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  • Adhesion and Peel Tester


    Test package for combination module adhesion/peel tester includes a motorized test stand, digital force gauge, AC adapter/charger for 115VAC or 230VAC, data acquisition and exporting software, scoring fixture, glue fixture and necessary attachments and cables to perform the above tests.

  • Coefficient Of Friction Tester

    DRK127A - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    DRK127A Coefficient of Friction Tester is mainly applied to testing the static and dynamic coefficient of friction of plastic film and sheet. It uses micro-computer to control and adopts advanced elements. It has powerful test functions, such as test parameter setting, adjusting, data display, memory and printing and so on.

  • Transformer Oil Insulating Tester

    JY6601 - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    JY6601 transformer oil insulating tester adopts completely new electromagnetic compatibility concept(EMC) which technology which will keep breakdown energy in a very low level,that will avoid pollution to oil sample during testing and make sure the test result are accurate and reliable.

  • Transformer Oil Breakdown Tester

    JY6613 - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    JY6613 transformer oil breakdown tester adopts completely new electromagnetic compatibility concept(EMC) which technology which will keep breakdown energy in a very low level,that will avoid pollution to oil sample during testing and make sure the test result are accurate and reliable.

  • Transmission Line Testers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides affordable, safe and reliable transmission line testers, digital clamp meters and power meters for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. A transmission line is a specialized cable designed to conduct alternative current of radio frequency. Transmission lines are used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antenna to distribute signals.

  • Insert Return Loss Tester

    Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    Insert return loss tester is a collection of their years of experience in the production and testing of optical passive components and optical communications instrumentation, instruments at home and abroad to fully draw on the strengths and needs of domestic customers, and carefully developed out of a precision optical instrumentation.

  • Caller ID/Telephone Production Tester

    3500 - Rochelle Communications, Inc.

    The Rochelle Model 3500 Caller ID / Telephone Production Tester is a desktop instrument for full central office simulation of telephony and type 1 & 2 caller ID signals. The Model 3500 has specific application for automated production testing of telephony devices with Caller ID, Call Waiting, and ADSI (Types 1, 2 and 3).

  • Cardboard Puncture Tester

    DRK104A - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    DRK104A cardboard puncture tester is used to test the corrugated board anti-pierced performance (puncture strength). It has the snap-operating handle, automatic reset and safety protection function. It is the indispensable instrument for carton manufacturing plants, research and quality supervision, inspection and other enterprises and departments.

  • Portable Hardness Tester

    PHT-1700 - Phase II Plus

    Loaded with features, this economically priced hardness tester is capable of measuring the surface hardness of a broad variety of metals on flat and round surfaces. This instrument comes complete with the universal D impact device, calibrated test block and rugged carry case.

  • Boundary Scan Tester and Programmer

    JTAGMaster - ABI Electronics Ltd

    The JTAGMaster Tester and Programmer is designed to work with ABI's bespoke software - a multiple purpose platform which enables users to freely configure test procedures and instruments. Integrated functions are also available to the user to automatically learn the device status, provide pin-to-pin comparison and information as well as use some reporting facilities.

  • PC Crush Tester

    DRK113E - Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    DRK113E Crush Tester PC is a high accuracy and intelligent instrument, designed according relevant standards. The advanced components, mating parts and micro-computer are logical structured, to ensure the property and appearance.The instrument has parameter testing, adjusting, computer screen display, memory, printing function.

  • Pendulum Impact Tester

    43-76 - Testing Machines, Inc.

    The new 43-76 Pendulum Impact Tester uses a high resolution optical encoder and state-of-the-art data acquisition software to determine the impact resistance of rigid materials like plastic in accordance with a wide variety of ASTM and ISO test standards for Izod, Charpy, Chip Impact, and Un-Notched Cantilever Beam testing.

  • Multi-function Cable Tester

    NCT-100-S - ShinewayTech

    NCT-100-S Multi-Function Cable Tester Kit can help you quickly find network cables with OOK audio during network construction and maintenance. Use TDR diagnostic technology to quickly and accurately locate fault points and accurately measure wiring diagrams and lines. Cable identification, etc.

  • Network Tester & Tone Generator

    PR-66 - Pansco, Ltd

    The NetEcho Toner & Probe Kit is a combination network tester and tone generator that speeds and simplifies telecom and network installation and troubleshooting. Its network tester detects network activity and indicates speed (10 Mbps, 10/100 Mbps, or 10/100/1000 Mbps), and its tone generator sends 2 able tones that the included Net Probe can trace to the far end of an installed cable. Its network tester has the added feature of flashing the network hub or NIC port light which corresponds to the test cable, so you can identify the cable’s port number. And an enhanced talk battery feature lets you draw enough battery power to communicate by voice even over inactive pairs, using telephone test sets (not included). The NetEcho Toner also tests cable continuity, line 1, line 2 polarity, and voltage in data and voice lines. It comes with two alligator clips, a 4-conductor (RJ-12) modular cable, and an RJ-45 jack, letting it test bare wires, telephone cord, network cable, and coaxial cable. An F- female coaxial connector is optional. for multiple connection options, which enable it to test telecom, network cable, coaxial cable, and bare wires.

  • Smoke Detector Tester

    Solo 365 - Detectortesters

    The fire industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment is about to get even better. Solo, the test equipment used world-wide to functionally test fire detectors has a new tester in its range – Solo 365. This exciting innovation provides fire safety professionals with an array of stand-out features which make for faster, simpler and cleaner functional testing of smoke detectors. Key features include automatic generation of smoke which ensures only the amount of smoke needed to activate the detector is produced – minimizing smoke wastage and eliminating the risk of detector contamination. In addition, Solo 365 is light in weight and has a slim-line design which allows easy access into tight spaces – making it possible to test detectors which are hard to access with other portable testers. In response to market feedback, Solo 365 features an LED torch which automatically illuminates when light levels drop, making for easy detector alignment and testing in dark environments. Smoke is generated via newly designed smoke cartridges which fit neatly into the rear of the tester. With no reliance on pressurised aerosol cans, the cartridges can be easily shipped and stored and are unaffected by new regulations, set for 2018, which will affect availability of some pressurised smoke aerosols.