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  • Battery Capacity Tester


    ●Measure the capacity ●Measure the impedance of the battery●Used as a battery charger●For Li-ion battery (mobile phone battery) and Ni-MH battery ●Capacity range:0~4.000Ah        Accuracy:  ±2% of reading        Resolution: 1mAh●Voltage range: 0 ~ 5V      Accuracy:  ±0.5% of reading       Resolution: 0.001V●Impedance range: 0~1000mΩ        Accuracy:  ±5% of reading        Resolution: 1mΩ●Maximum charge end voltage: 4.400V●Minimum discharge end voltage: 0.000V

  • Battery Capacity Tester

    BC-5000 - Concorde Battery Corp.

    A portable, light weight unit designed to provide the operator with an economical, easy, and accurate means for capacity testing aircraft batteries. Fully automatic testing for 12 Volt AND 24 Volt lead acid aircraft batteries. Powered by the battery being tested - No AC power required.

  • Battery Capacity Tester

    BLU-A Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The battery capacity test is performed to determine the health of a battery. DV Power’s battery load unit BLU-A is a portable, powerful, and lightweight solution for battery capacity measurement. It is applicable to any battery string such as lead-acid, Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, etc., with up to 500 V battery voltage. As a special feature, BLU100L model enables the capacity testing of a single Li-Ion cell.The capacity test is performed in an accurate and user-friendly way. Also, it is in accordance with battery testing standards: IEEE 450-2010, IEEE 1188-2005, IEEE 1106-2015, IEC 60896-11/22, and other relevant standards.Battery load unit BLU-A enables setting discharge currents up to 240 A, with a resolution 0,1 A. Furthermore, if higher currents are required, BLU-A units can be connected in parallel, or additional BXL load units can be used.The instrument offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the market. BLU-A models start from 12,8 kg / 28.2 lbs and deliver up to 28,4 kW of power.The user can select three discharge modes:Constant current,Constant power,Constant resistance.Additionally, different battery duty cycles can be simulated using user-selectable discharge profiles.The instrument monitors discharge parameters in real-time during the capacity test. A 4,3-inch touch screen display shows battery voltage, current, elapsed time, and capacity during the entire test. Also, BLU battery load unit can be used with DV-B Win software. As a result of that, a user can see a detailed numerical and graphical presentation of key parameters and can create reports in various formats.Testing with BLU-A doesn’t require a disconnection of the battery from the testing equipment.

  • Battery CCA Tester

    Hangzhou Xun Anda Electrical Co., Ltd.

    1. Test application: 12V/6V batteries test and 12V Starting /Charging system test.2. Test battery type: regular liquid, AGM battery, GEL battery.3. CCA test range: 40~2000CCA (SAE).4. Voltage test range: 1.5-24V.5. Display SOH (state of health), SOC(state of charge).6. Test for multiple battery standards: SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, CA.7. Graphic LCD display with back light, LCD brightness adjustable.8. Multigle language operation: English, Chinese, Germany, French, Spanish.

  • Battery Cell Tester

    Bee Instruments

    This Centre zero instruments help to read the voltage irrespective of polarity.

  • Battery Conductance Tester

    BCT 1 - Scope T&M Pvt, Ltd.

    Battery bank installations are important & essential part of various power, communication, information technology & industrial set-ups. In order to ensure healthy performance of such installations, the batteries used need to be properly monitored. One of the quick check methods is to measure the battery voltage & conductance of individual cells of a battery string and to identify & eliminate weak battery cells and save battery string from further degradation.

  • Battery Discharge Testers

    LT60 - COFKO Electronics, LLC

    6 volt, 75 Amp constant current, battery powered

  • Battery Impedance Tester

    TES Electrical Electronic Corp.

    Test conditions without shutting down battery.Simultaneously measures battery resistance, Voltage, current, and temperature.Auto-hold and auto-data storage. Comparator Function.Rates conditions as pass, warning, or fail.

  • Battery Impedance Tester


    3 1/2 digits, Max. reading 1999. Test battery Impedance. Test Voltage online. Resolution upto 0.1m¦¸ Fit to test battery: lead-acid, Li-ion; Ni-HM, etc. Judge battery capacity

  • Battery Impedance Tester


    3 1/2 digits, Max. reading 1999Test battery Impedance, resolution up to 0.01mΩTest Voltage onlineFit to test battery: lead-acid, Li-ion; Ni-HM, etcTest the battery used in UPS,automotive,mobile phone,etcPure AC 1,000Hz test mode4 wire test clip with high accuracy

  • Battery Load Tester

    MD4260 - Matco Tools

    Test capabilities: Battery voltage, battery cranking, battery charging volts and good/bad battery test. Test batteries on and off the car in just 30 seconds. Heavy duty copper-plated clamps. Internal loaded unit with a 100-amp load capacity. Load safety switch to prevent arcing. For 6- and 12-volt batteries.

  • Battery Load Tester

    BT-100 - Schumacher Electric Corporation

    FOR EVERYDAY DIY USEEasy to operateTest load, battery condition, starter motor draw and complete charging system diagnosis.Works on 6 and 12 volt batteries50 amp load test for 6 volt batteries100 amp load test for 12 volt batteries Tests 6 and 12 volt batteries ─ up to 1000 CCATop-mounted rocker switch for easier operationSuper-grip, heavy-duty color-coded battery clampsEasy-to-read meter ─ accurate and shock resistantBaked enamel, steel case ─ ventilated to keep coolRubber insulated carrying handle ─ for comfort and safety

  • Battery Testers & Analyzers

    Advance Plus Co., Ltd.

    an electronic device intended for testing the state of an electric battery, going from a simple device for testing the charge actually present in the cells and/or its voltage output, to a more comprehensive testing of the battery''''s condition, namely its capacity for accumulating charge and any possible flaws affecting the battery''''s performance and security.

  • Battery Tester With Printer

    Hangzhou Xun Anda Electrical Co., Ltd.

    • battery maximum capacity: 220Ah or 2000CCA(SAE)• voltage test range: 7-15VDC• operating voltage: 7-15VDC , storage battery power supplied• maximum power dissipation: 0.5W around• operating temprature: -10°C~50°C;• operating humidity: 30%~90% (without condensation)• display modes four super bright nixie tube with 0.56 inch ,four different color Led indicator light• keying: three keying total for using related operation

  • Beating Pulp Tester

    SKZ115 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    The instrument is applicable in testing all kinds of suspending pulp liquid that less than 100SR--- Schopper-Riegler. It can utilize the material economically with manual controlling and operate easily. Its parameters and performance accord with the standards QB/T1054-98, GB/T3332-1982 and ISO5267/1.