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  • Digital Leakage Current Tester

    Educated Design & Development, Inc.

    Fast - All operator controls are located on the front panel to expedite testing. The entire test can be performed in a matter of seconds! Pays for itself in time and stress savings. Versatile - Measures Leakage Current in accordance with UL, CSA, EN, and IEC/ International Standards. Includes ability to perform open neutral, open ground, and line polarity forward/reverse test conditions. Adaptable - Universal rear panel receptacle allows for testing products with any plug configuration. Accurate - True RMS meter accurately measures both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveshapes. This is important when testing products using a switch mode power supply which can generate non-sinusoidal leakage currents. Calibrated, traceable to NIST. Flexible - A front panel switch permits testing either through the power cord of the product under test, from surface/ patient connection-to-ground, or from surface/ patient connection-to-surface/ patient connection. Portable - Lightweight, with integral handle. Other Features - Product Ground Switching (grounding conductor maintained to device under test when not measuring leakage). Automatic front receptacle disconnect when configured in the 240V test mode (prevents inadvertent connection of 120V when configured for 240V operation). Proven - These are the only leakage current testers designed and supported by Product Safety experts. That is part of the reason why they have become the standard in the industry. Full technical support by experienced safety engineers.

  • Multi Cable Tester

    PK-7890/7890R PanTester - Pansco, Ltd

    PANTESTER is an advanced multifunction pin-by-pin cable tester to verify cable integrity of Datacom. Telecom and Coaxial cables and displays the test results on the main unit. It includes 8 separate remote ID terminators allows one person to view test results for 8 installed cables at a time to save time and money. Capabilities including (A) Auto/ID test function – It allows users to quickly check up to 8 installed data, voice and Coax cable at a time. It displays the passed cable type, ID number and identifies crossover and reversed and faulty cable in a second. (B) Blink Hub function – It blinks the Hub/Switch port light for easy outlet and cable identification, locate corresponding outlet on Hub/Switch and identifies network activity and speed. (PK-7891 only) (C) Learning function – It makes testing cable in any quantity a snap. It memory’s stores any standard or custom configuration and performs on instant no-button check on each new cable plugged in, makes testing large quantities of cable quicker and easier. (D) Tone generator function – It allows you to send a Hi/ or Low tone on individual pin or pair and on all pins simultaneously to locate a wire break. The tone generator traces cable using a tone detectable by Net Probe (PR-06P) or any market tone probe. It will make work shorter and easier for the professional and the layman alike.

  • Leeb Hardness Tester

    THL500 - TMTeck Manufacturing Limited

    It is the highest brightness display in China showing all functions and parameters, easy read Largest screen Oled screen and operate,also can save lots of energy .the largest screen of Leeb hardness tester in China. Two hardness scale dual-display in the screen. Measuring direction in 360 and add the auto measure direction to make test easy and precision. Add four new hardness scales, HRA, HB for D impact device of alloy tool steel; HV for cast aluminum alloy. Add New user material function, to meet the need of user can test the special material. Test at any angle, even upside down. Wide measuring range. It can measure the hardness of all metallic materials. Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS, HL and three types of strength values immediately. Seven impact devices are available for special application. Automatically identify the type of impact devices. Large capacity memory could store 600 groups (Relative to average times321 ) information including single measured value, mean value, testing data, impact direction, impact times, material and hardness scale etc. Upper and lower limit can be preset. It will alarm automatically when the result value exceeding the limit. Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery and the charge status. User calibration function. USB port with the PC humanity multi-functions data proceeding software. Original imported high speed thermal printer support the immediate printing function. It can save data permanently. Li rechargeable battery as the power source. Charge circuit integrated inside the instrument. Continuous working period of no less than 200 hours (EL off and no printing). Auto power off to save energy. Excellent after-sale service system for high quality products---3 years guarantee and all life maintenance. Easy to buy and comfortable to use.

  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Ltd.

    ◆ Semi-automatic intelligent Digital Rockwell Hardness tester, you can automatically test the Rockwell hardness and surface Rockwell hardness measurement;◆ Automatic variable load, automatic loading, automatic unloading, automatic conversion, automatic measurement;◆ Friendly human-computer interaction,5.2“colorful LCD screen direct display test force,loading time,conversion value and indenter type etc; ◆ Automatically calculate and display the measured value, the maximum value, the minimum value, the average value and the hardness value deviation, the display shows the resolution 0.1HR;◆ There are functions such as hardness upper and lower limit settings, tolerance alarms, data graph analysis, average and (single point) batch measurement modes;◆ Software compensation function, the machine can be ± 3HR software compensation, no need to open the top cover for mechanical adjustment;◆ With automatic hardness conversion function, according to ASTM E140 conversion, no need to check the complex hardness of the table;◆ Multi-language features, can switch Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Czech, Korean and other languages;◆ Built-in 2000 single data storage function and 1000 group packet data storage function, can view a single data and data analysis;◆ Optional Bluetooth wireless printer to print the measurement data, no need to manually record and write test data;◆ Optional Softhard data analysis software and Bluetooth receiver on the test data for the computer into and analysis;◆ Support FexQMS measurement of large data analysis and control software to enhance the whole plant process control, reduce material loss.

  • Antenna Analyzer and Tester

    WE-2705P - Waterbeach Electronics Ltd

    Use this 1.5 - 2700 MHz antenna analyzer to quickly and accurately test, tune, check and fault find your HF, VHF, PMR, UHF, TETRA, GSM, WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE or WiMAX antenna and cable system:

  • Anti-Dripping Progerty Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    The instrument is used for testing the main material of Polyethylene blown covering film and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer(EVA),the average content of Vinyl Acetate(VA)is not less than 4% of the anti-dripping progerty blown covering film within add-type. This instrument is mainly testing the first dripping beginning time and the anti-dripping failure time of the film. It is the ideal testing equipment for science research department, universities, commodity inspection, laboratory, graduate school and quality supervision departments

  • Anti-Fogging Progerty Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    The instrument is used for testing anti-fogging property of the soft PVC Calendar stenter film. It is the ideal testing equipment for science research department, universities, commodity inspection, laboratory, graduate school and quality supervision departments.

  • Anti-Freeze Tester (Dial Type)

    AFT-5 - Draper Tools Ltd

    For testing ethylene glycol coolant (anti-freeze) density only. Easy to read temperature scale for accurate interpretation of mixture density in both centigrade and fahrenheit.

  • Anti-Freeze Tester (Disc Type)

    AFT-4 - Draper Tools Ltd

    For testing ethylene glycol coolant (anti-freeze) density only. With six floating discs for accurate reading in both celsius and fahrenheit.

  • Apparent Density Tester

    Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd.

    It is mainly used for measuring the apparent density of the polyvinyl chloride resin that is suitable for the manufacturers and other using companies. It accords with ISO 1060-1:1998, ISO 60: 1977.

  • Ash Content Tester

    K585A - Chongqing Kailian Yongrun Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    To measure the ash content of petroleum products.It could not be used to measure the ash content of petroleum products which contains ash-forming additives (including some additives with phosphorus compounds); also it could not be used to measue the ash content of lubricating oil which contains lead and used engine crankcase oil.

  • Audio Circuit Tester

    25500 - S & G Tool Aid Corp

    Handy device for locating short and open circuits. Horn sounds when circuit is complete. Long 5 foot leads permit technicians to work around corners, under dash boards and in trunks. For use on all 6 and 12 volt circuits.

  • Auto Elmendorf Tear Tester

    TF140C - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    It enables rapid determination of the dynamic resistance of materials designed to be subjected to strong shearing loads (e.g. fabrics) or liable to be damaged by sharp or heavy objects (e.g. paper bags). Subsequently, the test was naturally adopted for all materials in the form of sheet or films, cardboards, cloth, knitted fabrics, plastic films, aluminium foil, non-woven fabrics, complex flexible packaging etc.

  • AutoFlamm Flammability Tester

    M233B - SDL Atlas

    Many European and ISO flammability tests require apparel fabrics and vertically oriented fabrics to be tested with an instrument such as the AutoFlamm.

  • Autoloading Drop Tester

    SG-B08A-1 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    It simulates the drops/falls of the finished products with the evaluate its damage degree. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the package container can be tested.