clicks.

  • Sound and Vibration Devices

    Data Translation, Inc.

    Directly measure IEPE-type accelerometers or voltage inputs with no added signal conditioning using USB and Ethernet data acquisition (DAQ) devices.

  • Sound Level Datalogger

    DSL 331 - Tecpel Co., Ltd.

    Auto Ranging Measurement  30dB to 130dB. Work with Window Software. 32,000 Records Data Logger. Bar graph Indication with Back Light. RS-232 Real Time Display Software for Window 95/98/2000