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  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ Semi-automatic intelligent Digital Rockwell Hardness tester, you can automatically test the Rockwell hardness and surface Rockwell hardness measurement;◆ Automatic variable load, automatic loading, automatic unloading, automatic conversion, automatic measurement;◆ Friendly human-computer interaction,5.2“colorful LCD screen direct display test force,loading time,conversion value and indenter type etc; ◆ Automatically calculate and display the measured value, the maximum value, the minimum value, the average value and the hardness value deviation, the display shows the resolution 0.1HR;◆ There are functions such as hardness upper and lower limit settings, tolerance alarms, data graph analysis, average and (single point) batch measurement modes;◆ Software compensation function, the machine can be ± 3HR software compensation, no need to open the top cover for mechanical adjustment;◆ With automatic hardness conversion function, according to ASTM E140 conversion, no need to check the complex hardness of the table;◆ Multi-language features, can switch Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Korean and other languages;◆ Built-in 2000 single data storage function and 1000 group packet data storage function, can view a single data and data analysis;◆ Optional Bluetooth wireless printer to print the measurement data, no need to manually record and write test data;◆ Optional Softhard data analysis software and Bluetooth receiver on the test data for the computer into and analysis;◆ Support FexQMS measurement of large data analysis and control software to enhance the whole plant process control, reduce material loss.

  • Leeb Hardness Tester

    THL500 - TMTeck Manufacturing Limited

    It is the highest brightness display in China showing all functions and parameters, easy read Largest screen Oled screen and operate,also can save lots of energy .the largest screen of Leeb hardness tester in China. Two hardness scale dual-display in the screen. Measuring direction in 360 and add the auto measure direction to make test easy and precision. Add four new hardness scales, HRA, HB for D impact device of alloy tool steel; HV for cast aluminum alloy. Add New user material function, to meet the need of user can test the special material. Test at any angle, even upside down. Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL and three types of strength values immediately. Seven impact devices are available for special application. Automatically identify the type of impact devices. Large capacity memory could store 600 groups (Relative to average times321 ) information including single measured value, mean value, testing data, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc. Upper and lower limit can be preset. It will alarm automatically when the result value exceeding the limit. Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery and the charge status. User calibration function. USB port with the PC humanity multi-functions data proceeding software. Original imported high speed thermal printer support the immediate printing function. It can save data permanently. Li rechargeable battery as the power source. Charge circuit integrated inside the instrument. Continuous working period of no less than 200 hours (EL off and no printing). Auto power off to save energy. Excellent after-sale service system for high quality products---3 years guarantee and all life maintenance. Easy to buy and comfortable to use.

  • High Voltage Apparatus Tester

    M4100 - Doble Engineering

    The M4100 is the industry standard for power apparatus and insulation testing. Its unique combination of test capabilities and artificial intelligence analysis software makes it the power industry's most trusted Power Factor/Tan-Delta instrument.The M4100 instruments are used around the globe thanks to their comprehensive testing options, safety features and measurement accuracy.

  • High Voltage Breakdown Tester

    Model HV-50 - Laxtronics Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd

    5 Kilo Volt AC, 30 Milli Ampere, Timer 0 To 100 Seconds, HV Prods, Start-Stop-Trip-Reset Using Single Switch On The Test Prods. Start Function Apply Test Voltage From 0 To Set Voltage Graduall

  • High Voltage Breakdown Tester

    Model HV-55 - Laxtronics Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd

    5 Kilo Volt AC, 5 Kilo Volt DC, 30 Milli Ampere, Timer 0 To 100 Seconds, HV Prods, Start-Stop-Trip-Reset Using Single Switch On The Test Prods. Start Function Apply Test Voltage From 0 To Set Voltage Gradually.

  • High Voltage Breakdown Tester

    Model HV-100B - Laxtronics Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd

    DC Output: 0 to 10 Kilo Volts continuously variable, AC Output: 0 to 5 Kilo Volts continuously Variable, Current Limit: 0 t

  • High Voltage Breaker Tester

    GKC433A - Shijiazhuang Handy Electrical CO.,LTD

    1. GKCHD433A high voltage circuit breaker analyzer applies to mechanical and characteristic testing for sulphur hexafluoride, vacuum circuit breaker, bulk oil circuit breaker, oil minimum circuit breaker and isolating switch.2. Measure the time parameters (close, open, asynchronous, bounce, pre-insert time) of 12 main contacts and 6 resistive contacts. Measure the co-operate time between 6 main- and auxiliary contacts.3. Measure the resistance and pre-insert time of 6 resistive contacts.4. There is an analog input channel. Measure the travel, over-travel, rebound, overshoot, speed of the breaker by using resistance transducer.5. Operate Close, Open, O-C-O, O-C, C-O control sequences.6. Test the mechanical characteristic operated by breaker manually.7. Edit and store 50 speed definitions of breakers.

  • High Voltage Insulating Tester

    Soken Electric Co. Ltd

    Suitable for preventive maintenance of gapless arresters.By simply clamping around the ground wire of an arrestor with a clamp CT, it detects leak current and leak current resistance components.

  • High Voltage Tester

    HY-10/35/110/220 - Hebei Huayu Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.

    We can supply you high voltage detector with voltage 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV etc,also we can produce according to your requirement.

  • High Voltage Tester

    Chongqing Gold Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd

    GDXZ Frequency Adjustable Resonance Testeris used to testing the insulation of electrical power object who has big capacity and high voltage in prophylactic test, such as power transformer, power generation unit, GIS, high-voltage cross-linked cables, mutual inductor, adapter pipe, etc.

  • Hipot Testers (AC)

    Haefely Hipotronics

    Over the years AC dielectric testing has been a proven technique to verify insulation integrity in electrical apparatus. As we push electrical apparatus to the limits higher voltage testing will be required to qualify the end product. HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has been manufacturing portable AC dielectric testing equipment for over 50 years and can provide the testing equipment as well as techniques to properly test your product.

  • Hipot Wire Harness Testers

    NX Hipot - Dynalab Test Systems, Inc.

    * 50 to 1500VDC Hipot Testing* 50 to 1000VAC (optional) * 5Mohm to 1Gohm Insulation Resistance * Simple 4-button user interface * Tests for continuity and shorts * Tests a variety of components * Precision resistance measurements * Continuous high speed scanning for real time complete status information of harness assembly progress * Keyed security access and control * Built for rough industrial environments * 2 serial ports for connection to printers and scanners * Standalone operation * Uses a high capacity memory card * Available from 64 to 1024 test points * Networkable

  • HI-VIS VoltPro Circuit Tester

    76600 - Hickok Inc.

    High visibility, simple to use, one handed dynamic voltage testing. Indicates Power and Grounds. Test the circuit's ability to deliver current and identify loose, corroded or broken wires. Capture intermittent spikes or drops in voltage. Take Voltage Snapshots in any mode, any time.

  • Horizontal Cold Resistance Tester

    SG-H02A - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    This machine is mainly used for the cold resistance of various products to understand the situation that materials or finished products can adapt to low temperature climate or cold regions. Simulate the natural low temperature environment, and the test piece is observed at a certain low temperature for a certain period of time to determine the cold resistance of the test piece. Can be used with some impactors or some fixtures.

  • Horizontal-Vertical Flame Tester

    CX-S16 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    When there is a fire around the products, should ensure that it will not to cause the spread of the fire, horizontal-vertical burning test simulates electronic products around the environment in the early condition, using the simulation technology to assess the fire risk. The test equipment apply to the electrical and electronic product components of household appliances, spare parts and components, such as: household appliances insulation shell, Panel switches, printed circuit boards and insulation materials and so on.